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  1. I don't think anyone else could have said it better.
  2. Stuff is just spawing on the shelves and on the corner tables now, I've seen flares, spays, and a pocket knife. It doesn't seem that there are any more, it's just that there are now new places to look and more incentives to explore outside of the cabins.
  3. So the character swap glitch and the Jason textures getting messed up is still a problem. But so far no rubber banding at the car.
  4. Awesome! I got leave early today so now I get to see if this is fixed. Crossing my fingers :-)
  5. It isn’t related to composure, stealth makes it harder for Jason to detect you with through movement. Composure effects how quickly you become scared, the more fear you have the more likely you are to stumble, make noise by screaming/gasping/moaning, it also effects how well Jason see you while using sense. He basically “sees” your fear. With AJ you he can’t see your sound pings and so a good way to lose him is behind him.
  6. What does everyone think about the new kills? Personally I love them, I wish they would do more kill combos that starts with Jason and ends from the POV of the counselor.
  7. Aj doesn’t make sound bubbles when jogging, if you have epic Swift foot she can run silently, pair it with marathon and you get a very nice stamina boost. You can easily slip past Jason, providing that he doesn’t spam sense. You’re nearly invisible to Jason prerage. After he has rage he still have a hard time finding you depending on map size.
  8. My nephew has some disabilities as well... and has problems with stealth games. Higgins Haven is kinda buggy. I wasn’t able to get undected on that one because Chad seems to have the ability to see through walls. Instead I just focus on going for the secret kills to get points and make sure that no one left alive. Here are some tips: Stalk is always your friend, never ever approach the victim from the front or their side. The counselors seem to have fish eyes and can some times detect you if your approaching at the wrong angle. 1. It’s easy to electrocute Mitch and get bonus xp. 2. Traps are your friend. AJ doesn’t seem to be able to look down when she goes to look for her boyfriend. 3. To get the xp skills, It’s imperative to follow Jenny to the barn, if you’ve seen F13 p3 you should get the kill reference. 4. Save Chad for last, traps are your friends, punish him for trying to run out the front or side door. The skulls just give emotes, so not getting all of them isn’t a game changer. Also, because of the issues with detection, some of the later challenges are harder than I think they were intended to be. Hope this helps
  9. 1. This isn’t an exploit, it’s an advanced tactic. And I gotta say...it’s pretty fucking clever. 2. For those of you who are comparing it to issue with acouncilor getting to an spot that isn’t reachable by Jason, that is an exploit. He can’t get to you, you’re unkillable. Also, Placing the beartrap at the fuse box, doesn’t stop him from breaking the phone nor does it guarantee that the counselor is going to fix the phone. Basically, Jason has to decide if he needs to camp the phone and risk the car getting fixed. This isn’t any different than a councelor choosing to tank his trap, remember he isn’t able to stack traps anymore. Jason can still trap the phone box, just place the trap close to the bear trap forcing the counselor to either tank it or cut it when they come back with the fuse. If the bear trap is armed the counselor is delayed to spring the bear trap, and then still has to compete the repair and make the call. Any delay to a repair favors Jason. If Jason knows you put a bear trap he is going to be watching the phone, putting even more pressure on the repair. Also, if you think it’s going to be to hard to break the phone, target the person making the call instead. If the counselors are working together there’s going to be more guards on the box, usually there’s only one person in the house making a call. (I’ve blocked the cops from coming by killing the caller and staying inside the cabin.) 3. After over 800 hours I have yet to encounter this, most of the time people are dicking around and not pushing objectives or even bothering to move the part closer to the goal.
  10. I love this idea, totally agree it fits the horror trope. Personnelly I find hiding spots to be very useful especially prerage, most of the time you can hide under Jason’s nose. I think it should only be able to hang for so long, it’s based on strength, if you dangle for too long you get tired and fall and take the normal damage.
  11. I'm having the opposite problem, it seems like bots can see you when your behind a wall in a building. In this exact scenario I was waiting upstairs in the bedroom and Chad saw me before we walked into the house. AJ saw me when I was behind the corner, I was gonna follow her to see what she did when she found mitch.
  12. Jarvis and Pinehurst are my top favorite maps, and I agree that they are considered hard mode due to spawn locations. A few things: objective times spawn in both Jarvis and the vacation house. Maybe that’s why there no phone, the phone tends to spawn near them, either the cabin north of vacation, the cabin south or Jarvis, the big cabin in the se or sw corner. VacatIon Spawns; propeller in upstair bookshelf, fuse in upstairs bedroom, gas can in basement, battery in living room. You can’t be locked out of the vacation house the basement back doorman and basement door in kitchen were removed shortly after the map came out. Jarvis: Gas in basement, fuse in a drawer, battery in house. Because the items always spawn far from goals maybe that’s why the phone isn’t in the Big houses. It would be nice if it’s was. Also you just need to use the map to your advantage, There are two “shortcut” trails in Jarvis that allow you to cut across the map, to be this the same as in Pinhurst except that it’s rivers. You can use the river but Jason will probably see you and get you, also the cliff are too high in most places to get out. This basicly keeps you on the a set path. Fast councelors should be doing their job and move objectives closer, even if you didn’t take it all the way there you’re still helping. Due to the map size you only have enough time for maybe two or three iogs from one side to the other, otherwise Jason has killed to many people and there will be too much pressure to make the repair and start the car/boat. Leaving the gas on the opposite side of the map is basically killing your team.
  13. If the person leaves with the objective item having it respawn on the beach is a benefit, I've fixed the phone/escaped in the 2nd car many times because the item appeared in a place thats easily accessable. If you stop them from getting into an escape vehical they are just going to leave it in location on the far opposite side of the map. Packanack and Jarvis are the only two maps where the escape vehicals can spawn close to each other. Losing the knives that are carried out by a councelor only hurt other councelor. Again, I've picked up extra knives from the beach and used them to cut threw the traps at the phone or second card. By losing the knives all you are doing is "rewarding" the speedlooters who generally aren't going to contribute to the team.
  14. I totally agree with this, on paper the ranking player sounds like a good idea, but how do you define "a good player". Jason is easy, it could be how consistent your kill to escape ratio is. Maybe take into account how often you are killed. ( The later is tricky because you can be a competent Jason, but you're gonna still lose to a group of competent counceors.) Councelors are tricky because this is situational. For example, i working on objectives but can't escape because either someone has a key item, was too lazy to bother to carry the item to the goal, etc... It's hard to rank it based on survival because you can escape without actually doing anything to assist with the win.
  15. I've been max level for a while and have all epic perks. So now I can just enjoy the game, because you can stop worrying about anything. If you get stuck in a bad QP with trolls you can just leave. Same for the players who are trying to exploit, just can actually penalize themselves by not doing things that would give them points.
  16. Ugh I wish i played with you on my team. It so frustrating that not many players realize that the knives should be treated as secondary objectives. This is best advice, always cut the trap unless the cops are called.
  17. I did not see that post but I'm glad to hear she's not dead. Either way the new conselor is a great way to honor a memorable character.
  18. Well either way this is a great way to pay tribute to a memorable character from an awesome franchise.
  19. She died of cancer, IMDB also indicates that too. http://www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com/?m=1
  20. Yeah they were talking about that in the "Crystal lake memoies" if your're not familiar it a collection of movie information, actor interviews, and basically anything else you would ever want to know about Friday the 13th. The actors all had fond memories of working with her. The actor who played Nick also died.
  21. Part of the wall textures behind Jennydon't look finished. It sorta looks how the Jarvis Map looked when then the map got leaked on YouTube. Maybe they're working on the Sheppard House next.
  22. What map did they take that still picture from? Is that Pinehurt? I don't recognize the room.
  23. It’s funny when you do it inside, sometimes the head bounces a bit.
  24. Once weapons swap is implemented the Jason’s may not feel so different. Part 4 is basically Part 7, but he runs where part7 is fast underwater.
  25. I was trying to delete my post I saw that they went back and better clarified that it includes all of that
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