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  1. That would be a better way to handle it. Maybe balance it so it becomes harder to hide then more light it becomes? Thematically it makes sense, if you win by time, you survived the night.
  2. I like this. But to balance it out I would do this: 1. Mark the maps for all players, the councilors get an rough proximity of where they died, thematically it would be, something that horror movie character experiences, "I heard Tiffany screaming by the archery range! I should check it out!" The body is actually in the main bathrooms. When they find the body maybe it could up date it's location. 2. Jason's map always shows the exact location where the died, that way he can decide to guard the objective items. 3. The body marker does not show where the key items are for either side. That way it maintains the risk vs reward system. Does the councilor risk checking the body, but fins nothing and gets corned by Jason. Does jason risk using his morph or shift, allowing the coucelor time to repair and start a getaway in car or call the cops? I think this would prevent the late game stalemate, where the surviving counceors are just going to hide because they have nothing else to do and want the win points. Nobody likes watching people hide under the bed or in a tent for 10 minutes. It would speed up matches and may reduce the amount of leavers who don't want to sit in spec.
  3. I know it's crazy. It's probably why the novelization of the friday the 13th movies are priced around 500.00 on Amazon.
  4. Sorry for editing your reply, keeping the focus. This just goes back to my first point, that jason hand't killed Alice yet, of it was years before the blood bath week occurred (part 2-4). It's just a weird point in time for Chris and jason. Maybe she wasn't raped by Jason, maybe she was raped by Rick. Either way it just doesn't translate well for the screen. Also, knowing what Cunninghams standards were, it paints the "Vicki" into a more positive picture. Knowing that she was at Packnac lodge to support her family, it makes us realize that she really did respect "Mark" and that her motherly, nurturing instincts were in over drive. And that she didn't want to just fuck the cripple to have a fun story to tell her friends when she home for camp.
  5. Sorry to edit your post. Please scroll up to see the entire response. But since we all know that that writers put an insane amount of detail into each character, Sean Cunningham himself was known for his experimental writing style and would write personal diaries for each of his characters that would often go back decades. In fact he was quoted during the filling of part 2 with saying that "I don't care if Vicki dies in the first 45 minutes, she was at packanack lodge to earn extra money for her brother who needed special schooling for his autism. And that she was struggling to make end as a counselor because of her mom couldn't work due to her struggles with a alcoholism. She's a person, therefore she matters. Suppoesdly David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick learned their technique and developed their own voice by following this style.
  6. Believe it or not this isn't a troll post, its this interpretation of events because of that weird flash back that occurs in the middle of the movie, when they needed a plot device to get her away from the house so jason could kill her friends. Rememebr she telling her boyfriend (poorly casted older looking man) what happened to her the last time her family stayed at Higgens Haven. She has a fight with her family, runs out into the wood, falls asleep and encounters jason. It ends with her attempting to run away and then he grabs her. She wakes up at some point later and then she has no memory of what happened. Her parents won't talk about it and just wanted to ignore it. So, why didn't Jason kill her? The flashback is vague so there way to tell when it occurred, it seems like it would have to before the events of part 2, because the events of Part 2 and Part 3 take place within a few days of each other. But Chris also looks the same, they didn't make her look younger or use a different actress. But the way she tells it, she sounds like a law and order svu special guest star, who knows something else happened to her but won't/can't let herself remember. One of the fan theories thinks that she was raped because jason was still human. The other theory was because jason wasn't in his kill mode, triggered by the events from Part 2 and therefore didn't know what to do with her. Google it. You find some crazy stuff.
  7. A rape survivor who is emotionally damaged? And mentally destroyed after surviving the movie?
  8. It's very situational, if the councelors have been agressive I use it, it was the only way to stop a Tommy Jarvis from covering the last coucelor. We kept hacking away, they'd heal, one kept trying to stun me while moving towards the exit. They were slow on stamina so it was one of the funniest scenarios to play out. I was out of knifes, and couldn't use shift grab cause they would just stun and free the caught one. The block broke the axe and I able to move in kill Tommy and finish Tiffany.
  9. But there aren't suppose to be any "safe" places for the councilors to hide. And once rage is on doors are trivial. I appreciate the feedback, but I've been caught in the bear trap as jason and I've never gotten the block to stop a flare. Do you spam the block button or hold it? I can block the melee weapons but the flare always gets me unless I juke them and sidestep.
  10. Is using combat stance to break the door a feature that's working as intended, or is this something that is planning to get patched out? Half of the play group thinks it's cheating the other half says it's balanced because you can't grab, use abilities, or throw knives until you switch out.
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