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  1. This is happening on PC as well. Sometimes we can see it laying on the ground and can't interact with it and sometimes it's gone. The bug concerning seeing the fuse and not being to interact with it was more common. This has occurred on all maps. The disappearing fuse occurred once. My friend confirmed that when he was specing his body he could see the fuse, but the rest of us couldn't. This occurred on Pacanak. This is occurring both pre/post latest patches
  2. Hello, This bug goes along with the issue I reported early regarding the boat. There seems to be a problem with the drowning animation. As Jason when I attempt to drown the councelor the animation starts, the councelor appears to get pulled over, but suddenly is on the shore of the lake and is still alive. This bug occurred on Crystal Lake, near both boat spawns. Pacanack Lodge near the boat spawn closest to Pacanack Lodge near the exist where the police can spawn. Glitches occurred after the councelor was pulled from the boat, and when a Councelor was grabbed when being near the boat, got stuck in Jason's grib and had to be freed by walking into the water.
  3. Hello, Since the last patch the coat hanger kills aren't working. When Jason goes to hang the victim, they seem to get shifted over so they are no longer in front of the hooks. It plays the music and Jason does his animation, but the councelor goes through the wall instead. The victim doesn't die and gets stuck in Jason's hand, the only way to free them is to take them into the lake. Then they get free and are warped to the shore line. This has occurred on Crystal Lake boat house. The big cabin near the lake from on Crystal Lake. Pacanak Lodge, one of the big cabins by the Palmer Pass.
  4. Yes!!! I love that idea! Can you imagine how tense it would be once jason was in stalk mode with his sense on!!!
  5. Hello, Since the patch came out there is a problem with Cabin Windows, once you exit from them you can't use them again. The "e" doesn't appear at all. This only seems to happen if I'm carrying a large item. One time it was with the gas, once was with the battery. Both times this occurred was in Packanack Lodge near the cabin by the water near Palmers Pass. I haven't experienced this on Crystal Lake or Higgens Haven.
  6. I like your suggestions, except for the "always save x" ability. I think I could seeing it being op'd. You could use that to keep the sweater girl alive so it would be easier to kill Jason. Also I don't like the idea for ever last spray, Jason needs to have the ability to wear the players down. Otherwise, you've made the players invincible. Other than that, with the right testing and balancing. I think it would keep people in the game longer and act as an an incentive for Tommy to stick around and not run for the exist. Or maybe Tommy needs to be fixed so he can't leave until everyone is escaped or dead and he's the last man standing.
  7. Yes please! I've I've waited so many morphs because I went back to the wrong trap.
  8. It does have mist/fog. Higgens Haven middle area and the the archery range near crystal lake always seems kinda foggy. But yeah I'd love to see it start raining durring the middle of the march, like it always seems to happen in the movies.
  9. I experience the rage most especially when I'm guarding the car. I love getting called a try hard, normally I just roll my eyes and put my last trap down by the driver door. Normally when I'm jason I don't reply, but this time this particular group were being so irritating, I just had to laugh at them and told them I'm not just going to let them win.
  10. Agreed. I always assume they have a knife, hit them once or twice, then go in for the grab kill. If they have a knife than they'll burn it, and either they get grabbed again or they heal and the chase begins again. As jason I'd much rather have them burn the knife, that way they can't use it to cut my traps. The only time I melee spam is if they're is a group or they are about to get into a repaired car. I try not to melee them all to death but still rather weaken them until I can pull off a better kill.
  11. Ugh.. this means your a racist and a bigot. Take your hate speak and chauvinism back to the midieval ages! Just kidding. They should have given him a street sign, so it followed that awesome over the top Jill from the movie.
  12. That's true, but when Jason's looking around it looks like no ones there's. It's less likely he's gonna search, if he does jump out the window and run away and hide.
  13. Patch 1.03 - Exploit Fixes, Boosted Security Update, Changes Hey all! So we've been paying a lot of attention to the feedback we're getting on the forums and we've done a lot to curb the exploits that have become fairly well-known to users that are playing. This update is a quick stopgag to a content update we'll have very shortly, but we wanted to get this security patch out that handles the perk selling issue that users have been running into, as well as close off various spots on the maps where users are hiding. Most of these, especially the common ones, should be resolved at this time. However, we will continue to monitor. Please update your builds and let us know what's up! Improvements Steam matchmaking searches longer for lower pinged games. Various minor matchmaking optimizations made. Lobby countdown timer closes menus at the 3 second mark instead of when it starts. Warning beeps can now be heard from sub-menus. Added lots more environmental kill locations to all of the maps. Leaving a match while a party leader now prompts you to disband or take the party with you. Security updates to prevent account spoofing. Dynamic camera and character animation improvements. Added an option for controlling the PTT sound. Increased XP penalty of team killing fellow counselors to -1,000XP from-200XP Fixes Fixed several exploit locations on all maps. Fixed Steam party members not following the party leader. Fixed Steam party main menu voice stuttering. Fixed Jason getting stuck in the grab pose if a grabbed counselor disconnects while being pulled out of a car. Fixed an issue with block detection on boat seats. Fixed some counselor vehicle interactions not being blocked while in a context kill. Fixed some floating items on item swap and with traps. Fixed the Shotgun sometimes floating after use. Fixed an issue with tracking total Jason kills. Fixed multiple achievement related bugs. Fixed windows sometimes displaying the wrong open/close position on listen servers. Fixed an issue where sprint was canceling fear animations & some stances. Fixed some dynamic camera issues when interpolating from a kill back to the player. Fixed Jason being able to morph into the boat and get shoved out of the map. Fixed a case where spectators would not hear alive players. Fixed session presence not always updating immediately to point at your game session (for invites) after you leave a party session. Fixed some game server specific crashes. Fixed the game sitting for the duration of the outro when no outro is played. Fixed the scoreboard staying on the screen when the end match menu opens. Locking the end match scoreboard on-screen. Fixed defaults not always functioning in Video Settings. Made the Gamma slider easier to use with a gamepad. Fixed a case where a player's mute state may not be sent to the server after loading the map. Fixed character placement issue when getting out of a tent. Fixed character placement issue when ejected from a car and your door is blocked. Fixed being able to use other items while using the sweater. Fixed some exploits with trap placement. Fixed multiple crouch exploits. Fixed multiple fireplace kill interaction distances. Fixed multiple cases of Jason being struck and flying off the map. Fixed multiple interaction lock bugs. Optimized Steam P2P lobby tag updates, dedicated server tag space usage. So it's out on steam, I'm glad to see the exploits are getting shut down and the match servers being optimized. I'm not excited about the 1000 penalty for betrayals. It's too high. Basically your saying, if you team kill you don't get points even if you accidentally fixed the car but accidentally ran someone down. Or tried to save your friend not understand that the shutgun shoots through jason. Does this mean that the player can lose previoisly gained xp? Also how does this effect players who've unlocked everything and have managed to get the perks that matter to them? Probably nothing. I think the better solution would be to track the number of team kills or disconnects, once you hit a certain number you just start grouping people up their own games and they can do what they want. The only way to get out, stop doing those things and the number starts to drop. Blizzard does this thing with overwatch and star craft and it seems to work great.
  14. Instead of a ban system why don't you just flag their account each time they betray someone and one it reaches a certain point you can just start placing those players into special "team killers" server and they can just play together the rest of the players to play in the others? The same rule could apply to people who disconnect in game.
  15. So do you mean that it's on a track and can't cruise around the camp? If so, can you get off off halfway to run away from jason?
  16. What difference is this going to make for players who have unlocked all the characters and now are working through the cosmetics? For I've gotten all the perks that I want, all characters are open, and all Jason's kills are open. So it doesn't matter to me when I level up. Raising the penalty is a bad idea. Do you think the team killers care about this? No, they are just trolling games.
  17. I want to say part 7...he looks the best but his strengths aren't the best, and he lacks the ability to get around quickly on land. Not have fast morph or shift makes it hard to cover everything properly. Right now I'm split between 2 and part 9. And that's just because it's a completely different experience. Part2 allows you to over trap everything, allowing you more time to travel the map. You can't shift as fast, so you have to rely more on knives, stealth, and hope that some walls into your trap. I feel like, I'm a red neck on a rampage with him. Part 9 feels more like the scary jason, less traps means less roam time. How've you can stealth your way into shift grabbing fun. Aj's my favorite, with the right perks she can ninja her way around the camp and compete objectives under Jason radar. Jason is better avoided than confronted and she just strong enough to stun him once or twice to help a friend and then disappear back into the woods.
  18. Stop trolling and stop trying to trigger people. Single player was never promised on release, it was always marketed as an asymmetrical multiplayer game. The only reason why we're getting it because they exceeded their kickstarter goals.
  19. About 2 months before release Gun sent everyone who funded the kickstarter the "last chance" to exclusive kickstarter content. The cabin, savini and the councelor clothes were still for sale and they had screen shots. I looked at the clothes and wasn't really interested so I didn't buy it. The savini skin looked cool, but the reason I didn't buy anything was due to frustration with the release delays brought on by the certifarion process. I love this game, so thanks for contributing more, I wish I had. When the final exploits and bugs are patched out it's gonna be awesome.
  20. Don't troll and don't try to derail conversation. And it was clearly marketed a kickstarter funding source. Not DLC, DLC/Prepurchase items are for content on finished product delivered on or after the due date of release.
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