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  1. You need to play it before making comments. I was worried that that the small maps were just going to be the originals that had fences or walls put up keeping people herded together. The small maps have unique layouts and have unique item locations, they encourage team work but stealthily characters can still sneak around if they are careful (my aj is always the final still the final girl). Small Crystal Lake design is way better than the original. It removes those open areas near the archery range and boat house. Now it feels more like a camp where the placement is more logical. True is also true with Packanak and Higgins small, these maps feel truer to the movies. The rate of escape is depends on the skill of the players. I've had games where jason stomped the players and games where we had all objectives fixed and everyone escaped. It just depends on how well jason is patrolling.
  2. It didn't say I wanted it easier, it was a balance tactic and maybe an incentive for teamwork. I'm aware that players tend to horde knives, and so in a pub it will always undermine the councelors. As I've playing the smaller maps the Jason's who have more traps can esscentslly lockdown the maps and if the objectives are near each other and he can run it's even easier. This is most noticeable with part two. I main part 7 jason because he actually gives me a challenge.
  3. A way to help balance things with traps would be to set the spawn rate of knifes to match the number of Jason's trap. This would make playing against part 2 Jason not such a chore, and giving the councelors away to counter when all the objectives are locked down. The balance is, they still have to burn the knife to cut the trap, and have to decide if they want it as a tool or means to selfishly get away from Jason. I'm aware that tanking and spraying is an option, but as soon as you do that you summon jason. And no, I'm not a noob, I have over 300 hours This would need to be playtested, and maybe the 1 to 1 knife to trap ratio is too much, but it might make the game more interesting and helping prevent a compete no win for the councelor.
  4. With the correct set of perks you can avoid sense until jason has rage, and even then he has a hardtime sensing you. Ive confirmed with my friends that they have problems seeing me as AJ when the stealth perks are on. In a game yesterday part 7 jason spawned near the car, instead running I ran around the back and down a backtrail in the woods. I didn't jog only walked. Latter my friend confirmed he hadn't seen me and has sense on. This forced him to start cutting power early and forced me to have to spend time to repair the power. I've had the same luck with Deb and Eric. The drawback it's a game of diminishing returns, the longer the game goes on and my fear goes up the perks stop working or lose effectiveness.
  5. Lol again, cause it's a game. Maybe so it easier for players to see what's in the drawer. What are you asking for? That the councelor has to open a drawer and if it's full of random crap they have to hit "e" and spend time searching? That adds to immersion but makes it really really hard to find things if jason is on you.
  6. Same here, with it being on and even with joining random games I was getting jason every other or every 3rd match. It got to the point where I was getting bored with it and set it back to councelor or no pref
  7. I'm not opposed to the hard mode, because for those of us who have 200 plus hours it makes for a challenge and gives the ability for new players a place to learn the game.
  8. It might be an interesting idea for hard mode. But with all the randomness of a pub it helps to know things are done. Example the status of the fuse, you can see the phone is fuse is in the box but not repaired so you can decide if you want to deal with a camping Jason to try and repair or look for another part. Right how stuff gets lost as it is when people pick them up and die. At the check list helps a little. Map mechanicnworks fine, it's balanced by having to either waste the perk spot or not having it until you find one.
  9. Yes...it's been very inconsistent. If I'm playing as Adam, Bugsy or Chad I always have the sucker bunch equipped. I've been in combat stance with the wrench or stick and it's been 2-3 hits with the these items, the bat is taking two. My friends and I have tested this by having jason stand still and it's been this way with each counselor.
  10. Yes, I would love to see a change to the item and cabin placements. This is especially important for the items. My friends and I love this game, and I'm the first to admit to say we've played way to much, but we are at the point where we know where the key items are within the first few minutes of the game. The key items only spawn in 2-3 places and you can deduce them by vehical in play and where they are located. Also they need to remove the key items from spawning in the same cabin. We are still finding two sets of car keys in one cabin, or finding two gas cans or a gas can and battery in the same cabin. The fuse should also never be in the same cabin as the fuse box.
  11. Same here...and when I had reminded him that they were banning people for exploiting, I was called a "try hard" and that it was only fair because Jason had traps.
  12. Level 79 and no tapes, even while playing for about 6 hours on Friday over several weeks. I've never been in a match when another player has found it, and according to the steam achievements I've played 690 games as councelor and 160 as Jason. So either it's a glitch or the spawn rate is too low. Maybe it could be changed to spawn for a character based on what they collected as they opened a drawer and then the frequency decrease as you collect more tapes. This was you create a click bait mechanic that keeps people looking for them.
  13. Lame. 1. It's one on one, he could easily grab and catch you again. If you are a fast character, he could hit you first and then put you in into a damaged state allowing him to easily catch you. 2. It's not smart planning on Jason behalf. Each time a knife is used against you, it's one less trap that could be cut. If he just hacks the person to death, someone else could find those knifes. And suddenly the phone is fixed and cops are on their way.
  14. When you morph, try clicking on then north side of the car closer to the cabins but not on the cabin. That seems to be the sweet spot where I always land near the car on the correct side of the fence.
  15. I meant the big bathroom near Stillwater across from the archery range. It has the rows of shower stalls and toilets. There's no special kills in there at all, not even the swirlie kill you can do in small bathrooms in the cabins.
  16. You're being shortsighted, and a lot of people will disconnect on you, and not allow you too get points. It's better for them to knife you, a knife in your neck is one less tool they have to cut your traps. Let them use their knife, let them use their spray. Same with their stuns, eventually all weapons break. Now, it's a game of diminishing returns, eventually you'll catch them again and finish them off. You want them to run out of options so if the phone gets fixed, you can easily stop them from escaping.
  17. Yes...this works. I done this many, many, times. It works best as a stealthier character but I've been Vanessa and he didn't bother to come in. Don't move around Don't open drawers Going under the bed or closet works too. Give it a minute and he'll morph to the car leaving you to search the house. You might also get lucky and find the fuse and a pocket knife, you can cut his trap, fix the phone and save the day!
  18. I know what you mean. I had the same feelings around the Crystal Lake Map. I can see some of the landmarks, but it's not really enough. The bad part is I don't know how to make it better either. I also can't tell where the "main cabin" was where they played strip monopoly. Also no archery range special kill? Really? You'd think there would be something with arrows. And no special kills in the bathroom? I was expecting some homage to the Marie Kill. Or why doesn't the crystal lake sign have a special unique kill? I thought they would have at least let a jason smash a head, or pin their body to it.
  19. I tried this with AJ and I didn't see a difference at all. The mini game seemed to go a bit faster, which I didn't think was good because I had 2 small/median sized checks to hit and I messed it up because of the increased speed. I stopped using the perk. I do however, uses the stealth perks. (The one where crouch is faster and I can avoid sense, and the homebody perk.) jason seems to have a very hard time finding me. So, I can't tell if the perks or bugged or not.
  20. One of the old posts said they owned all the rights from 1-9. So they would be able to do the Lazarus (Ship) at some point. It was talked about durring the development, but wasn't able to be done because it would have pushed then release out further because it would need all unique assets. I'd love to see the Jarvis House from PartIV though, they could give Tommy some special dialogue, like "I never thought I'd come back here..." or "Mom....Trish...I miss you both...I'm sorry I couldn't save you, mom." Maybe incorporate some special Tommy Perk because it's his own turf. Part 7 would be cool but the double houses is similar to part 4 and they'd need to do something with the map to make it standout. Maybe if Tina is every developed that would be her map where her powers would work.
  21. Agreed. I don't understand the point of doing this other than to annoy everyone on the map. Right now people complain they hate waiting on matches to end. So...they employ a tactic that results in more waiting?
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