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  1. It’s all about how Jason plays.  You have to be smart and deny them calling Tommy and then it comes down to how efficient the counselors are. Jason can’t be in two places at once, so do you block the car or block the phone. Jason controls the narrative,  break doors on one side of the cabin so you can sneak in, force them the panic. 

    Personally I do this:

    1. Cut and trap the power box at the tommy radio.

    2. Cut another powerbox (keep in mind I’m breaking doors and windows and getting knives while my morph is recharging.

    3. Look and see where the counselors are if it’s near the objectives go there, if can tell trap the phone.

    4. Place a third trap at the 4 seater if I haven’t done it.

    I main part 8 and I hold onto my traps and respond to what the counselors do. If they fix the car trap the drivers seat, if they push the tommy house cut the power and retrap. I force them the burn their knives on cutting a trap or waiting my grab.  I usually go 8/8 


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  2. I just watched the first film. It’s such a good horror movie. The cinematography and sound is so awesome and Betsy Palmer rocks the roll. I’ve seen this movie so many times and I don’t get bored. 

    Gunn, Thank you for making this game!  Rewatching this takes me in and out of the game!  The only building you missed with was the generator shed. But whose counting!!!

    happy f13 day hope your kills are sweet and savory!

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  3. 57 minutes ago, mattshotcha said:

    While that would be interesting, it is definitely outside the scope of the game at this point. My recommendation would be to possibly explore with the team the idea of a random button inside the private matches, but I'm not sure what is and is not possible there. I can check though.

    As for populating private matches, I'd recommend Looking For Group threads. We also have a L4G section on our Discord server.

    We totally understand that it might be a bit of an effort but that would seem like big win for the fan base, it would certainly do wonders to keep the game more alive. 

  4. My strategy is around cutting the power, this is done to mitigate the risk against a kill squad.

    This is what I do:

    1. Grab knives from the shack 

    2. Spawn to power box, I’m trying to stop the Tommy Call from being made. If I’m lucky I trap the power to call tommy.

    3. Grab knives near power box, destroy near doors.

    4. If I didn’t block the tommy call, spawn to next power box. Or if I did, trap phone. 

    5. Trap Phone Box, if not done so.

    6. Watch noise locations to see what counselors are doing. If counselors are near a car, check car and trap either door or hood if batter is not in.

    7. If counselors are not pushing objectives, I cut the last Powerbox

    I play with part 7 or 8, and I tend to avoid killing counselors until stalk or unless they made a mistake where the kill is certain. Also I’m always breaking down doors, this makes it easier for the mid game killing spree so I can stalk/morph/shift grab 

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  5. 4 minutes ago, glowing ooze said:

    this is true, thanks for the list. here are a few more..


    tree stump

    crushing head into wall one handed

    water pump


    slamming head on big rock

    slamming head on tables/railings

    SOME of the screwdriver/knife

    cemetary gates

    head slam in door

    top floor windows

    ..thats all i can think of off the top of my head.


    It’s a shame the head slam kills are all broken, those are some of my favorite kills, they are brutal and more importantly fast and don’t keep you locked in a lengthy animation.

    Also some of the broken kills are limited to certain maps. A good example is the window toss, I haven’t tested against every map.  The coat hook seems to always be broken everywhere.

    As bizarre as it sounds, this issue is only limited to multiplayer.  I haven’t tested in a private match or a locally hosted match.  

  6. Not all of the environmental kills are broken.  These are the ones that are still working:

    1. Bird bath

    2. Window Toss (most of the time)

    3. Head punch against the cabin wall.

    4. The head bash again the wall, followed up by the curb stomp.  

    5. Pruning: arms ripped off on the tree trunk. (worked on Higgins large but not on crystal lake large.)

    The kills environmental kills that consistently do not work:

    1. Coat hook and branch hanging.

    2. Any new environmental kills added (example: barn kills on PineHurst).

    Has anyone else been testing the other ones?

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  7. 20 hours ago, SirMang said:

    The maps size and the fact that the car will likely be at the top of the map, while the battery ends up in Mullholland is ridiculous. 


    Exactly my point!  If you kept stuff in a reasonable area it would be fine.  

    I wish the would make then items spawns totally random on the small maps

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