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  1. shodan

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    Lol yeah...whoops i pasted in the wrong tab.
  2. shodan

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    You don't need to hold your breath if you are playing as a councelor who has high composure. Just remember to open a window so it looks like you've left. Just remember the following: 1. Jason can sense that your in the house, if he senses you it stays red unless he turns off and leaves the house. If your are still hiding it won't flash red. This only works prerage, if he is in a rage it remains red. This applies to tents and outhouses. 2. Don't bother holding your breath, you'll give yourself away. It's best to just hide and wait. 3. Jason can always see your sound rings, unless your Tommy or AJ. If either characters are using the epic perk that muffles jogging and sprinting those characters do not generate sound pings. If Jason doesn't see the sound it may cause him to stop and search. 4. Hiding under a bed and entering/exiting a closet makes a very distinct sound. 5. If Jason is chasing someone , hide before he knows there are two of you. 6. If he starts checking beds, wait until he gets interaction locked, and escape.
  3. shodan

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    I think you might be surprised how many players weren't aware of this. I've been playing since launch and have about 855 hours in playtime, and I never noticed it when playing as Jason. So it must have been been one of those first few patches which caused the issue. Regardless if it's a fix or not, this is might turn into be one of those balance changes that is going to probably cause a lot of reaction. Personally, I thought the the balance with the boat was fine and ever without hearing the sound, it was was still risky and basically game him an insta kill if he caught you anywhere in the water. Even still I'm interested to see how this impacts the game.
  4. shodan

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    Very true. Thanks for replying I'm excited to see how this plays out now.
  5. shodan

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    Very true. Thanks for replying I'm excited to see how this plays out now.
  6. shodan

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    I've been playing since launch and I've never heard the sound as Jason. Unless I was keeping tabs on the boat they would get away unless they messed up the skill check. Which was fair and balanced because its almost impossible to out run Jason in the boat because he can just morph to the boat exit.
  7. shodan

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    So just going back through the forums if you search for "boat" "start up" "sound" you find plenty of discussions around how there has never been a boat sound that alerts Jason. @ShiftySamurai can you please provide any dev commentary regard this change?
  8. shodan

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    So this doesn't look like it address the character swaping or the problem where Jason loads in a bunch of mismatched textures with part 3 abilities regardless of which one was selected. And since when did the boat ever make a starting noise to alert Jason? It's never made a sound since release. This is going to make it almost impossible to escape using this method.
  9. This is what I’ve found: 1. Doesn’t seem to effect closets, beds, or tents. The rule only apply if you are standing in one place. The only way to cancel the timer is to take one step. Which makes a sound wave unless your AJ, Deborah, or Eric. 2. For Jason there is no immunity, so no matter if your in the water or the lake the boot timer will start. I Found this out the hardest when three Vanessa’s were speed hacking and wanted to dive bomb me as Jason. So I went and hid in the lake. Because of the shitty SaltMines I didn’t want to be further punished by being unable to join another QP because I committed the most heinous of original sins by quitting as Jason. (This way I hoping the Vanessa trolls would get board, quit and then get salt and I wouldn’t run into then in a later QP match and the other players could escape and go to another match with no risk of salt).
  10. I love these suggestions too, and totally agree about the Jarvis house changes. Although an objective item often spawns in either the Jarvis House or the Vacation house. Here's what I've seen: Vacation: Gas in basement Battery next to desk in living room Propeller on the upstairs bookshelf at the top of stairs Jarvis: Propeller, Gas, Battery in basement (not all at one time) Fuse in a drawer on mainlevel Keys in drawer on mainlevel
  11. Depends on who's playing and it depends on which Jason I am. Normally, I'm part 8, and 5 traps is more than enough. Usually it's one trap per objective, (I don't to lock completly lock down objectives at start. It annoying as a councelor because people in QP stop trying). This way you can retrap the car after you stop it. Also, it makes it much easier to deal with Chad and Vanessa bullies. If you set a trap at door often you're gonna catch one of them after they stun you. Also if someone goes for the sweater and you're on a map has a choke point at a broken fence you can stop them there.
  12. Omg yes! At first I thought it was connection issues to their server, I didn't realize what was up until I finally landed in a game with one other person who had posted in the chat box "welcome to the saltmines!" PC players get no indication that you've been put into a different queuing system. This was yesterday after a week of having to qit from being banished to spectator mode, getting the wrong councelor, or get some weird glitch where I couldn't interact. I've never been a fan of this, you shouldn't punish people for not playing the game if they need to disconnect. And with PC players being around 400, this is just going to further degrade the player base.
  13. Best Weapons ranker by killing efficiency: 1. Machete, it's fast, it's easy to chop down doors, and it rarely gets stuck on anything. All Destruction Jason's can take down a door in seconds. It makes part 8 lethal, the decap and fast stab can be executed quickly and in tight spots. The weapon is so iconic it look good paired with any of them. 1a. Shears are fast, but the kills are dumb (why didn't you make a kill that mirrors the shear kill from part5). and Jason looks silly chopping doors down. If it wasn't for the speed it would be at the end of the list due to bad taste. 2. Fireaxe, Woodcutter, BattleAxe, Pig Spitter. All are fast weapons, BattleAxe seems slightly slower but I don't really use it because I don't like kills. Fireaxe/PigSplitter pair well with Part6&7. Part 7 looks best with the fireaxe (the red blade pops out against the black clothes), close runner up is the PigSplitter. The Woodcutter axe is meh, but only because I've seen the kills too many times, the "best one" is the skull spliiter after being stunned with then the handle. 3. Pickaxe/Spear- I always have issues where the weapon gets stuck the most, and I have issues blocking attacks. If you have issues with grabbing players and need the assistance take the spear. The new pickAxe kills are well done , I wish they had the idea for the kill from the councelor POV sooner and more weapons had this. If the pick Axe didn't get stuck so much it would be with grouped with the axes.
  14. It's just never not been able to find a spray. I don't play to fight Jason, so unless I'm tanking a trap, or being tunnelled. I don't have to heal, often I'm dumping the spray if I get lucky and find an extra fire work or pocket knife. Despite popular opion it's pretty easy to stay off Jason's radar for the first half of the game with stealth. (Provided you played smart). With high composure it's easy to use hiding spots, you don't hold your breath and just wait for him to leave. (Prerage). Like I said I used to take it, it's not a bad perk. And I recommend to all newer players or combat orientated players. With my play style there's better things to take.
  15. I main AJ, so I use perk that muffles sound when you run and use the perk that gives more stamina. That way I can move repair parts quickly back to the goal without making sound waves. Ive found that most Jason's tend to focus on the nosier councelors, (sorry Deborah and Lachappa, but I prefer Jason coming after you.) For the third ive had sucess with either, Lone Wolf (manages composure and fear, keeping stamina Regen fast and me more mobile), swift attacker (this is more situational, I tend to avoid direct conflict, most of the time I don't have weapon because I'm hauling a part). Or Any sense avoidance works, (level headed) but again it's only good for the first half of the match). I used to bring my dad's a cop, preparedness, or medic. But found that they were useless because I could find what I needed or were too situational and found something better.