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  1. The problem with the enviormental kills is that they are not consistent in their placement. A good example is the amount of enviormental kills in the big map to the small maps. There are a ton of more opportunities where you can use cabin walls, corners, furniture but for some reason it’s not available in the bigger versions. There a large portions in the woods of Packanack and Crystal Lake they don’t have the the hanging or prune kill on them so you get stuck using grab kills. If you play single player and the councelor run off in woods you capture them and there’s no environmental kills. I had the game since launch and found a new enviormental kill at one of the small open area where chairs are that has a roof but no walls. There was kill where Jason grabs the councelors and beats there head into the posts 4/5 times. I think this is the only place in the game where the kill is.
  2. I see why you misunderstood me. My post was just commenting on new players who find the game hard and want to change game play. The suggested he made at first sounds good, but it’s difficult to implement with a small population and it’s really doesn’t teach people to play well.
  3. Do people hate Pinehurst?

    I tried using preparedness but after post patch really didn’t make it bescesary because if I didn’t find one by the second cabin I’d search which was rare, I’d just make a trip to the map stand and then start map spamming to see what everyone else had been up to. Now post patch, it more of a better choice but it sucks because normally I stack up on all of the stealth/anti sense perks because I main as AJ. But you gotta the risk/reward right?
  4. Do people hate Pinehurst?

    It depends on where the boat spawns, If it’s on the right side of the map then it usually spawns in one of the cabins on the islands, I’ve found both the propeller and gas in the one on the left. Sometimes it’s in the right corner but it seems rare. (This is for PC) If it’s on the left, then usually gas is in the big cabin to the south, the propeller was in a small cabin near Jarvis. However, I felt that sometimes the second can isn’t spawning or it’s behind something. My friends and I played private matches entire match looking for the item and never found it. This problem also occurs in Crystal Lake. This was 4 seasoned players searching and research after one another.
  5. Do people hate Pinehurst?

    I feel the same way, I like this map but it requires that the counselors actually work together. If you play as a repair councelor and no one helps by bringing the items in the you’re not going to escape. Both Jarvis and PineHurst put things a little too far where you won’t survive getting the second item to the car/boat. If you find something at least put it in the road towards the objective. Not having a weapon in your hands for 20 seconds isn’t life or death.
  6. With part 7 the following grab kills: stab in the stomach, decapitation, football punt. Those seem to work in close quarters.
  7. At leas the op isn’t whining about pocket knives... just play more and you’ll figure out the spawns
  8. It’s just you, learn to play smarter.
  9. This was last summer pre xp penalty when the team kill was originally negative 100 or 200 points. On Packanack Large me and another player working on getting the boat fixed. She found the gas and I had recently obtained the rifle. We made our way to the boat and this other player came running over with the propeller and was like “uh oh” how do we solve this? I shot him took his propeller and me and the other player fixed the boat and escaped. I miss team killing.
  10. Yeah we’ll probably get another double xp weekend
  11. I wouldn’t get my hopes up about the Friday the 13 release dates. In the past they repeatedly said that don’t assume that the deployment dates will be around any special calendar day.
  12. Roy Tweaks

    I get what your saying but in rewatching the movie recently I don’t think Roy thought he was Jason. I think he was using the Jason legend to divert suspicion. This was the basic plot: 1. Joey dies/Ray starts to go crazy and wants revenge. Tommy’s infamous presence get him remembering the old Crystal Lake camp blood legend. However he doesn’t just return to PineHurst and kill everyone. The actions some premeditation which doesn’t follow Jason m/o. This movie has the longest time span, the duration of the movie covers 3 days. Typically Jason kills everyone the same night he discovers them or waits until the next night when he has more time. 2. Day 1 night- he kills the two who’s car broke down. After the bodies are discovered he’s still chatty with the Sherriif and he hauls the bodies away. 3. Day 2 night- he kills the waitress and and the bald guy that drove Tommy to PineHurst. When the bodies are found Roy is still chatty with the sheriff. To me he’s using these two days to get a feel for killing and he’s practiceing for his big assault on PineHurst. He’s not just acting in a blind rage, he taking his time to make sure he can successfully acomplish his goal while avoiding suspicion. 4. Day3 day and night is the big spree, all of the patients and staff are killed. Ethel and her son are killed. Reggie’s brother is killed. After the massacre, the police say they found the news papers talking about Pam’s spree and then the ones about Jason that occurred later. I think that Pams’s spree was what influenced him (it’s the same motive she had, he blamed everyone at the institution for not stopping Vic, and they all witnessed the crime). But he used Jason as a cover because it was a dead and the Jason murders an urban legend that was never really solved. (Ray is still is crazy and thought the best approach was a killing spree inspired by a Scooby Doo episode with an urban legend twist.) I always thought It would have been better if Roy approached the final 3 as himself rather than the Jason disguise, and tried to trick them before just attacking them. But, from what I read about all the stuff that was going on with the production were lucky we got what we did. Anyways all the suggestions are good, this is just my fan boy opionion.
  13. Roy Tweaks

    These suggestions are good but instead of hearing Joey. Roy just talks to himself, he just says things like “got another one Joey” or “This is all for you.” If they go with the ambulence idea it could just be Roy saying something like “I’m sorry I was there Joey, I’m here now and they will pay!” While looking at the Joeys body. Somethign a bit different from the supernatural that is used Jason would be better to help distinguish him from Jason.
  14. I just realized he gets the kill because it was his trap, I think it counts as “Murdered” and not suicide, so hey gets 100 points plus 50 for trapper.
  15. It’s a tactic which I use to trip traps when Jason’s are being overly reliant on them by over trapping objectives, I’d rather run through them free myself and then run through the one next to it. This opens the objective, denies a kill, and allows the rest of the team to escape.