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  1. Did we ever confirm if the startup sound worked on day 1 for the Xbox and PS versions but not on steam? I didn’t participate in the beta but I’ve been around since launch on the PC, and I never heard the noise, the only time I heard anything as Jason was when I was in close proximity and heard the same start up sound that the counselor heard. I thought that the sound did in fact exist but was purposely disabled for balance reasons. If you read through the old posts there was confirmation that the boat was not meant to have sound, Shifty contradicted this when patch reimplemented the sound. (He replied directly to my post when I questioned the change). But even after months with this change in my opinion hasn’t changed. I’m all for making it more difficulty to escape or hurt/kill Jason, but If it were me I would have left the sound out, it felt better balanced without it. The boat will always be the easiest method to stop because he can spawn almost on top of it with Morph. As long as Jason is aware the boat is in play he can easy keep tabs on it my quickly glancing at him map. Generally he has about 3-4 minutes of the boat is on the original map before the boat is going to get fixed. Jarvis is 7-8 and PineHurst is about 10. These numbers are based around how my style of play which is focused on repairs using AJ, and having a good idea of the placement of the objectives after over 1000 hours of playtime. As long as Jason doesn’t allow himself to get too distracted it’s not hard manage. He should assume the characters will go for the boat first, then all you need to do is let it get to the middle of the lake before you kill the escapee and it almost guarantees the boats removed from play. It was rare the remaining counselors are going to swim out to the boat due to the sound pings. But now now that the boat makes a sound it even more of a deterrent.
  2. Thanks! I appreciate the clarification. I’ve heard the same rumor murmurs. I’m really excited for this update, hopefully we’ll see something before month end.
  3. Is this just speculation or are there notes for an upcoming patch? I haven’t sent any news on Twitter and I don’t see any new posts on the forum categories.
  4. Lol. insightful answers coming from this forum? Obviously you haven't played a lot then. Talk to a Vanessa or Chad main and they'll claim that those are the "best" characters and speed-looting and claiming/wasting all of the finite resources is the "smart strategy"
  5. You should probably define this better. Meaning it should be someone who is playing to help the team, rather than just showing off and chain stunning a newbie Jason.
  6. That used to be my build. Now it’s swift foot, night owl and marathon . Swift foot let’s you run silently, and when paired with marathon it turns you into a ninja. Low profile, lone wolf, and night owl are good. I have an epic night owl and while the fear reduction doesn’t turn her into Jenny, it helps manage your stamina and keeping the recharge at a steady rate.
  7. If Jason stayed off the radar without the flare would be a big step in making him more of a threat. I wish I had been around in beta to see how that played out.
  8. So I normally main AJ with marathon, swift foot, and epic loan wolf so I keep composure and remain a silent ninja. This pretty much let's me stay off his radar. Normally, I can avoid detect, fix, and escape. Usually, I'm the final girl, and while I can get in a few stuns... but with her luck the weapons are only good for a few stuns and then you just run out of options and die.
  9. Yes Please!!! Personally I can’t stand the small maps, Higgins is probably the most unbalanced, the item locations are too close to the cars, you might as well just start the cars repaired, and all the driver had to do is drive down a straight line. Packanack is hilly so it becomes more difficult to offroad, and there are more choke points on the roads to help Jason, small Crystal Lake small is slightly more balanced because it has more locations for the key items and they are farther from the cars, but still has an easy escape due to the car being next to the main road by the lake. Jason “powerup” times need to be reduced because the counselors are almost immediately armed with knives and weapons. Everyone always bitches that Jarvis and PineHurst is too hard. Well not really, if people played more than you’d learn the item spawn points, and learn figure that it’s important to check the island cabins first and not leave the escape items on said islands. PineHurst is the “hardest” only because it completely favors Jason. Both Car and the Boat require you to pass through a choke point, the only change i would make is to the car spawn on the very north island where it requires you to cross the two bridges, unless Jason is busy you’re not getting the car across one of the bridges, this also reinforces the idea that the only way to win is to hunt and kill Jason. The only other gripe is that the items are too far from the goal, the map works if people are doing their job to ferry items around but, it’s too big for the fixers to travel across the map more than twice. You simply just run out of time to get everything done, or make more beach areas that allow counselors an option to risk swimming the canals. If item spawn range were slightly reduced it would make it more balanced, and the counselor mains wouldn’t cry so hard when the map comes more up. Needless to say seeing a farther item spawn for Higgins, Crystal Lake, and Packanack large would probably do wonders to make those maps challenging again. Neither of them are PineHurst sized and with items showing up on the map now the escapes are still manageable if the items are dropped in transport.
  10. I like that idea or at least come up with a way to randomize the escape items better, many of the older maps have new spawns, but it’s not random and after so many matches you memorize them. I would still want the current spawn rules where the fuse doesn’t spawn in the phone house and one item per cabin. But I would even be ok with items spawning farther from their goal similar to how PineHurst is setup. This would make many of the maps harder for the counselors again.
  11. shodan

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    Has this dropped yet on steam for anyone?
  12. Are we sure it's patched out? I had no idea that they did. Do we know around when? But around Halloween, I was the sweater girl using AJ and and we killed a part 3 Jason using the NES skin. I had the bat, Tommy used the axe. I started the stun, as soon as I could move I switched to combat stance and knocked him to his knees and Tommy finished him off. Afterwards we found out that this was A very new Jason so who admitted he didn't really know what to do, and I have no idea if he attempted to resist the stun.
  13. shodan

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    I'm so glad the laugh is back! Thanks for the patch!
  14. It also seems to be tied that if Jason has the weapon swapped and if someone joins during the mission it triggers the bug. It mixes up the Jason skins but assigns you to the Jason that the late comer had preselected
  15. There’s a ton of things in the woods, you can find places where it looks like people attempted to hook up, there’s a towel and a bra top. The area in where Jason’s Cabin spawn near Packanack Lodge the first time I ran through the broken fence I felt like I was Ginny in her the chase seen from part 2, and then sure enough there was the infamous cabin. I also love that from Higgins Havin you can see Camp Crystal Lake, for me it really felt like you tied in the world. I wish they had done something near where on the boarders to Packanack there was a fence and a “No Tresspassing” sign and in the distance you could see the tool shed or maybe a knocked over Camp Crystal Lake sign.