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  1. It’s a shame the head slam kills are all broken, those are some of my favorite kills, they are brutal and more importantly fast and don’t keep you locked in a lengthy animation. Also some of the broken kills are limited to certain maps. A good example is the window toss, I haven’t tested against every map. The coat hook seems to always be broken everywhere. As bizarre as it sounds, this issue is only limited to multiplayer. I haven’t tested in a private match or a locally hosted match.
  2. Not all of the environmental kills are broken. These are the ones that are still working: 1. Bird bath 2. Window Toss (most of the time) 3. Head punch against the cabin wall. 4. The head bash again the wall, followed up by the curb stomp. 5. Pruning: arms ripped off on the tree trunk. (worked on Higgins large but not on crystal lake large.) The kills environmental kills that consistently do not work: 1. Coat hook and branch hanging. 2. Any new environmental kills added (example: barn kills on PineHurst). Has anyone else been testing the other ones?
  3. Exactly my point! If you kept stuff in a reasonable area it would be fine. I wish the would make then items spawns totally random on the small maps
  4. So i know I’m in the minority but I like this map. Do you think the reason why people hate it because the escape items are so far away from their goals? Do you think If they had make them to spawn in a closer range it would be more popular?
  5. The glitch only seems to occur when some late durring the load in screen. (The screen that looks similar to the lobby). It only seems to effect players that are above 113 and are using a different weapon than the normal loadout. I could be wrong but I only started seeing this bug once I hit level 113. If Jason gets glitched it also shuffles the counselors
  6. Remember the leaked footage kills that showed Jason being executed by shotgun weild by Chad. Maybe that was a placeholder for a grendel uniquene kill? They could have been setting up the mocap for Jason and later they would have replaced the shotgun with a "space gun" and Kay em
  7. Someone should for the 1313 achievement and she’s if they can do it in one game
  8. @mattshotcha do you have any updates that your able to share about the issues that everyone has been seeing?
  9. Yes, it seems related mostly to the newly placed environmental kills. However, the coat hook kill doesn't seem to be working now either
  10. I know but it's more problematic on all the new environmental kills that they added
  11. @mattshotcha First off thank you for the patch. The changes to Pinehurst are nice. However there are issues Pinehurst: none of the barn environmental kills are working. The kill sfx plays but the counselor remains in the grab animation, after a minute they escape but are marked as dead. Higgens: Jason Shack, the hooks are bugged. Same problem as above. Some grab kills with P8 equip per with the machete had the same problem, (Fishgut, Single stab and the Pamela) but after catching the counselor the second time the Fishgut worked. The counselor had no knife. Jarvis: the hook kill isn't working here either. (Location big cabin near the vacation house ). Maybe hook is broken? As I find more I'll post here and post to Jasonkillsbugs.com Update: so interestingly enough in a private match the environmental kills work fine, the issue might only be in quick play. Packanack Small: people can still get in the roof!!! @alienuforia and I were testing both scenarios and confirmed it's an issue in publication
  12. Hmm... I would have to say it's a close tie between Jarvis and Higgens. I love claustrophobic sense of dread of Jarvis brings because escaping becomes almost impossible the longer the match goes on. Higgens feels the most polished and probably the most balanced.
  13. They become unmuted each time someone enters the room, if you just retoggle the mute it remutes them.
  14. I known this was discussed in the past but all then conversations was around the time before rain was implemented. The last search were from posts in early 2018. Is there anything planned for adding dynamic weather to multi player? In the Packanac SPC the match starts out without rain and around the time Deborah leaves to get ready for her Bugsy Bang it starts to rain then storms. Is this something that would ever be implemented? It technically not new content.
  15. I know I'm in the minority but I miss the Team Killing. No, I'm not a troll but it made getting the gun a quickly in the match an important tatic for a councelors. AJ has always been my main, and being able to get the gun and then stash it somewhere close too but hidden from the main path was a smart tatic. Especially when I still had to ferry the parts around myself, do the repairs, and drive the escape vehicle. I still have a funny video of me running up to a two others after I had put the gas in the boat. One of the guys has the propeller. (It a Vanessa and a Jenny) Heres the script: Me: "i partially fixed the boat, I should leave." Guy with the propeller: "drop the gun and my friend will pick it up, then you can fix the boat and get in." Me: "how do I know you won't murder me after i fix it. I can just shoot it now." GWP: "I just said you can get in, and besides the gun will protect us from Jason. Don't waste the bullet". GWP thinks AJ is a patsy. me: "Hmm ok, just one thing really quick." GWP gets shot, Jenny and I escape shortly after. If I didn't get the gun, I learned to hide the parts near the goal and once I found everything or trusted someone where I wouldn't get murdered we fix the thing and leave. RIP cut throat camp Crystal lake.
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