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  1. I've been max level for a while and have all epic perks. So now I can just enjoy the game, because you can stop worrying about anything. If you get stuck in a bad QP with trolls you can just leave. Same for the players who are trying to exploit, just can actually penalize themselves by not doing things that would give them points.
  2. Ugh I wish i played with you on my team. It so frustrating that not many players realize that the knives should be treated as secondary objectives. This is best advice, always cut the trap unless the cops are called.
  3. I did not see that post but I'm glad to hear she's not dead. Either way the new conselor is a great way to honor a memorable character.
  4. Well either way this is a great way to pay tribute to a memorable character from an awesome franchise.
  5. She died of cancer, IMDB also indicates that too. http://www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com/?m=1
  6. Yeah they were talking about that in the "Crystal lake memoies" if your're not familiar it a collection of movie information, actor interviews, and basically anything else you would ever want to know about Friday the 13th. The actors all had fond memories of working with her. The actor who played Nick also died.
  7. Part of the wall textures behind Jennydon't look finished. It sorta looks how the Jarvis Map looked when then the map got leaked on YouTube. Maybe they're working on the Sheppard House next.
  8. What map did they take that still picture from? Is that Pinehurt? I don't recognize the room.
  9. It’s funny when you do it inside, sometimes the head bounces a bit.
  10. Once weapons swap is implemented the Jason’s may not feel so different. Part 4 is basically Part 7, but he runs where part7 is fast underwater.
  11. I was trying to delete my post I saw that they went back and better clarified that it includes all of that
  12. All kill references

    ScrewDriver: this reminds me of Alice’s death in part2, it’s not exact because she was stabbed in the head with an ice pick. Pamela: from the Part 7 kill pack, jason chops off the head of the councelor with the machete the, the camera zooms in showing their hands clutching at where their head was. This is how mrs vorhees was killed in P1
  13. They already had those, there were two sets the basic ones where you can tell people to follow you or be quiet and then there’s the premium pack for 1.99 that has the dance emotes.
  14. Offline Bot AI Improvements

    Sounds awesome, I can't wait to see how this plays out.