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  1. I have a map, and put space between me and them and they STILL insist on dropping him on other players. It's getting to the point where I am quitting the match to avoid Jason killing me, which isn't the Jason players fault, but it's almost as if some of these players are just morons. I have also considered losing my xp and just teamkilling the douchebags.
  2. I can't stress how angry this makes me when I am trying to use stealth to sneak around, only to have 1 or 2 (or sometimes more) fellow counselors get Jason's attention(via running and making noise all over the map, slamming doors, etc.,)and run him across the map and drop him on me, which of course results in my almost instant death, because, unlike them, I don't run across the map like an idiot. Perhaps Gun Media or Illfonic should consider a way to discourage/punish this behavior because it ruins the game in my opinion. Thoughts?
  3. Hello, Last night, while I was playing a few rounds of F13, I noticed that Jason kinda looked a little lonely. He looked like he could use some fear. He was having too good of a time killing Counselors with impunity. Then I got to thinking, wouldn't it be awesome if Jason also had to run and hide periodically or confront fear of his own? Who out there could conjure up fear in Jason and take him AND the counselors out? You guys need to figure out how to put Robert Englund in as Freddy Krueger and make this 80's kid's dream (or is it a Nightmare?)come true? Imagine Jason on the verge of killing off a few more counselors when Freddy pulls him into his dream world. Or maybe he pulls a counselor in and denies Jason the kill? So many possibilities. So little time.
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