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  1. That is one of the main problems, people don't want to play the game right by not using mics and communication to win. So they adjust the game so its not needed, so then when you do play a team that have mics and communicate it is almost impossible, which punishes Jason against people who play the game correctly. As for people who use party chat, I have always refused to play in lobbies with these peoples. Walkies are put in the game for a reason, to bypass these I consider it cheating.
  2. You say its a video game and boring if its too easy yet you defend the current state of the game where its easy to play as a counselor and win, not to mention more times than not you are playing a counselor....what??? lol You contradicted yourself. And luck very much should play a part in it, if you get a bad spawn and or Jason happens to target you out of the other handful of people on the map that all comes down to luck, especially if you have no way of cabin hopping or way to escape/kill time so your team can collect stuff to escape. I guess we are different in the sense I like a challenge and not have wins handed to me. I would rather play a high tension cat and mouse game as a mouse not knowing if am going to escape or not and every so often get to play as the cat to relax and have fun chasing and killing.
  3. If they are going to have all these knives and make it harder to grab people they should make it so once you are grabbed you can't escape if you don't have a knife. One cool thing about the game when you play as Jason is the environment kill. You really have never been able to fully enjoy them because you are always trying to do a grab kill asap in case they get away since it can be time consuming to catch them when you have others to catch before they escape or reach the time limit. If you could grab someone and know you have time to look around for cool kills, it would make it far more enjoyable imo.
  4. What is the best stats now? Vanilla it was thought to be stealth and composure, AJ was considered one of the best.
  5. I played during vanilla when everyone was complaining about shift grabs and how you lost knives when using them on traps and there should be more knives in the game. Basically I always viewed these people as someone who didn't know the nature of what the game is and also someone who just isn't very good at it. Well it looks like they won and dumbed the game down for the casuals. Jason is an unstoppable killing machine and teamwork should be required to make it out alive as a counselor. Now I come back and see they added more knives, med spray, nerfed shift grab, and counselors bullying Jason LOL...what a joke. When the game first came out everyone wanted to play Jason because it was fun chasing down counselors and killing them because it was easy, like it should be! Now no one wants to play Jason because you have to go into try hard sweat mode to get a decent amount of kills. They successfully unbalanced the game by trying to make it balanced. It's not suppose to be a fair situation yet now it seems like the playing field is leveled. Which is a shame because this use to be a really fun game if you got into a good lobby...fun hunting down people as Jason and fun as a counselor because you had to be lucky and play good to survive. Last time I played I had to sweat as Jason and every time I played as a counselor is was a easy win.
  6. is this just better odds on the roll system atm? i see nothing in game about a holiday perk event
  7. When I was playing AI I noticed a few more shotguns but didn't think much of it, but now I see why. Glad I got the trophies for killing all the counselors and tommy in one game already because it sounds like Jason is weak as hell now. Even before they added all the handicap advantages for counselors, Jason still wasn't impossible to dodge if you cabin hopped correctly. Thats what made the game fun, trying to escape while you were at a disadvantage against an OP killing machine. It's a shame they leveled the playing field.
  8. Haven't played online in awhile but I keep seeing people mention this, please tell me they didn't give counselors even more unnecessary advantages? I played a lot during the launch when Jason was actually a challenge to escape..it sounds like they finally caved in to the whiners and scrubs if this is true. Heard shift grab got nerfed awhile back too.
  9. I think it is a fun way to practice your Jason play and go for unique kills. Would be nice if you could of played as counselors as well, if you can I am missing something. As for the AI, yeah its not very smart but considering the type of game it is I think it would be expecting a LOT to make AI in an environment like this to behave in an intelligent enough way to properly escape and work together as a team.
  10. Not hating, just trying to understand the point because I don't see one. The big maps are fine and if they are just trying to make the games go faster for me it just rushes what makes the game fun for me. Above poster said it made escapes quick and easy....that doesn't sound very fun or appealing to me on either side of the coin.
  11. Lol Why is this a thing? Does it force people to play the smaller maps? All this does is help Jason.
  12. What about not being able to pick up items on the ground from dead counselors??
  13. How can Jason be alive in 1 and 2, the whole reason his mom kills everyone in the first movie is because he is suppose of of drowned. If he didn't really drown you would think she would know about it.
  14. Ran into this last night, this needs fixed very badly so we can still use the fuse.
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