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  1. Title says it all. If you’re a cosplayer, post you’re pics here, I would love to see them!
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    No long, dramatic post here. There are more important things in life to get concerned over than a video game. @Kodiak I understood Wes’ comments perfectly. Which part of what I said didn’t YOU understand? Oh well, doesn’t matter. Don’t worry, you now have one less person cluttering your forums.
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    Good riddance
  4. Hey guys, I have 2 questions concerning the ability to play the game with your friends. 1. Will there be some sort of group invite option, where you can join a group or team with your friends, and thus be able to que, and play on the same server and team together? And if you are on a team together, does that eliminate you from being able to play as Jason as long as you're in said group (I would think that it would)? 2. If you are at a friends house and they have the game, would you able to do everything that I asked in the first question (assuming that's how it's going to work)? Thanks!
  5. The Uber Jason petition thread gets locked because the question has been answered, and is creating “clutter.” I think in light of what’s going on with the puzzle game, the question of Uber being put in this one still merits discussion. And what clutter? You have about a whopping 10 whole active threads in the General section within the past 24 hours, yet there is clutter? And if this “clutter” was so concerning, why the hell was the damn thread allowed to get up to 5 pages before being shut down? Makes no sense. I’ve been mostly shying away from all the drama and conspiracy theories going on in here this week about Gun shutting down shit they don’t agree with, but, this one kind of chapped my ass a bit. So if we can’t have that discussion here, where it should be, we’ll just have it somewhere else. #screenshotinbeforelock/delete
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    Thursday the 12th Xbox group

    If I'm on, it probably won't be until later.
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    Goodbye everybody...

    I want in.
  8. I doubt there's any shot at all of them putting Uber in the game, but I'll quote myself from another thread to share my thoughts on how I think they could do it:
  9. Super Ty

    Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle and Ghost Jason

    Here’s what they could do: 1. Uber will just have to share music when he’s near with another Jason. I don’t think anyone would really care. The same goes for the music for each cinematic kill. 2. Take his weapon out, and give him an existing in-game weapon as his default. With weapon swapping now available, no ones going to keep just one weapon on him anyway. This eliminates the issue of no SFX for his kills. Use existing counselor VO. 3. I don’t have an answer for the UI/HUD work, but I’m sure that can be worked around too. 4. He can still be given his own unique stats, because Jason stats already exist in the game, so no new content to be added there. I realize none of this is ideal, but it’s still better than never having him at all. They could also run a disclaimer saying that this is how he’ll be put in the game before they actually release him.
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    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    Just as I was about to make a post thanking the almighty that we haven’t gotten it yet. Shit.
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    Thursday the 12th Xbox group

    Stupid ass cracks in the door. I so badly wanted you to open that door so I could scare the shit out of you lol.
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    Great discussions

    Left 4 Dead 2 is 9 years old, and just the other day my buddies teenage son got on my computer and played a few multiplayer rounds. So, it’s completely possible to keep that aspect of the game going when the servers shut down...assuming Gun will make it possible.
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    Thursday the 12th Xbox group

    I should be there.
  14. Pretty cool stuff, thanks for sharing.
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    Perhaps if they hadn’t spent so much time goofing off during the mocap sessions and creating emotes, Uber Jason could have been finished and in the game before the end of all new content was announced.
  16. Is there still a chart on the Kickstarter page that shows what stretch goals are met? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  17. @wes I guess the only question left that remains to be answered then, is what will become of the game once the inevitable day comes that all servers are shut down, regardless of when that may be? Others have asked, will there be some sort of patch when that day comes that will allow people to save their content/progress to their individual consoles/platform? That way, people could at least continue to play the single player challenges, and offline bots. Perhaps, maybe even have them continue to host their own private matches.
  18. Super Ty

    Thursday the 12th Xbox group

    @Thatguyinktown @Risinggrave LOL I appreciate the compliments guys, but I would consider myself to be a decent Jason player, not a great one. I’ve been killed as Jason more than once.
  19. Is anyone else looking forward to this game? There was a similar game like this that came out back in 2003 called Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. It was one of my most beloved games on PC! So naturally, I’m very excited about this one! This could possibly be the game that makes me shelve F13, as I’ve always been a huge JP fan.
  20. Now that we’ve had several weeks of the “new and improved” Part 7, how does everyone feel about the changes? I personally love them. From watching various streams, it seems more people are using him now, and I dare say that I think he’s not the worst Jason in the game anymore. I give that title to Part 4. I’m sure folks will disagree with me, but I personally think giving J7 a normal shift is what makes the difference for me between the two. I can keep the pressure on with that, and now have a chance to stop the car (not happening with J4). Weapon strength is also, so much better for J7 to have than that ridiculous grip strength that he had. It makes him slightly better at managing the counselors ganging up on him than before I find. I do still think only 3 traps is just not enough, which is why I suggested giving him, J4 & J9 a minimum of 4 traps in a different thread. But overall, I’m very happy to see that my favorite looking Jason is finally a viable option IMO.
  21. Only getting 3 traps is a problem IMO. With balance and bugs being the only thing they can work on, hopefully they’ll take another look at how many traps he, J4 and J9 have. @The Wolf with that Toast I agree Part 3 is better, but I also think he’s pretty much the most well rounded Jason in the game. So it’s sort of an apples to oranges thing.
  22. Damn, that’s quite a reach with the spear. Makes sense to use it on him with the weapon damage.