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  1. Happened to me a few nights ago. A part 3 Jason decided to tunnel me for what felt like a good 10–12 minutes. He eventually got me, due to an error I made. During that time, the cops were called and the Jason ended up with 2/8, and promptly left after the match was over lol. Sure it got a bit annoying, but I didn’t complain. I Eventually got my turn as Jason and wrecked shop. I share that story to say that I think weapon strength is fine as is.
  2. I would like to see Camp Crystal Lake counselor T-shirts for all the counselors.
  3. My main thing I hope they do is get rid of either the -shift, or -negative traps. Having both, on top of not being able to run is what has hurt him so bad. If he keeps -traps, I’d like to see him get a normal shift, a +morph and +weapon strength. As @WashingtonJones pointed out, no walking Jason’s have +weapon strength except for Savini, and not everyone has him. He can also keep his water speed as his third strength. Regardless, this news is just as big as anything they’ve announced in quite some time to me. It’s been one of my biggest requests since day one!
  4. Thank you for the update Courier, it is greatly appreciated! Can’t wait!
  5. I would agree with you if people were raising the same concerns about other Jason’s, but they are not. This has been a request since the beta, and again, one that they have already acknowledged they were looking into. If they don’t change him, then so be it. He’ll just go on being unsused by most except for offline bots, which really is a shame. At this point he doesn’t even really need to be in the game. I think it’s time they tell us if they’re going to or not. People have asked long enough.
  6. Personally, I don’t think there’s a need for a “weakest” Jason. Part 7 is the weakest, and as a result, no one ever plays him (other than bots) and most want him changed. He’s just another picture you have to scroll past to get to the Jason you want when selecting. +grip strength is complete garbage, and -shift and -traps is just too much for him to overcome. Especially in private matches with skilled counselors. Replace grip strength with +shift and that alone would at least make him useable.
  7. Exactly. Also, they can change the color of Roys clothes (I’m glad they will), but they can’t make one of the Jason’s more viable? A request that has been made LONG before Roy was even in the game? Come on guys!
  8. We know there won’t be any changes till the update. But, people have been complaining since the beta, and Gun and Illfonic have acknowledged it on more than one occasion. I think it’s past time that they tell us one way or another if they’re going to do anything with him.
  9. Improve Part 7 Jason now!

  10. @[IllFonic]Courier Can you give us an update on this? Has there been a decision one way or another on if anything will be done with J7?
  11. The search function sucks

    @Truth Thanks for the link, gonna read through that thread again. Perhaps when locking a new thread about an already existing topic, they could post the link to the unlocked thread in the one they’re locking. It could save folks a lot of time and frustration. @JPops I did try your suggestion and got better results, so thanks.
  12. The search function sucks

    Since the most recent thread on about J7 was (expectedly) closed, I tried using the search function to find a thread about it. After going through 8 pages, I found one other thread about it. Guess what, that ones locked too. I understand why the admins and mods want people to do this, but it’s kind of a pain in the ass. People shouldn’t have to search through pages upon pages to find ONE thread about a topic. Especially a topic like J7’s horrible stats, which probably has one unlocked thread that was probably started well over a year ago.
  13. I logged out last night after I was done playing, so we’ll see how this method works. @Truth you should sell the spare Xbox.