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  1. Just like Savini Jason on Xbox.
  2. Couldn’t possibly agree more. If it weren’t for the fact that I’ve been a lifelong fan of the F13 franchise, I would have abandoned this colossal turd a long time ago. I hope that if there ever is another game Sean S. Cunningham will give the license to a developer that actually knows how to make a game. And I pray that these hacks never get their hands on another horror franchise. Besides this game, Gun Media and Illfonic will never see a cent from me again.
  3. This should be titled “Illfonics Incompetence.” Just experienced yet another dashboard on Xbox while playing Jason. So damn over this shit.
  4. This in my opinion is the best news I’ve seen for the game in quite some time, even better than any announced dlc. I truly hope that this will be a top priority.
  5. They had cookies, I couldn’t refuse!
  6. I dread being Jason when all of you guys are in the same lobby lol. Easily the best group I’ve played the game with thus far, and include yourself @Alkavian. I need to get back on Xbox and play. I’ve been playing on Steam lately since I got the game for sale on there. Been trying to grind out those levels.
  7. Last night I experienced something I’ve never seen before. I got picked to be Jason (I had J8), and literally everyone left the game except for one person, who was afk. Admittedly, I’ve left in the past after frustration of not being picked for a long time as well, but I’ve never seen anything like that before. I’m aware that far more people want to be Jason than counselor, but I’m becoming more and more of the opinion that people should be able to pick between the two, in the way that Dead by Daylight offers, as it doesn’t seem to be an issue for that game. At the very least, those who wish to be counselor only, and never want to be Jason should have that option. There are folks out there that don’t want to be Jason, and this would give them what they want, and give those who want to be Jason an even better chance of getting him.
  8. No, we do not all agree.
  9. Xbox has its share of assholes too, we’ve all encountered it. But, it doesn’t seem to be as bad on there as it is on PS4. The jury is still out on Steam players for me. I just got it on Steam 3 days ago and so far, so good. The game also functions a hell of a lot better on Steam as well, but that’s for a different post.
  10. I’d be pretty surprised if they drop something on Halloween day. However they have actually managed to roll out everything they promised on the road map to date. Good to see they’re at least on time with that.
  11. Shoot me an invite on Steam. Now that I have it there and Xbox I’ll just alternate between which one has more people on at the time I’m playing.
  12. 8 dots=8 counselors. Multiple images of the dots in the past showed differnt dots (meaning different dots are different counselors) who happen to be the same colors as the marks on Roy’s hockey mask. So...someone is Roy, and everyone else has to figure out who it is, and either defeat/survive or escape him.