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  1. PSN: Voorhees I usually play nights and always have a mic and teamwork.
  2. But looping a killer around upturned pallets is somehow exciting?
  3. There should be a second way to kill Jason. Taken from Friday the 13th 6: Jason Lives There's should be a lengthy chain and a large boulder that is found much like the car/boat parts. The chain should be given to Tommy Jarvis and once the boat is repaired a counselor, with the rock, and Tommy can then go out in the water. Once Jason comes and attacks the boat, Tommy can wrap the chain around his neck via prompts, and then the counselor attaches the chain to the boulder via prompts and releases it into the water, drowning Jason and ending the match. Since trying to get away from the boat is almost a death sentence if Jason discovers you doing it, this could help balance that and give Jason pause before heading out into the water. Thoughts?
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