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  1. It would have been cool to see those maps in the game. But (like the collectable topic) if they aren't going to be in the game, its pointless.
  2. Would have been incredible if this ever actually happened. Would have made for a complete experience. Not quite the same as getting the rehashed "new" maps we got. A new house here or there and the same old stuff arranged a bit differently. As much as people dislike X, at least the map would have offered something unique. The same applies to Lazurus and Manhattan. New weapons(for both Jason and counselors), kills and ways to kill Jason would have definitely been a plus. Of the characters you listed and ones you haven't, I would say Duke, KM, Brodski, Alice, Tina, Reggie, Garris and Ginny would have been ample for the counselor and hero (a female hero was definitely needed) side of things. Outfits for others already in game would have been better than getting some of the less memorable characters you named. Jason X and Pamela would have completed things on the other side of things. I won't even get into the one Jason and map that was promised and never delivered. I guess they want everyone to forget what they said was coming soon in their VC 2.0. A shame to think of what could have been.
  3. Just a shame he is no longer going to be in the game.
  4. You just contradicted yourself. They would have until the end of the month, by that statement.
  5. The only confirmed map (according to VC2.0) is the Grendel ship and who knows when that will come.
  6. I know the Jason seems to be, the ship itself not so much...
  7. This made me laugh a bit...Wishful thinking...They said Grendel was coming soon and that was a while ago. Real curious to know what their definition of soon is.
  8. If they get away from the same old designs with the few variations formula they have been using, a part 6 map would be cool. They could enhance the cemetery, add the 2 kids cabins and so on. I would love to see more variety in maps. My choices would be for the Vorhees mansion, Manhattan, Lazarus, Camp Forest Green, the abandoned camp and a part 7 map. We know the spaceship is coming and that will be very different from these typical maps we have and variety is always good. Hopefully we can see the majority of these maps come to the game before the end of the century.
  9. I know we won't see Freddy. I wouldn't mind seeing the others you mentioned though. Definately liking the idea of a different way to kill each Jason and perhaps a map kill for Jason if they continue making maps. Rob is essentially already in the game, its a puzzle to me why they just don't give him some stats and make him playable.
  10. I would love to see this. Hopefully the game mode topic you made for her replaces the concept of what Paranoia was meant to be, if they want to keep with their old road map and indeed add another online mode.
  11. Definately a yes vote here. I would love to see it get to a point where they could offer counselor scenarios also, perhaps tasks to be completed to escape or kill Jason. Hopefully they add the other game mode for online play, continue to add maps, fixes and more of these challenges to make all aspects of this game enjoyable for some time to come.
  12. I would love to see her added as a female hero counselor. It would be cool to see her back in action with the pitchfork that hangs on the wall in the Packanack Lodge.
  13. I hope they add clothing options like these for Victoria. Clothing options from the movies would be good additions also. Personally I would love to see Shelley's wetsuit, the original counselor uniforms, Junior's outfit for Lachapa not to mention when X finally rolls around these 80's styles aren't going to make much sense.
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