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  1. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Now that would be cool, definitely some intriguing stun Jason possibilities.
  2. I think it should be Ethel's meat cleaver or the machete, or better yet the choice between the 2. What you have suggested should definitely be an environmental kill though. Same with a leather strap and a tree.
  3. Now that's an idea I could get behind, if something like what's suggested here and hopefully does become reality.
  4. Not really on the 1st part, the 2nd obviously. There should be more ways to kill him and it would be cool to see a female hero counselor. You say (unless you are referring to the anyone could do it aspect) he will die every round? I'll respectfully disagree, as I'd imagine there would need to be tasks completed to get to that point in the 1st place. A space map is rumored and the current kill method wouldn't make sense there and variety is never a bad idea. Even with Tommy, pulling off the often suggested Jason Lives kill method wouldn't be easy to pull off if that were ever to happen.
  5. Roy, Pamela and Ralph. Any one of those, no particular order. The 1st 2 obviously as what they were and the 3rd as a warning, his lines alone would make him worthwhile.
  6. Agreed. Also there are other areas to loop in the game, so if that is indeed the reason its a pretty lame excuse for not including that area. I would love to see the barn loft becoming accessible.
  7. Hope he brings his bike and says, You going to Camp Blood? You'll never come back again, its got a death curse. Would love to see him in the game.
  8. No, but I can imagine having a game where a Halloween costume clothing pack DLC finally makes sense...
  9. I love this, as it would definitely make for an awesome game mode. Also agree with whoever suggested that the canoe should be the boat escape method. I would love to see 3 and a half new playable characters in this mode. The one obvious, Ralph, Alice and young Jason (being the half) for the boat kill only. I would like to see Pamela be able to drive her Jeep and also a bicycle as the remaining escape option, rather than the police. 2 seater, 1 canoe, 1 bicycle, no cops. The weapon ideas are perfect and would make for a fun killer. I would definitely love to hear from one of the devs on the possibility of this as a new mode. It would definitely be a refreshing change of pace and a perfect way to put Mrs. Voorhees into the game. I love the ideas Red and yourself have come up with and here's to hoping this can become a thing. I would also hope for 1 new small map exclusive to this mode, the abandoned camp.
  10. Level cap to be 150

    1 can only hope thats it. Coming in 2019, you know what they refer to as Soon.
  11. A signature series weapon should absolutely be universal for all Jasons. Agree with this 100%.
  12. I would like to see Pamela, Roy and the 2 X Jasons before any others are introduced into the game. Barney just doesn't cut it.
  13. Voted yes obviously, as I can't possibly imagine a downside to having a feature like this. I understand the devs for wanting a unique weapon for each Jason. Seeing as they decided to make some kills DLC, I would say it would make more sense to offer at least 1 more unique weapon to each Jason and a 3rd weapon that would be the machete for all Jasons. If they were to do that and charge for extra kills, it should be for a universal weapon for all Jasons.
  14. If Gun Media Made A Halloween Game

    Agreed about the hospital. I was thinking it would have been included in the town map.