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  1. Yah, private match on Xbox. Executed them all besides 1 throwing knife kill lol.
  2. Tons of bodies fly through windows in the movies, I've been saying this since it came out that it should be a feature.
  3. I just got kicked for killing everyone but one in a match lol, most of them kept staying in one area and they talked a lot. Even jumped away and killed someone twice and would come back aha, guess we are supposed to let everyone escape now. Any similar/funny stories?
  4. Since there is so many kills and executions, I think a checklist on the menu should be available to keep track of which executions you have completed and which ones you need to do. I thought I had a decent amount done but was unaware of how many environmental kills there really is, I'm at 3% complete lol it will take forever and is impossible to track yourself
  5. I've been thinking the same thinf, and he should be able to throw them through Windows like the movies lol
  6. I think a vote to kick option would be nice, with 5/8 vote for a kick if the game is full. 2 team kills and it's an automatic kick from game with xp loss or xp penalty.
  7. I've only seen a little bit of the movies until the game came out, but now I'm on part 8 and a few ideas have crossed my mind that i think would be pretty cool in the game, maybe they've been brought up before. I can understand why part 5 Jason isn't in the game, but part 4 would be cool to see as another Jason that can run maybe. Also Jason X would be a cool dlc or something. I'd also like to see a feat where Jason can pick up bodies and toss them in through Windows at counselors, like he does in a bunch of the films, raising the fear lvl of the survivors. The girl from part 7 with powers would be another cool character to call in like Tommy Jarvis with a new way to possibly kill Jason. Any thoughts?
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