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  1. All successful interactions with the killer should feel rewarding, that's what makes a game engaging. A single swing does not come without risk, and every successful hit should feel like you did something good, rather than punished your whole team for shortening the game by another 30 seconds. And, the fact that there might be enough time to kill or escape Jason before he gets rage is completely missing the point, not to mention often false(when the Jasons are competent or when you are playing with new players/strangers, it is very likely that the game will extend beyond the 10 minute mark). It also certainly doesn't account for players who would just go fight Jason and then leave(effectively ruining the game for everyone else who don't even know it happened). I also don't quite understand why you would use the argument of "games can be ended before the 10 minute mark" as an actual defense for this atrocious mechanic. Most people don't really want a 10 minute game. Most players do not want a permanent-invulnerability mode. It removes a lot of the player interactions between survivor/killer that made this game engaging. It makes combat for Jason very one-dimensional and boringly easy. Imagine if you played Dbd and every time you hit the killer with a pallet, one of the generators got disabled permanently. Do you think that would be a fun mechanic for anyone? Do you think anyone would see "just adapt to the new mechanic!" or "just fix enough gens before they are all disabled!" as adequate responses or defenses for this kind of mechanic?
  2. Jason getting permanent invulnerability with rage is still something that should be revised or reverted. It is a horrible mechanic. Either give Jason temporary rage/invulnerability(with decay) or buff him in some other way. Removing player's ability to fight or contest objectives past a certain point in the game, or punishing the entire survivor team for every individual hit players get on Jason, are not healthy mechanics for the game. There should be a sense of reward when a player gets a swing on Jason, not a sense that they are getting screwed out of a late-game because they successfully defended themselves.
  3. Again, you are completely wrong. Not only does morph trapping have nothing to do with trap-blocking objectives(because the morph spots are not directly on the objectives but rather slightly off to the side) but Jason can literally walk into those traps with block to move them if he needs to. Not only that, trap-blocking objectives is also not an exploit but, rather, poor design choices from the developers. This would be an issue for the developers to fix, not players. I think the best one would be to have Jason pick a spot and then have the game pick the closest available spot that is not obstructed by people/objects. This would eliminate "lucky morphs", which result in a free grab for Jason, and this would prevent morph trapping/blocking. They could even take this one step further and add line of sight as a factor as well(spawn jason in a location not currently seen by counselors). Another solution would be to randomize the morph spots but, honestly, this is just as bad as the fixed locations. Morph should be a little bit smarter and a little bit more in-line with the flow/feel of the game/movies.
  4. So would hitting a Jason with a bat that morphs next to you an exploit? Would waiting next to a morph spot while a friend fails his repair check be an exploit? Morphtrapping only requires you to remember a fixed location. That's it. You are literally declaring basic human memory an exploit. It's absurd. The developers chose to make the morph spot fixed locations. That is their mistake. It is as much of an exploit to morph on top of someone for an instant kill than it would be to know that a Jason could morph to a location. Firstly, trapping Jason and hitting him off the map are two very different things. One ends the game for everyone. One is a minor set-back to Jason. Secondly, if there was such a bug, it would 100% be the developers' responsibility to fix it, and clearly wouldn't be intended the way morph spots were. If morph spots were never intended, then the devs would have used a different system for their teleportation.
  5. Not only is it not an exploit(Jpops is either misinformed or unclear on the definition of an exploit) but it does not in any way help anyone "bypass jason traps". Body-blocking is an entirely different subject and has nothing to do with morph trapping.
  6. It's more of a problem when the morph spots are right next to objectives or when you have jasons accidently morphing on people and just grabbing them for a free kill, which really shouldn't happen. The morph system should not even use fixed locations, nor should it be used to morph on top of people under any normal circumstance. It should just look at the spot you clicked on the map and find the closest available spot(not obstructed by objects, buildings or people). That's like saying "if hitting jason with a bat blocks jason from an objective, it's an exploit" or "if trapping a door blocks Jason from walking through the door, it's an exploit". It's ridiculous reasoning. Stop trying to justify really bad mechanics, that are blatant fun killers for anyone that isn't Jason, because they get you free kills.
  7. It might seem that way but, realistically, there are some major issues with the morph spawn system and some objectives/windows will have morph spawns right next to them. If you do not know about these or do not block/trap them, then you are essentially giving Jason a very quick and simple free kill. I have saved myself and team-mates many times, simply by being aware of these spots and being ready to circumvent, trap, hit or block Jason when he comes to defend those objectives. It has also saved me a few times by knowing which paths to avoid in order to not get morphed-grabbed(another mechanic that realistically shouldn't be in the game but, unfortunately, is).
  8. How is morph trapping considered an exploit? All it requires is, literally, the capacity to remember a fixed location for longer than 8 seconds. Goldfish can do this. There are far bigger issues and problem mechanics in this game that are considered "normal". To qualify this video as an "exploit", you would have to consider every Jason that has ever used these morph points as exploiting too. If you are going to fault anyone, you should fault the devs for implementing those morph spots in the first place. I am also seeing a very troubling trend from the moderators of this sub right now. Kodiak also seems to have some very strong personal issues against pappus that are in direct conflict with his ability to moderate this forum impartially.
  9. The game has been hurting itself since launch. People are quitting because there is a major lack of balance in the game, because there are so many game ending bugs in the game and because there are a lot of issues with "intended mechanics" with this game, and because the devs have basically fixed nothing with this game since the start(except, maybe, the problem of counselors being able to back up through walls). Pappus is bringing a lot of value and knowledge to this game, and doing a better job at balancing and enhancing the game than illfonic/gun is.
  10. I bet you every person who is ripping on pappus or this video are the same people who think this game is perfectly balanced or that every cheap mechanic or exploit that benefits Jason is fine because "Jason supposed to be OP".
  11. On pc, it could just be the letter y(next to t), that would allow you to toggle the walkie on/off like you can with the flashlight. That way, you could still talk to people around you without talking to everyone on the map when you want/need to.
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