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  1. Updated. Had some ideas I thought I'd share with you guys regarding a potential future map based on the Grendel from Jason X. 1. Both Jason and Uber Jason could be separate, choose-able skins (also available for play outside of the Grendel), with different advantages and disadvantages. Another option a forum user below suggested be that Uber Jason be an "upgrade" that occurs when Jason enters Rage mode. 2. To minimize how different this map will be required to play, 75-80% of the playable space or so could be set in the holographic recreation of Crystal Lake from the movie, with some peripheral Grendel space-ship areas accessible along the edges of the map. NPC holographic counselors could be an added element (replacing firecrackers, for example) to distract Jason. 3. For this map only, Tommy Jarvis is replaced with the Android "Kay-Em" from Jason X. Like Tommy, she must be the one to deliver the final blow in a coordinated effort to kill Jason. 4. Jason spawns in his hut inside of the Holographic recreation of Crystal Lake, which conveniently recreates his mother's head and sweater as well. 5. Face-shatter contextual kill. Skewer / Spin-out contextual kill in Grendel areas. 6. Cars / Boat replaced by 2 Four-person Escape pods, which require ID card access, Rocket fuel, and power cell (to power ships computer systems). To enhance the challenge, maybe add a 4th needed item - OR - you can make it so you need a unique ID pass per passenger since there would be no "getaway" kill available to Jason. 7. Individuals could either wait for their comrades at the Escape Pods and risk being killed and having the pod disabled, or jettison without everyone aboard. Instead of getaway kills, Jason could instead disable escape pods who are waiting during an audible launch countdown and pry open the doors to snatch the helpless victims inside. 8. Instead of police, the special combat units are deployed at the end, approaching from large sealed exits that (presumably) lead to inaccessible areas of the Grendel and only open at the end of the 5 minute countdown. The combat units don't actually visually show up, and serve the same purpose and result as the Police.
  2. It'd be great if you'd add the original vocal version of "Sail away, Tiny Sparrow" from Friday the 13th. I'd love to hear it blaring in the car while trying to escape. Seems fitting. It was played both in the diner with Steve Christy in Crystal Lake, and in town when Annie was asking for directions. Sail Away, Tiny Sparrow
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