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  1. Its a pity to see a game with such great potential and such an amazing fan base to go down because of some stupid shit. As much as I would love to sit here and say that the devs are gonna release new content in the future when this all blows over, I find it very hard to want to even believe it, let alone say it. Ever since I heard of this game I was one of the people who backed this game and was super excited for it on release, I even stayed up all night just to play the game when my pre-load went thru. When I found out that Uber Jason was going to be in the game along with the Grendel, I shat myself from the amount of hype going through my brain at the moment. It seemed too good to be true, and then it really did become a fantasy after the recent events. I was even looking forward to the paranoia game mode, I was talking to my friends about it trying to think of what it could possibly be. I had a lot of fun playing this game, and as said before its a damn shame what has happened to this game.
  2. For true die hard F13 fans, there should be an additional extra gore option adding a much more grotesque look. (Ex. Organs spilling out onto the floor, eyeballs popping out of the skull and onto the floor and they explode into a small gush of blood when stepped on, bloody footprints, bloodier looking wounds). It would be completely optional free DLC that would keep the base game M rated, but AO rated for the DLC. Thus allowing the base game to be played in various countries and keeps the gore DLC out of the countries with stricter gaming boards. I'm sure many fans would appreciate this and think of it as an excellent idea.
  3. I recall seeing in a kill montage that J3 had a pitchfork and so did J2. J2 with pitchfork: 1:11 J3 with pitchfork: 1:24 J3 with a poker:1:38 J3 with a pickaxe: 1:53 J2 with spear: 2:07
  4. Could we by any chance change the weapon that Jason uses? (EX. J3 with a pitchfork or J6 with a machete)
  5. When did he freeze in fear? Is there a video I didn't watch or something?
  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Hope you all have a great one
  7. I guess being submerged long enough will do that to you. I think the designer for Jason in that film said he wanted to give him an amphibian-ish look.
  8. Looking forward to playing as JGTH Jason, Part 6 Jason, and for some odd reason Part 8 Jason. But in all honesty, the ones showcased so far look amazing.
  9. Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/MelinWizurd/
  10. So I saw this... https://twitter.com/weskeltner/status/800818311533658112and I was wondering if there's going to be a feature like in GTA 5 that if you're running around and bump into something or hit yourself with something you'll go into a ragdoll mode. That would be pretty freakin cool. I could actually imagine running away from Jason and then I get hit by a tree branch or something along the way and I get knocked down or I trip on something in the middle of the way and fall flat on my face giving Jason an even better chance at killing me. Or in the case that he isn't around you could just laugh at yourself for going into ragdoll mode.
  11. Thanks to everyone that welcomed me so far! Looking forward to playing with all of you and talking about the game with all of you as well!
  12. Welcome! Looking forward to helping you escape or bashing your brains in!
  13. Welcome fellow horror fan!
  14. Hey everyone, I'm Joel and I've been a fan of Friday the 13th for a handful of years now. I heard about the game being made back in June and I've been following it ever since. I'm looking forward to play with and against everyone here! Feel free to add me on Steam for when the beta hits and when the full game comes out. You can find my Steam profile @ http://steamcommunity.com/id/MelinWizurd/
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