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  1. Looks like I'll be playing tonight, tomorrow and Monday. I've gotta get back into this whole Friday feel again, I am hyped!
  2. Who's the Final boy?

    I thought we were friends!
  3. I agree, we should get rid of them, but you can't get rid of them as they'll come back. It's a hard battle to fight. But maybe one day we'll see those toxic players put into some cans
  4. Yeah i knew there where three and only knew of the two.
  5. The dog tags only add a cool picture and that's it but my point being regardless if it is just a skin or a character, you missed out on the chance to get it so you just gotta move on and just focuses on what's to come.
  6. Kenny and Eric are the donated characters.
  7. Back before Jason was Nerf I helped protect people as Chad and helped many get away.
  8. This company is a indi company, they needed to bring in some extra cash so they through for a limited time offer to allow those who wanted to buy Savini Jason they could, again your wanting to point out this instead of the clothing and the other backer items you could have bought as well, there is even a sleeve cover that goes over the case and some other items, if I remember there is even a vinyl record that you can get if you backed the game, there are a lof of backer only items and yes this is a in game item but your still over looking the many other items that you could have gotten if you paid money for them when they were still asking for funding on kickstarter and then on that backit thingy. I understand your point that items shouldn't be exclusive however there are many exclusive items that @NthnButAGoodTime there are items out there that companies will use to try and make money. In this case they wanted to make some many to get this game out to the players. Since it's been out it's been buggy and crazy but it still has a chance to be fixed and back to working and being fun again. You can sit and say this discussion isn't over but it really is, you missed out on a lot of things they offered and now you just play the game and wait to see what the future holds. Also my brother pointed this out to me, if you played the beta for Battlefield 1 you got a dog tag for playing the beta. If you picked up the game now you don't get that dog tag unless you were around during the beta. Are you upset about not getting that?
  9. Tasteful holiday celebrations

    I wouldn't mind seeing Jason with a Santa hat on
  10. This was to help fund the game, this was to help them make a little more cash so they can work on the game unlike EA who (Was in the money till they lost 3 Billion) rolling in cash and could easily make a great game without any tie on's but they do. I did my research and I wanted to help fund the game when it was on kickstarter but missed my chance. If you focus on items that are just pre-order stuff then you'll never have fun, the game can be fun without it, I remember before the leak on PS4 having a blast playing the game, I still have a blast playing. Last night I got into a match with a friend and played it and had a lot of fun playing even with the issues with the game. You don't need something like this to have fun. Battlefront 2 has two pre-order skins, I bought the normal one while my brother bought the $80 one and he said the skins aren't that great, Rey looks okay but Kylo, eh he needs his mask back on. I understand you don't support this idea but to me it's not like you need this item to have fun playing the game. You can still have fun without it. As for paid DLC I believe alone future Jason's are paid for while maps will always be free. Don't quote me on this but this is what I remember hearing. So you can spend your money as you please but this whole thing about Savini should be done with, they have the man who made the skin who can come up with many more waaaaay better ideas and skins for Jason. I look more for the future of their maps and Jason's then what's in the past (Still want the Backer clothes but eh I missed my chance) just move on and play the game.
  11. I'm on PS4 and I just played a match with a friend of mine and it was fun, tho had a few people freaking out over Savini Jason lol Guess a lot of players on PS4 might have stopped playing
  12. Exclusive items are always gonna be around, just because you didn't jump at the chance to get it or it's something you find out after. Yes is this type of thing that is stupid yes but it's not a pay to win item like what EA is doing, this item was given to the backers who helped fund the game or to those who saw it on their page and just paid for that. If you wanna get all over Savini Jason as being unfair to have or unfair practice why not complain about the backers only clothes for the campers? I see no one and I mean no one complain about owning that. Hell if you are a backer you get other items if you paid for it like a hard copy for PC with items only that PC user will have because those who didn't buy the disc at the right time can't get those items. You can get the bloody Jason skin and clothes on PS4 and Xbox. PC users have to wait for their digital ones. You do have the right to boycott the game for having items locked to you but I'm gonna defend the backers on this, this items as cool as it is belongs to them, they risked money for a game that could have left and took the money and they would have had been ripped off. EA and bigger companies we don't have to pre-order items since those items can be unlocked later down the road as they can be timed. So to those here who backed the game, they risked a lot more then us risking $60 on a game. This items honestly is done with, Xbox users got it for free and PS4 players paid $6 when it was out for a limited time by mistake. We won't be seeing this item out at all and it's something everyone has to live with, I myself wish I got the clothes the backers got (Some say it's not worth it but I like the outfits) But it is what it is. It's time we just move on from this and focus on future content, there are more Jason's and maps and modes coming soon, we need to focus on those then on Savini Jason.
  13. Do you still play the game?

    I've taken a break till the newest update has come out. Just isn't as fun as it was at the start, but I might hope back on again sometime this week,.
  14. Jeez, we do need these, I haven't been on for awhile *Cough* Star wars and Assassin's creed *Cough* But when they do put out a new update and fix some things I'll be back on
  15. She hated the baby sister because of no Sega, always cracks me up this movie xD
  16. He just tapped it, he said if you held it then you'll trigger the wheel.
  17. It's not game breaking, my brother and I tested this out today and he could use the sweater just fine. We both are on PS4.
  18. I don't mind that Part 4 gets some kills, all the Jason's deserve some new kills. I'm still buying the kills because they are some pretty cool kills, I just feel buy adding only 3 kills for one Jason was odd, everyone plays different Jason's and only having Part 4 get new kills this early on is just odd, that's all my issue is, why didn't this pack come with three new kills for all Jason's? To me this was just odd, still the kills are cool and I'm happy to see them be brought into the game along with new kills in game like the knife kill and the pot kill and the screw driver kill. No one will ever be happy but I'm not freaking out angry that only Part 4 only got kills, just odd why he was first and not all Jason's didn't get a pack.
  19. I hope all Jason's can get a santa hat!
  20. Halloween Costumes!

    I am a fan of the movies, I own the box set and have sat down and watched them from one to eight. Yes the details of everything has gone into this game, a lot of things fit just like in the movies but you forget one thing, part 3, we have one person bring Jason his mask, we have Tommy who made masks and in part 2 we had a guy run up in a fur cloth with a spear and a mask and in part 1 we had a guy dressed in a Indian costume. So if these small items rustles your jimmies then you might wanna take a look back at the movies. This is a game, these are items that will be used for awhile till players move onto the next clothing pack. Plus there are a lot of people playing the same characters, might break you out of your fun zone there, oh and let's not forget those people who play Jason and actually talk with you. So saying it takes you out of the game, you must be taken out of the game all the time. Those talking Jason's, the same character's all in a game, oh look three AJ's! They must all be related, oh a whole lobby full of Chads.... crap. Oh look Savini Jason! Wait he wasn't in any of the movies, well that takes me out of the game right there.
  21. Halloween Costumes!

    Do you play Overwatch? Because right now you can get Halloween themed skins and use them all the time even after Halloween, does that ruin a shooting game? No. Does this ruin Friday the 13th? No it's a horror movie, if the movie Halloween didn't have kids and pumpkins or even kids in costumes the movie wouldn't have been so spooky in it's theme. Friday is about a killer coming back from the dead or if your not a fan of the zombie Jason's then Jason killing teenagers at a camp or a house. The costumes don't ruin the game, to me it adds something for players to wear because hey! Everyone gets drunk go to a party and have crazy wild sex and then you have Jason trying to kill you. If you feel they ruin the game then find players who don't like using the costumes or even the swimwear. It's not a game breaking thing, ooo some players are wearing some halloween costumes! Oh no, someone please remove these because it doesn't make me feel I'm in the game. I think Jason should get some goofy items, I wouldn't mind seeing Jason in a Santa hat for Christmas with a axe in his hand and a snow map and blood soaked snow, it's a game, everyone likes to have fun playing a game that's why it's called a game it's not gonna be anything like the movies, you have items missing from a car, the phone fuse is gone and for some reason the gas cans have taken the gas away from the car or someone took the time to take the boat apart. Plus if they did the temporary skin event then people who paid $1.99 for those skins can't use them till October? That's stupid, people will switch after awhile of playing because people switch outfits, this isn't a cartoon where everyone wears the same set of clothes all the time.
  22. Halloween Costumes!

    It think it's all fine. It doesn't ruin anything for me.
  23. I just have the issue it's just for one Jason and not all. We've seen some cool kills in the mocap and all we get is Part 4 Jason kills? I just find that odd.