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  1. Combing the player base with crossplay will keep the game alive much longer
  2. With Sony allowing crossplay to all platform could we see xbox players playing with ps4 players? @mattshotcha https://twitter.com/IGN/status/1179388327306375168
  3. No I got the right person. If Kodiak played the game like he claims he would see people dancing no matter what since emotes were placed in and there are still so many issued needing fixing, party is still broken, hosts still control lobbies and there are hackers on PC and no Dedicated servers for consoles. So my comment was directed towards the right person.
  4. I give this film a 2 out of 10. Need better voice work. Pam should have been voiced by a woman. The setup is weird and there isn't a plot. Over all it's a 2 out of 10.
  5. It is a smart move on DBD team to get as many people on. The game is free to PSPlus members but not the DLC's that come with it. So players playing will play maybe enjoy themselves and buy the DLC's that come. This keeps them going making new content and keeping players on their game. F13 while I enjoy more is dying slowly, PC I've seen go down pretty far while Xbox and PS4 are still going but that will soon end, no new content will be the down fall of this game. Soon enough this game will be done and the DEVS will move on from it. It's a sad fate this game had to die in a slow way.
  6. Easy, they take the codes and place them inside the system. It's not rocket science
  7. Yeah, your still buying the bundle, it's not free. If it was free it would be sent to us for free without charge
  8. Your still paying for the poster. Anything in a edition adds to the pricing for the item. If they were free then they should be just giving them to people without having to buy the edition they are gonna sell to us.
  9. It looks a lot different then the one they are showing off in the picture for the game. Yes the poster could be free but I doubt it. Yeah backers can get theirs that is fine, they paid for it already so they have to give it to them. However the mask and posters are being sold with this bundle, tho only one of the posters we've seen. That doesn't make sense to me, if they can sell this why can't the artbook and soundtrack be sold?
  10. I will state this, I do not have a hate boner for the devs or Gun. I just want things cleared up. If the lawsuit has put a stop to a lot of things and the artbook and soundtrack can't be sold to the public how come this can? Both were planned but one isn't being sold because of the lawsuit while the other can fly under the radar? A poster is one thing as it's just a poster but that is art right there and can be put into the artbook, the mask is just a mask you can buy anywhere really, yet that is being made for this. Soundtrack is just music and is apart of the game regardless of the lawsuit as it's been added to the game and just needs to be put on a disc. Won't be hard to make and sell those easily.
  11. But the artbook and soundtrack falls under merchandise and wes has stated they couldn't sell those to anyone outside of the Kickstarter because of the lawsuit. Again how can they sell this and not the artbook and soundtrack. Wes said because of the lawsuit they can't sell it. So how can they get away with this? If the lawsuit keeps them from selling merchandise then this shouldn't be sold at all because it's new merchandise made by them and that would go against the lawsuit
  12. My issue with all of this is the fact they can sell this but not Uber or anything else that was promised, this is indeed new content they are adding. They told people asking about the Artbook and soundtrack if they could buy it and they were told they couldn't because it would be new content. Wes himself told people this, how can they sell this and not the Art book and soundtrack as well? This has a poster and a mask you can buy.
  13. The backers can get those but Wes told people who were asking if they could buy these later down the road were told no. They couldn't release these to the public. So how come they can release these to the public and not the Art book and soundtrack then?
  14. So they can make this and ship it out to everyone but they can't release new content? Isn't this new content? Wes stated on Twitter they wouldn't release the art book and soundtrack to people because it was content and they weren't allowed to do that. But this is fine to sell? I call bull.
  15. I'm still gonna be playing the game once in awhile. Right now life is going crazy lol But I'm keeping my head up. But I'll say you said hi.
  16. Fixed it my loyal general. I'll still be around but not a lot. The winds are changing and the king of Chads gonna make sure his speedo doesn't get wet. One day the King will return to bring the Chad army and bring back the forums to the people!
  17. To all I'll miss you all! Thank you for your kind words @Evil I ain't running. Can't run when dead
  18. Come join us in the afterlife @BrokenFattHardy
  19. Well this is my goodbye. I’ve seen the forums take a shift and have seen what people have been doing. The game was fun, what’s funny is this my first time ever being a part of a community. I’ve met some many people and enjoyed my time with the forums and the people here. @AldermachXI @bewareofbears @BrokenFattHardy @AdmiralJT @PlayerAgainstTheMachine @RexfellisIf I miss anyone sorry! You’ll still be able to see me around but I’ll be less and less on the forums as time goes on. However these are now dark times. The forums are changing and it’s sad. This game brought a lot of people together and it’s a shame the Devs didn’t work with the community to better the game and work with us. I won’t cuss out the devs, I’m not gonna put blame on the mods but what I wanna do is say to those who are gonna stay and continue to try and seek the truth good luck! To those wanting to still find me, I have my Twitch which I’ll link to and my Twitter. https://www.twitch.tv/ghostboy20 https://twitter.com/ghostboy20?lang=en Before I go, as King of the Chads and the gif guy around here I’ll leave you with a gif and a Chad. It’s been an honor, Godspeed to you all!
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