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  1. Whenever I play people are always wanting me to be as they call it hell Jason all the time, they want to see his kills and even see how he plays. I've never seen people call other's pay to win and such yet, I'm sure with the new kids playing the game you'll get these salty players.
  2. I just made this

    You know this just feeds them more knowing they just got under your skin right?
  3. I just made this

    That's a spino, T-rex has the tiny hands while the spino has the fin on it's back.
  4. I just made this

    Eh I like this one better
  5. Oh look, you used my picture
  6. Emotes need to go

    All I have to say, things could be worse. You could have this as a Jason emote
  7. Emotes need to go

    I've just stopped playing till they update the game. I played the VC 2.0 but that was about it, each game I go into is just crazy.
  8. Emotes need to go

    I'm on PS4 and I can confirm it is full of kids.
  9. I don't know where you have the numbers but PS4 has a lot of players who bought the game. As for Crossplay, Xbox maybe but PS4 will never get that :/
  10. Emotes need to go

    At least Jason isn't tossing a dead corps onto the table cutting them open and getting cards.
  11. Where is everybody from...

    I'm from Northern Illinois but I'm living in the southern part now.
  12. Upcoming patch notes

    Next patch Jason is going to be frozen in place so it's easier for the players to kill Jason
  13. Seperate forums

    Or we can all be together or you could find English players and play with them.
  14. I think your wrong, they keep saying it's not for sale, the leaks were on Xbox and Sony not Gun.