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  1. Ghostboy20

    The End

    It will be a shame, We'll miss you @bewareofbears I'll send you off with a sweet moment from one my favorite movie
  2. Ghostboy20

    We're Still Here

    I still love this game, with all the bugs and issues we've all been thought we as a community have had our ups and downs but we've all shared our love for this game. I'll still be here! With my boy Chad! To all here on the forums, see you around the camp!
  3. Guys! Chad will handle Victor! He'll send him to the shadow realms!
  4. Ghostboy20

    We're Still Here

    I'm 100% not kidding but this song fits us all. I'll still be here playing the game!
  5. They were sooo salty lol "Oh you got me good job." You could taste the salt off how he said that so annoyed
  6. Oh yeah that was funny lol They didn't see you coming
  7. Ghostboy20


    This was awhile back lol It was a weird glitch
  8. Ghostboy20


    I mean the wrench is new but that's nothing to the axe
  9. Alright you sons of biscuits! Out of all you 10 people who voted for Chad I'm coming for you all!
  10. It's saving your data kid They are using this as a icon, it means your game is saving
  11. Ghostboy20

    Come on guys

    Even offline mode has it's issues lol Why does all the A.I bots have knifes on them when they spawn? I spawn right at a house saw Chad just standing there (I'm playing on hard) he's not moving and I grab him and he has a knife, how in the world did he have a knife when he hasn't went into the house?