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  1. He just tapped it, he said if you held it then you'll trigger the wheel.
  2. It's not game breaking, my brother and I tested this out today and he could use the sweater just fine. We both are on PS4.
  3. I don't mind that Part 4 gets some kills, all the Jason's deserve some new kills. I'm still buying the kills because they are some pretty cool kills, I just feel buy adding only 3 kills for one Jason was odd, everyone plays different Jason's and only having Part 4 get new kills this early on is just odd, that's all my issue is, why didn't this pack come with three new kills for all Jason's? To me this was just odd, still the kills are cool and I'm happy to see them be brought into the game along with new kills in game like the knife kill and the pot kill and the screw driver kill. No one will ever be happy but I'm not freaking out angry that only Part 4 only got kills, just odd why he was first and not all Jason's didn't get a pack.
  4. I hope all Jason's can get a santa hat!
  5. I am a fan of the movies, I own the box set and have sat down and watched them from one to eight. Yes the details of everything has gone into this game, a lot of things fit just like in the movies but you forget one thing, part 3, we have one person bring Jason his mask, we have Tommy who made masks and in part 2 we had a guy run up in a fur cloth with a spear and a mask and in part 1 we had a guy dressed in a Indian costume. So if these small items rustles your jimmies then you might wanna take a look back at the movies. This is a game, these are items that will be used for awhile till players move onto the next clothing pack. Plus there are a lot of people playing the same characters, might break you out of your fun zone there, oh and let's not forget those people who play Jason and actually talk with you. So saying it takes you out of the game, you must be taken out of the game all the time. Those talking Jason's, the same character's all in a game, oh look three AJ's! They must all be related, oh a whole lobby full of Chads.... crap. Oh look Savini Jason! Wait he wasn't in any of the movies, well that takes me out of the game right there.
  6. Do you play Overwatch? Because right now you can get Halloween themed skins and use them all the time even after Halloween, does that ruin a shooting game? No. Does this ruin Friday the 13th? No it's a horror movie, if the movie Halloween didn't have kids and pumpkins or even kids in costumes the movie wouldn't have been so spooky in it's theme. Friday is about a killer coming back from the dead or if your not a fan of the zombie Jason's then Jason killing teenagers at a camp or a house. The costumes don't ruin the game, to me it adds something for players to wear because hey! Everyone gets drunk go to a party and have crazy wild sex and then you have Jason trying to kill you. If you feel they ruin the game then find players who don't like using the costumes or even the swimwear. It's not a game breaking thing, ooo some players are wearing some halloween costumes! Oh no, someone please remove these because it doesn't make me feel I'm in the game. I think Jason should get some goofy items, I wouldn't mind seeing Jason in a Santa hat for Christmas with a axe in his hand and a snow map and blood soaked snow, it's a game, everyone likes to have fun playing a game that's why it's called a game it's not gonna be anything like the movies, you have items missing from a car, the phone fuse is gone and for some reason the gas cans have taken the gas away from the car or someone took the time to take the boat apart. Plus if they did the temporary skin event then people who paid $1.99 for those skins can't use them till October? That's stupid, people will switch after awhile of playing because people switch outfits, this isn't a cartoon where everyone wears the same set of clothes all the time.
  7. It think it's all fine. It doesn't ruin anything for me.
  8. I just have the issue it's just for one Jason and not all. We've seen some cool kills in the mocap and all we get is Part 4 Jason kills? I just find that odd.
  9. Xbox has it live wounder how long till PC and PS4 get it
  10. Just replace egg salad with salt
  11. Here you go all the 5 new kills
  12. A fix is on the way for PS4 soon. It's up to sony right now if it will go through
  13. Now where is the item I asked for?
  14. I can still use the kills that are checked, but yeah no, I won't even go back to choking people. Their faces don't even turn purple!
  15. Yup, I've already reported this. Just don't de-equip things and you'll be fine till they fix this