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  1. After owning the game for a month, I got a refund from Xbox support this morning. No problem. Even though - as the helpdesk guy said - 'all purchases are final and non returnable', after 2-3 minutes of him consulting 'materials' (his words) I got my money back. Does that really sound like a fix for XB1 is on the way? There's no single player coming. Maybe a new map. No physical copy. No backer rewards. I see you can get the Savini skin for £5.00 now on eBay - remember when it was going for £250? What an absolutely shocking episode this has been. Surprised the media hasn't been on this more. Anyway, good luck to all who remain...
  2. Ah. Well. Went online last night. Couldn't get a quick play match at all. The first time is was searching for sessions it crashed, the following 5 times it just searched forever. So I joined a club and did a private match, which was awesome. But then it crashed after about four minutes What i did manage to play was fun - the look, the feel, the music... It's all good!! And hiding under a bed was pretty tense while Jason as outside the cabin. So cool! I gather there is a patch for XB1 coming tomorrow? I hope this fixes the server problem, because i really want to play. I won't be looking for a refund or complaining - I'll just quietly sit here and hope...
  3. Well, thanks guys. Seriously, all of your comments are incredibly helpful. I've gone ahead and bought it!! Just waiting for it to download. The fact it's a F13 game was enough to sway me - and hopefully any forthcoming patches will iron out any problems. Once again, thanks for your time!
  4. OK, real talk. Big,big fan of F13 and gaming in general. I've been keeping an eye on events since release day, and despite all the grief and issues my hand is still hovering over the 'buy' button on Xbox Live. I got burned before with No Man's Sky. I heard all the crap and still bought it - and in that case the complaints were valid. I played about 3 hours and never touched it again.I love an underdog, what can i say. I've been watching streams of this, reading all the stuff going on... So. On XB1. Should I get it? I'd love to hear everyone's opinion on it. Thanks. ,
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