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  1. I mean, you are a teenage counselor, not a bat. So it's only fair that running around at midnight in the middle of the woods not near any light sources could cause some problems. . .
  2. We don't need more ways to play as counselor. If you want to play as counselor, just play online where you're forced to play as counselors 90% of the matches you play. 99% of the time if you set your preference to "counselor". If anything, Gunmedia should work on improving the counselor gameplay by making the characters more diverse from each other, and not slightly altered / worse or better clones.
  3. People complaining any of these abilities would be "imbalanced" really don't understand how F13 works. . .
  4. A year later and I'm still waiting for a game mode to come out that's something similar to this. . . ?
  5. Been saying since day one that: - Stalk is a joke and horribly executed. It should be Jason's most proficient and active ability, not the one with the least impact. (having Stalk unlock before sense and becoming a permanent passive would be a great direction for starters. I don't understand why this hasn't happened yet) - Shift and Sense are some of the most lazy and poorly designed Jason abilities. (Shift should disable any Jason actions like grabbing or attacking for three seconds after he appears out of it. Sense shouldn't reveal exactly where any counselors are unless they're in full stage of fear) - Counselors jogging outside Jason's grasp for minutes on end is one of the silliest and most repetitive things I've ever seen. (To address this the fear mechanic needs to be severely revamped to penalize those who want to hang around Jason rather than flee. Or the alternate could be giving Jason a speed boost in small increments over time when he is chasing a specific counselor like how Laphin said) Counselors shrieking at the top of their lungs when they see Jason a mile away in STALK through the corner of their eye still hasn't been fixed yet and we're approaching a year into the game... I don't know what to say at this point.
  6. This game should of had a rank mode from the start. F13 has absolutely terrible barebones game modes with no real substance in any of them. There's no longevity to a game or community building without a proper rank feature. It's almost 2019, get with the times. Multiplayer games are not going to grow and keep players in if the players don't have a reason to continue playing and striving for something. Take a look at all the most popular multiplayer online games and you will see what I mean. No rank mode = most of the hardcore players for your game get bored and eventually move on to another game worth leveling up their skills in.
  7. So you're implying these abilities would some how make counselors unkillable? Because other than that I don't see the point of your argument. Also Jason has an instant kill, it's called grab. Try it. It kills a counselor instantly and it out ranges any of the counselor melee attacks.
  8. No. Explain how perks make counselors feel unique and different when all counselors can equip any of the same perks... This is one of the dumbest arguments I've read in this thread for people that are against counselor abilities and more depth.
  9. ... This happens daily in Quick Play. Sorry, but it's true. Too many casual players out there and people who play for fun. Time to accept it and move on. "Balance" is pointless and moot when it comes to casuals playing games for fun.
  10. I could literally sign on F13 right now, play some games with Jason Part 7 and probably lobby wipe in Quick Play. The casuals players out number the competitive players in a 9:1 ratio. That means for every ONE competitive player you run across, there will be 10 more casual players you run into. Now you do the math for little Timmy who is playing a bunch of Quick Play matches for fun each week... He's more likely to have fun and a blast playing in Quick Play with Part 7 than he will running into try hard competitive parties in Quick Play. And even if he does, they happen once in a blue moon. It wouldn't happen literally every other game of Quick Play search. You are SEVERELY understanding the huge casual appeal this game has and the amount of players who just play F13 for purely fun with their friends and nothing more. I'm literally watching a streamer on twitch RIGHT NOW lobby wipe with a Part 7 Jason in Quick Play! Come on, dude.
  11. Dude, do you not read the forums here? There's countless of casuals that say they win matches in Quick Play using Jason Part 7 and never run into any trouble or struggle. Stop. Little Timmy has a WAY HIGHER chance of running into other casuals who are playing the game for fun than running into a super small minority "meta competitive players".
  12. There's no such thing as too weak for casual play. What? That makes no sense. You could theoretically have Jason Part 7 be SO WEAK that he has a 0% win rate at the highest level vs a team of counselors that know how to play. Little Timmy who just bought F13 and wants to play his favorite character which happens to be Jason Part 7 DOESN'T CARE how balanced his choice of character is. He just wants to play and have fun. This is the same thought process of how 95% of people that play any video games do. Look at the low tiers in Smash Brothers, DotA, etc. some of these characters are just fundamentally bad or too niche heavy as situational picks that they have NO PLACE in the competitive scene. But guess what happens when you play Quick Play and casual matches on the internet? You run into thousands of players that use these characters because they don't care and are playing the game for fun. Do you understand now? Literally it made no sense for Gunmedia to try to balance Jason Part 7 or any counselor in this game when 95% of the player base strictly plays for fun in non-competitive settings.
  13. Yeah, obviously. It's always the mass that does not care about competitive gaming and 80% of people that play games never play one competitive match in their life or care to. It's just so odd that Gunmedia would try and balance Part 7 Jason. Like who cares if Part 7 Jason was competitively weak? Most of the player base is not playing this game competitively, and most people just play strictly for fun as a casual gamer. The trying to balance Part 7 Jason literally has no affect on sales and it was one of the most pointless decisions they could of made. Games that receive "balance" updates are usually games with competitive scenes and the developers want all characters to shine and be overally balanced. I just feel it was completely out of place for Gunmedia to try and pull that narrative here.
  14. Balance has nothing to do with something being "competitive" or not. Welcome to the harsh reality of video games since the dawn of time. There's always going to be overpowered strategies or characters that are better than others. It is what it is. Go watch any fighting game tournament season recap of characters used, and you will see the same repeating offenders plague the statistics. Luckily F13 has such a small pool of competitive players, because the balance in this game is pretty atrocious. And I'm not even talking strictly of the balance of 7 smart counselors vs 1 smart Jason, I'm also referring to the balance between the select-able counselors and Jasons. At least Gunmedia has a small starting point with remaking Part 7, but they have a long way to go if they want this game to be competitively "balanced".
  15. No. A lot of people who play F13 are just playing for fun and not competitive. If all these people were really playing "competitive" you wouldn't see mass amounts of Jason Part 7 in Quick Play games or a bunch of non-vanessa / chad / fox / etc. meta counselors. Also you need the right amount of counselor meta perks equips, and so on. And yes, competitive F13 matches only happen in private games. QP is never competitive and more about having fun, and running any play style or tactic you want. Stop saying "more serious fighting games". What games are you even trying to say when you refer to that? Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, DragonBall Fighter Z? Because those fighting games have laughable execution and depth when it comes to a game like Super Smash Bros. Melee. Which by the way, is the longest surviving competing fighting game ever created. Smash Melee was released in 2001 and even TODAY is still more alive than ever, has insane amounts of competition, players, viewers, and etc. No fighting game rivals Smash Melee when it comes to longevity. And who cares if F13 has RNG elements. A lot of fighting games have RNG elements if you played them at a high level. Look at Peach Down+B in Smash, it has RNG chance to randomly pull out things like Bob-ombs, Lightsaber Sword, Stitch Face, etc. Getting any of these items can dramatically change the outcome or a match up in instantly. And it is completely random. Mr. Game & Watch Forward+B is also an RNG finisher attack, and many other characters have "RNG" moves that rely on pure luck and chance. At the end of the day, the better player(s) will most likely still win. Consistency and skill always triumphs "RNG" in any game. It's been proven in time and time again.
  16. No one is going to take it seriously over other fighting games because of all those rules? Do you even watch all the big FGC tournaments on Twitch or Youtube? Smash is like one of the biggest competitive FG games around. The only game bigger is probably Street Fighter but that's it. Smash gets over 1000 entrants at tourneys and is extremely big regardless of all the "rules" they have and it being a "party" game. Go do some research and learn how big the competitive scene of Smash is for fighting games before you say silly things like "nobody is going to take it seriously or compare it to other fighting games". It's literally the second biggest Fighting Game competitive community.
  17. People really think a simple game like F13 can't be competitive when there's been other games like Left 4 Dead, Evolve, and hell, even party games like SMASH BROTHERS are and have been competitive? News flash, a game just needs players on both sides to be competitive for it to be "competitive". Find a competitive Jason player that wants to win and knows what they're doing and how to play. Now find a team of competitive counselors that want to win and know what they're doing. Whu-lah! You just now created a competitive match where both sides want to win and best each other. Have fun... Stop. Go watch those competitive tournament Super Smash Bros matches where the balance is a joke and you usually see the same consistent "meta" characters. Also stages are always severely different from one another and not the same.
  18. People really think a simple game like F13 can't be competitive when there's been other games like Left 4 Dead, Evolve, and hell, even party games like SMASH BROTHERS are and have been competitive? News flash, a game just needs players on both sides to be competitive for it to be "competitive". Find a competitive Jason player that wants to win and knows what they're doing and how to play. Now find a team of competitive counselors that want to win and know what they're doing. Whu-lah! You just now created a competitive match where both sides want to win and best each other. Have fun...
  19. I agree. It helps her luck is high which will make her good against Jason especially when she has the sweater.
  20. How does that even make sense? It's about giving counselors what they deserved since day one of the game and making them stand out more as completely individual and unique characters far more than just "numerical stats". The main experience of this game is playing as counselor, and it's the majority of experience anyone who loads up F13 will have to go through. There's no reason why counselor gameplay should remain as shallow and not as diverse with depth as it currently is.
  21. OP updated to include the ability of the new counselor just announced today: VICTORIA STERLING: Victoria - Privileged - Victoria enters and exists any of the passenger seats to a vehicle (cars or boat) 50% faster than all other counselors.
  22. It is in fact poorly programmed. There is no reason why Jason should be completely invincible and immune to any kind of interaction from the counselors because he is in "water". There is no reason why when there are two counselors together in the water and Jason decides to grab one, the other counselor can't free out the victim from Jason's grasp or do anything to help. There is no reason why water needs to behave as such a one dimensional god-mode barrier in this game, and it is in no way cannon to the films whatsoever. There should be more depth to the water that includes more strategies, items, weapons, and etc. that function in water or are water-specific. The water mechanics are lazily executed in this game and the developers certainly did not intend Jason to run away and hide in god-shielding water that not even the mighty-zues, Superman, or Goku could penetrate.
  23. As title says, it's very poorly programmed and a terrible game mechanic to have Jason basically become fully "INVINCIBLE" and immune to any kind of damage or way of killing him just because he goes in water. There should be a way of damaging or killing Jason while he is submerged in water. Hell, Tommy even does it in the movie. I would add items and things on the map like life vests that counselors can pick up and they would essentially work like a pocket knife if Jason grabs you in water. It would stun and damage him. Shotguns should also be able to hit and damage Jason in the water. I hope the next update introduces new ways to damage or kill Jason in the water. It's desperately needed and would make F13 much more fun.
  24. How many hours of Friday The 13th: The Game do you play a day? I play at least two hours a day.
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