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  1. Same here, this week is as follows: Turn on PS4 Start Game Wait to Join Game Wait Until Game Starts Get kicked by Connection Issue Now your level is 0, so you need to restart your PS4 Rinse and Repeat Can't even get one game to finish properly, Come on Gun!
  2. I agree with post above for an AI Jason. Please, Please, Please make one. When I heard about offline bots, that's what I was originally hoping for: Being able to play as a Councillor without having to deal with connection issues, people cheating / quitting early, etc. Please put an offline AI Jason on the future DLC road map!
  3. Same things here, come on Gun, why did the game become as bad as it was the first couple weeks out of nowhere?
  4. Is it just me, or has there been rain in almost every match since dynamic weather was introduced?
  5. Normally right after an update, the game is unplayable for a few days (constant crashing, etc.) but what was changed this week? The game has been fine up until Monday or Tuesday, and has since been crashing / errors/ connection issues like crazy! Plus, because when the game crashes, it resets your level to 0 (brilliant move Gun), you have to keep restarting your console to try to play again. WTF?!
  6. Also, why not have a rotating host, each match, whoever is Jason is the host. Might cut down on people quitting early.
  7. Another Idea: After a councilor dies, no more spectate players, they can spectate Jason only.
  8. Thank you guys, some players showing maturity over the million squeaker kids cheating every match. BTW, how to so many squeaker kids have this game?!
  9. So, for the questions above, I bought a PS4 just to play this game (after watching the closed beta), so I don't have enough friends with a PS4 and this game to play private matches, so I only play quick play matches right now. What do I consider cheating: Glitching, of course is cheating, but all I was referring to in this thread is Jason helping, which I definitely consider cheating. What percentage of games do I encounter cheating in? Let's put it this way: I just now powered up my PS4 and in my first game of the night a carload of people drove right to the cabin I was hiding in (not on a road, on a trail), with Jason and another guy running along and ran me over while Jason sat their with them. Also I always play a stealthy character and in 90% of games where people play fair, I'm the last one standing. So I see it a lot. Also, why is there no in game REPORT PLAYER? Where anyone could send a video of the last ten minutes in which they played (just like the PS4 error reporting)?
  10. Of course they should, but that won't stop the Jason helping cheaters.
  11. #1 Tough shit. #2 It will still cut down on cheating A LOT, as you make it as difficult as possible for people to do so. Just because you "love scaring the crap out of them" isn't good enough a reason to ruin a LARGE percentage of matches for people. And that's no reason why they (quote) "won't work."
  12. Getting this too, right now, wish someone posted a fix! (Restarted both the game and PS4)
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