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  1. The wiggle bar is only useful if you're outside and you have a creative Jason that wants a good environmental kill but it's a little bit of a walk for him to get to it. LOL If the bat IS indeed supposed to stun 100% of the time, and using Vanessa and Brandon you have the strength and stamina advantages, this reinforces the case that there should only be 1 type of each character allowed per match. People are also complaining now about the stun duration being "nerfed", when they put it back to the way that it was. I am curious to hear from the devs what their playtesting matches are like. What are the numbers of kills to escapes and such and how do they finally look and say "There, that's balanced!"
  2. Fair use of traps?

    If I am ever Jason i am going to try to "think outside the box" when it comes to setting traps. I really wish that you could lay one in the road somewhere so that if the car drives over it the trap stops it for a little bit. Would surprise the fuck out of people LOL
  3. Fair use of traps?

    I hear that. I play as La Chappa and all i am out for is to help others. I always get killed if someone double traps something, and a lot of times people think I'm being a dick if I ask them to take out the traps on something so that I can repair it. Just because people are using the meathead jock character doesn't mean they have to role play it. LOL I'm like "Help ME, help YOU!"
  4. Fair use of traps?

    Oh I agree that far too many people escape and they see it almost as if they "failed" the game if they get killed. I disagree. I think failing as a counsellor just means you played like an asshat. Getting killed is supposed to happen the majority of the time because it's FRIDAY THE 13TH. LOL Glad a bunch of people chimed in with their opinions!
  5. Fair use of traps?

    Yeah it's weird. When the game first started people were using single traps. Then they started double trapping and people cried foul and it sort of seemed to had stopped...and now it's just double trapping again. And with this new patch traps are killing people more than ever. LOL I don't understand why pocketknives can disarm traps. You should be able to sacrifice ANY weapon you are using. Stick a baseball bat in the trap and it's gonna go off, and the trade off is that you lose the bat. You should be able to sacrifice any weapon in a trap.
  6. I didn't think any weapon had a 100% stun chance. I thought it was dependant on your character's strength and also any perks you may have.
  7. When I am Jason I always use Part 2, and he has the most traps. However, I never double trap anything. Do any Jasons play that way? Or do you all double or triple trap?
  8. I roll perks all the time and always come up with crap. My current perks are just "Start with firecrackers", "Start with a walkie talkie", and "Increased stun chance with weapon 20%". All of the perks that come up when I roll are things like "Less fear when around other counsellors: Fear reduced by 1%" Never had a good "thick skin" perk, but they have nerfed those so it'd have to be a really good one for me to keep it, and that would be to eat traps at the phone box to install the fuse.
  9. I thought you had to STUN Jason for him to drop people. Hitting him doesn't always guarantee a stun.
  10. New emotes voices.

    LOL I find the emotes useless simply because when I communicate in the game it's not to say "Shhh" or "Over there", it's to say something specific like "The battery is in the four seater" or "Jason is camping the two seater".
  11. What would your Friday the 13th movie be like?

    Awesome man. Keep us posted. I love the mystery and fiction of Jason. My fav F13 films are Parts 2-4, as Jason is still human, which to me makes him terrifying. Once he got hit by lightning and came back as a supernatural Frankenstein's monster it stopped being scary to me. Still like it, but it's not "horror" in my books. The thought of a demented and vengeful, developmentally challenged young man, living in the woods and murdering people scares the fuck out of me. Can't wait to see where you are going with it. And thanks for not condemning my ideas. Just thought I'd throw them out there and if there is anything you wanna use then by all means go ahead.
  12. Yeah. THAT one. AWESOME.
  13. @Dr B DDS request to join the above group. Awesome people.
  14. What would your Friday the 13th movie be like?

    Interesting. I like what Tom Savini said in the documentary "Crystal Lake memories" about Jason between F13 Part 1 and Part 2. He was like "What was Jason doing? Hanging around a lake and eating crayfish, and nobody saw him for all those years?" The mother's pillowcase idea is fucking BRILLIANT. Like, really damn spot on. That would add SO much to the mythos. This would be the selling point and the emotional fulcrum of the entire short story. It smells like his mother. It is his comfort. Having him leave behind the pillowcase and move on to F13 Part 3 would be a hugely emotional and dramatic shift for Jason...I love this. WRITE IT. My advice (not like you want/need/asked for it) is... add NOTHING supernatural. Think about this... Jason appeared to have drowned as a child but maybe Crazy Ralph, the old guy from Parts 1 and 2, rescued him from the lake and let him grow up in that shack in the woods, building it for him, convincing Jason that everyone wanted to hurt him (as Jason was mentally challenged and was picked on and tormented by other kids his whole life, and Ralph is CRAZY but has good intentions...and make it so that Ralph knew Pamela Voorhees). Then years later Jason sees his mother return to the camp and he watches her from afar as he can't believe his eyes or his mentally challenged mind. He watches as she murders, through which he learns murder. Then he hears his mother tell Alice that she is doing it all for him. All for Jason. It's his birthday... his mother loves him... Then he sees his mother die. He BECOMES murder. And Crazy Ralph thinks he's safe but Jason strangles him with barbed wire. Jason has but one thing. His mother. She did it all for him. Now he does it all for her. Alone in the woods of Crystal Lake, in his ramshackle shelter, the cold night air and the darkness surrounding him. It is there Jason stands, seething, buried in the memories of his mother's kind embrace. His breath comes and goes through the precious cloth where she once laid her head. The head that is now on the table, and in her eyes he will seek eternal approval. His hands grip tight the pick axe. "That's my good boy. My Jason".
  15. LOL all good points you raise! Being a huge fan of the films and a huge fan of growing up in the 80s I would really like to know why we haven't gotten a stereotypical 80s blonde girl? Huge teased hair, acid washed jeans (pulled up above the belly button to be truly awful), and a rock t-shirt (cut off below the bra). Like Christina Applegate as Kelly Bundy from "Married with Children".