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  1. Offline has been cool but I want to play as a counselor and they don't have that option available yet. LOL omg....it would be a different game mode. You would have to voluntarily choose it, the same way you choose either Quick Match or Private Match. I do see the argument about splitting the player base as has been pointed out. As for the devs needing to implement other stuff first, I get that too. Well, maybe they'll add a way to get xp for being a team player.
  2. It can also be argued that people are leaving the game because everyone keeps seeing lobbies full multiple copies of the same character. On the same note, isn't it "forcing" people who don't want clones to play in lobbies with duplicates if you don't give them the option of a random or "hardcore" mode? It's not like they give exit interviews when people decide to stop playing to find out why. LOL
  3. This isn't about anyone needing to feel "special". Where did you even get that? It's about breaking the feeling of immersion by having duplicate characters. The title of this thread says as much. And if you don't care about it, then if it ever becomes an option then don't ever decide to utilize it. How are MORE options a bad thing? I can see not wanting to be forced to play with a random character, but if others want to and you don't have to, and if it's optional, then why protest against it?
  4. It would be an option you would choose. Instead of Private Match or Quick Play there would be a Quick Play - Random option. For players who just wanna jump in and play and everyone gets a unique character and you make the best of who you get. LOL if people choose Bugzy all the time maybe they be more comfy playing "MLB The Show" rather than F13.
  5. Obviously it would be a CHOICE. Not bothering to read the thread doesn't help anyone.
  6. Then you wouldn't choose the random quick match option and you'd still get to play as your favs.
  7. I use a mic, but I agree there should be a better way for non verbal players to communicate.
  8. If there was a choice to play "Quick Match - RANDOM", people wouldn't lobby hop as they would be purposely CHOOSING to play as a random character.
  9. Yep it's a game, but to a lot of people the enjoyment of a game (especially one based on a film series) is about immersion in the fiction. Teabagging or dancing really breaks that. There are plenty of games for people to play if they don't care about feeling immersed in a story. Nintendo has a whole series of games that nobody can relate to about an Italian plumber fighting turtles and mushrooms in an acid trippy world. The devs should stick to making the game experience as much like the films as possible.
  10. They could just add an option in the menu. We have "Quick Match" right now, so they could add "Quick Match - Random". That way if you wanna just jump in and play it's up to the game to assign each player a character making sure there will not be duplicates. They have a gambling system in place already with the perk lottery, so I can't imagine this would be too difficult. When I play private matches I always play with people who tend not to use duplicate characters. I like to use LaChappa but if I see someone has already selected him then I just pick a counselor that isn't in use, even in quick matches. I'm even at the point now that if I enter a lobby and I see more than one or two of a certain character I just leave. I prefer NOT to play as Jason, but at least in the offline mode the computer makes sure each bot is unique.
  11. Anyone else think that they should only allow one of each character in a match? Watch the movies, the only twins are in Part 4. It also ruins it for the Jason player when there are a few people playing Bugzy or Adam and a few more playing as Vanessa. I really think you should be given a "spawn preference" choice for characters as we have between Jason and counselors. I think they should also add incentives to encourage team play, like extra xp for assists like item sharing, self sacrifice (repair the car but don't escape in it for example) and things like that.
  12. I think people missed the point of the films. Dying should be expected. Jason should be OP. Escaping should be like a badge of honour.
  13. But this game is about the movies that exist, and in the context of those films nobody dances around after they know Jason is present. If they wanted to add an emote that makes sense they would have just given players the option to look panicked at will.
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