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  1. I've learned one thing since becoming a parent. Second chances don't work, you gotta nip that shit fast! Their tiny brains don't understand that you are giving them a chance, they see it as getting away with something. In my opinion, the majority of glitchers are young teens. We ALL know that glitching is wrong and ruins the game for others. So if you glitch, don't be surprised when you receive a punishment. Every single round is 20 minutes now, because you almost certainly have to wait out some childish asshole that's glitching. It's old, it's completely ruining the game. I think patches need to have some sense of urgency and people that hinder the game need to be removed. Enough already. The game is suffering because of it.
  2. It's not me disconnecting, it's been the Retro Jason, the rest of the room stays put
  3. Is anyone's game crashing each round? I've had three straight games end with purple Jason disconnecting with in the first 4 min.
  4. You get it on the 23rd, I asked the same question lol
  5. I did read smart guy, that while trailer and post makes it sound like everything would be added today with the exception of the double experience. Not like I was even complaining, No reason to be a douche.
  6. Got the clothes lol, no CP ot NES Jason though... this...this isn't surprising. Mod edit by Kodiak: I have merged two very similar similar threads together. Regarding the update, the CP will be issued on the weekend when the double XP goes live. The Retro Jason is a re-skin and should be selectable after the update. Please discuss anything related in this thread.
  7. it wasn't live as of 8am for PS4 yet, on the East Coast at least.
  8. Yeah, I definitely question if this will be available tomorrow. I'm sure their intentions are totally on it releasing tomorrow, but I am sure we would all be shocked if it happens. Maybe content drops are a different process than patches? Otherwise, it seems like a very nice gesture!
  9. I think everyone has moved on to the teamkilling change lol.....
  10. I was one of the ones who bought it, I wouldn't have cared if they took it back to be honest. Its most definitely not OP, that I agree with. I understand why it would upset a backer though, the exclusive promise and all, but I don't blame Gun at all, totally Sonys ef up. Glad i'll have the option to use it if I want.
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