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  1. the game has been out for months though and i've only been "lucky" 5 times though. there is clearly more going on since my friends have no problems.
  2. Everytime i try to quickmatch i get thrown into an empty lobby, i wait for 15 minutes but it never fills up. this has been happening since release non stop so i've only been able to play 5 matches in total and i got kicked from 3 of those becasue the host left or some other thing. im really getting sick of it because my friends have no problems but once i join the party we can't find any matches. just a list of things i've tried: PS4 hard reset. reinstall other IP other DNS directly connect ps4 to modem and router tried both wifi and cable switch harddrive and redownload game i play on PS4 in West Europe. im actually done with this so i'd be okay with a refund if no solution comes up. (no finding a game on the forums and joining it is not a solution its a workaround) also you've been ignoring me on twitter since release. thanks...
  3. For me i have to wait for over half an hour for a match and then im just thrown into an empty match no-one joins. And when im with friends they can play normal, but when i’m in the lobby the matchmaking breaks.
  4. I paid for this game to play. Not to jump through loopholes to play. I want them to fix the issue. I paid €40 for this shit and it doesnt work.
  5. this is pissing me off. i've only been able to play 5 matches in total since release. even after patch on PS4 anyone else with this issue and or a solution? all the developers said was "we are aware"
  6. Guys dont worry. I tweeted @ the developers and they asked me to put my info on here. They know about the problem and are trying to solve it.
  7. the same thing is happening to me after the patch. im on PS4, Netherlands (west EU) before the patch it took over an hour to get into an emptyu lobby so i guess that's an improvement. my friends have no trouble so its not a region thing. hope there can be a fix soon
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