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  1. What I don't understand is the Skin is no longer exclusive because I have a friend who bought the skin when it got leaked in the ps store so it's not really exclusive to the backers or kickstartes if it got leaked and many people bought it and it can't be taken off them because of Sony term of policy. When the content bought is used it can not be refunded
  2. It was different for me I had clothing DLC before the patch and it worked for me but when the update came out I lost all my clothing DLC it has been almost a week and still have not got any of it back
  3. I have been playing F13 since they fixed the servers on PS but 1 thing I would like to see to make the maps feel different every time would be to add random weather to each map like rain or a tunder storm to give the maps that horror feel and make the game more scary please make this happen ?
  4. I feel like this can be really annoying but when ever I search for a game and press the ps home button to send a message or something it cancells the search and I would like to see it removed
  5. I would like to make a subjestion. I find the game has had a very bad start the servers have been bad and all the bugs in the game. I feel in my opinion we shud be giving a free DLC like savani Jason or a new map or game mode for us the players who have been through this bad experience please type ur subjestions down below
  6. Yes the DLC clothes worked for me before the update
  7. So i was wondering. people are saying they have codes for savani jason. but if i bought the game on PS store would i have got a code and where would i find it.
  8. I just complete the latest patch for PS4 and when i went back on my DLC clothes where all gone. How do i get them back and what do i do. Please help
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