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  1. I wish there was a way to determine if someone accidentally kills another or if it was intentional. For example, last night I was playing and Jason had someone in front of him and I was playing as Jarvis. Jason had his back to me so I shot him in the back with the gun but it didn't stun Jason, it killed the counselor instead. I felt bad and apologized and he kinda laughed about it because he understood. But for that, I still got the -200XP blow for an accident. I don't think there's really a way to account for this unless friendly fire was turned off.
  2. This is super annoying. On the flip side, you can technically disarm Jason's traps with a pocketknife but that feels wasteful. You must pick and choose your battles.
  3. Your point 2 is flawed...in real life, do you think the cops would just leave everyone behind? And I'm not really sure about the cops only allowing 2 people to escape because they could easily call for more backup cars like in real life. However, I like the idea of the cutting power across the map so phones don't work and Tommy Jarvis can't be called in and the possibility of the cops not believing the call. if you're having problems killing counselors when you play as Jason, then maybe you should use a different Jason or learn to effectively use his skills because he is a force to be reckoned with Just my opinion though..
  4. I think spectating Jason is a bad idea. It's way to easy to help your friend out who may be playing as Jason. If your friend already escaped, he could easily be spectating other players trying to pinpoint their locations to tell Jason. Also, if Jason is near, he can hear the walkie talkie/chat...
  5. I agree to change the color. When you don't have a map on hand and you're trying to coordinate with other counselors, it makes it really difficult. Jason is powerful so the counselors need a bit of an edge and that would help a tiny bit.
  6. *shakes head* Asshats got to ruin the game for everyone else. Sigh. If anything, why would you not find pure joy in murdering your friend as you play as Jason? Is it just me or when other play with their friends, do you not try to murder your friend first? That's like the best part! Haha.
  7. I agree...when watching PC streams, it looks so much better but on my PS4, it seems so dumbed down. Wonder if it's because the Xbox is crap so they had to dumb down the console editions because of it. That's the problem with multi-platform releases. The PS4 should be able to be much better looking than it currently is.
  8. Good idea. So irritating if that happens especially if no one has called the cops yet. The only other way to win would be to survive for the remainder of the time, which can be quite awhile.
  9. I'm on PS4. After patching last night, it seems to be working correctly on my end now. I think it was glitched out because I was trying to do that but it wasn't working - I could only swap items from inventory to the drawers and vice versa. Thank you everyone.
  10. After patching last night, it seems to be working correctly on my end now. Thanks.
  11. Hello, I've not found a way to drop items. Has anyone else? For example, I played a game yesterday and had accumulated 3 First Aid sprays. I wanted to drop one for a nearby counselor but I couldn't find a way to. If this isn't a feature yet, is it possible to add it in the future? Regards, Hillian
  12. Hmm, that's really interesting. Maybe mine is glitched out and the new update they pushed today will fix it for me. Ill have to check later this evening. Thanks for the input.
  13. I've seen this several times. It happens a lot when someone has a part that someone else wants so they kill the other player for the part so they can escape...this game seems more like an on your own type game instead of the team based play it was made to be. We for sure need some penalty system beyond -200xp.
  14. Hello, Does anyone else wish they could add an easier method for inviting friends to your party on the game? A lot of games these days have a button you can press(IE: triangle for PS4) that pulls up your friends list so you can quick invite them from the game screen versus going all the way to the PS menus. Maybe I'm just lazy, but it's kind of an annoyance. It's not critical, but it'd be a nice feature to have especially since a lot of modern games have that feature. I know they're a small team but it's just a suggestion. Thoughts? Best regards, Hillian
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