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  1. I've honestly played maybe a match or two and that's it after the initial launch hype... When I could play at all after launch that is. The lag on PS4 is just unbearable and by the time they fix it/if they fix it, yeah.. I doubt many people are still going to be around. As much as I enjoy the game, I still feel like I got screwed out of 40 bucks.
  2. I keep trying to play the game on PS4 and I just can't. Every match is either horrendous ping or host leaving, and the fun I have usually gets crushed by one of those two things. Gun seems like a great group of guys and the game is great, but if I knew before release they weren't telling the truth about dedicated servers and it would be this way? I wouldn't have bought the game.. Not for a long time at least. I can't even get a refund now because I've owned the game for so long in the hopes it'd get better, so I've basically got a 40 dollar bookend unless they add servers or P2P somehow gets 10 times better. P.S. Not telling the truth may sound a little harsh, but I'm not trying to just flame the hell out of the devs. It's just hard to see what else you could call it at this point. The only plausible excuse I've heard is their servers got overloaded and they had to switch to P2P, but the devs themselves seem reluctant to put that out anywhere besides obscure forum posts.. Not to mention I and everyone else who played the game at launch on console (If you could get a game!) knows that it was always P2P. From the minute it launched there was no servers.
  3. I just wanted to pop in and agree with this. I doubt we're going to get anything else out of them at this point, but they not only never said consoles wouldn't have servers.. They responded to a guy asking about consoles and said yes. Even if they hadn't done that, it isn't our job to assume that, "The game will have dedicated servers." means that the PC version will and none of the others. It isn't unreasonable to feel misled when you're given incorrect information REPEATEDLY. What other area in life would anyone think it's acceptable to sell a product with false information consistently repeated before it's release? Just because they didn't mean to mislead us doesn't mean they didn't. Doesn't mean you have to hate Gun or think they're jerks, but they screwed this one up and I want them to make it right. The game is a total mess with P2P.
  4. I don't see how P2P could even possibly be better when the lowest ping I've ever seen anyone have in any lobby on ps4 (Not just mine) was 90. Unless the dedicated servers were made out of wood, that sounds like some total BS. I'd take 200 ping on a stable connection over what we have now even if it was the case. Almost seems like the game specifically chooses people with terrible connections considering the number of matches that are full of connection errors, teleporting, slowdown.. Etc.
  5. I get a little annoyed if NOBODY has a mic when I'm in a lobby, but I can deal. The only thing that really pisses me off is when nobody is talking OR listening. Can't tell you how many times I've tried to help people or tell them about items (Even selfish ones they'd definitely pick up, like pocket knives.) and they just walk away.
  6. I've tweeted the support account multiple times and just got the response someone else posted earlier. (So a non-answer after about 10 tries.) Tweeted every other related account too and none of them responded.
  7. So yeah.. Even after the game came out they were still saying it and making it sound like P2P was just temporary. Now they're ignoring this and talking about host migration which just suggests they're never going to do dedicated servers.
  8. Yeah.. There's more than that too. (To the above, don't wanna quote cuz of how big it is.) I'm 99.9% sure they were asked it at conventions they went to and gave the same answer. Plus on Reddit and other places.
  9. There's a few linked tweets earlier in the thread, but past that it was.. Everywhere before release. On Discord, on random Reddit threads.. Just about anywhere the devs popped up, if any mention of P2P vs dedicated popped up they always said it was going to be P2P in private, dedicated in quick match. I'm pretty sure they even said it in some of their panels at places like Pax.
  10. Locking it just means they'll never respond at all. =\ The only way they'll ever answer is if they get pressured enough.
  11. I hate to use the term since people often use it to exaggerate and hammer devs over the smallest detail but.. False advertising? Having a completely different network architecture than what you promised isn't exactly an insignificant thing. If they were honest and said the game was going to be P2P only on console I probably wouldn't have bought it right away until I saw how the connections were.. May have not even bought it at all after I learned about all this. I still want to be clear that I don't hate Gun or this game, but I think it's reasonable to be a little upset.
  12. I want to play the game because I really enjoy it, but the connection issues just.. Make it impossible to enjoy. I'll have one or two fun games per session, then the decent host will leave and it's right back to lobby hopping and hopping between a half dozen god awful hosts.
  13. As it stands right now, I haven't played the game very much at all past my initial excitement. Every time I try (On PS4), it's Russian Roulette in terms of connection. Either I'll get over 100 ping with noticeable delay but a mostly stable connection, or I'll get over 200 and the entire game goes haywire throughout the whole match with constant connection errors. Even in the best of circumstances right now the lag is annoying, but it seems to me like getting a terrible host is much more common. Lobbies tend to empty out rapidly once everyone realizes it's one of those hosts where you'll be getting stuck and unable to interact with anything for half the match, so it's right back to waiting for lobbies to fill up.. Host migration isn't going to fix this. The P2P for this game is absolutely horrendous and does nothing to choose the best connection as a host, it just picks whoever happened to get matchmade into an empty lobby first. Even if they fixed that AND added host migration, we'd still be at the mercy of unstable internet issues for 20 minute games. Gun, you promised dedicated servers. This isn't your community being spoiled or whining, YOU said they would be in the game. The connection issues right now are so horrid and constant that it basically destroys any fun I have with the game. And before anyone says it no, it isn't my internet. Every other game I play works fine, and every lobby I get in that turns into a lag fiesta has everyone else complaining about it too. (I specifically confirm to make sure it isn't me, so I don't hassle Gun for no reason.) Please give us the dedicated servers you promised before people leave and there's no one left to play with.
  14. Dedicated servers were promised. There's multiple tweets with them talking about it and none of them saying circumstances changed and they had to remove them before release. This is just one time they said it. Obviously it's an old tweet, but they never posted since then to tell us the game wouldn't have them on console. They've said it multiple times in other places pre-release, from Twitter to Reddit to these forums. Basically, it was known and agreed on the game was going to have servers.. Then it doesn't.
  15. It's not about responding to every forum post, it's about not even commenting a single time on a major feature they promised was going to be in the game. Just imagine the shitstorm if a game with a larger community promised some big feature, didn't include it, and then just pretended like nothing was wrong. It's possible to simultaneously think the devs are cool guys and have a passion for what they do, and also think that it's really messed up how they're treating this issue.
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