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  1. Most people are aware of that, I think some people ask because Patch Notes don't actually give the FULL LIST of things the patch does, sometimes developed only address one thing when they've fixed about 20 things.
  2. A Jason in combat stance completely negating all of my bat swings, flares, beartraps and other offensive + defensive items is extremely annoying. He shouldn't be able to completely stop flares from stunning him but perhaps shortens the length of the stun same for other attacks on him.
  3. This also occurs when getting inside a wardrobe but opening the menu as pressing O/B just holds your breath whilst X/A functions the menu.
  4. If you had cared to read the update info that the Twitter and Facebook pages have put up, you'd see everyone is getting the 13,000CP at the beginning of the Double XP period this weekend.
  5. When players die occasional items they have in their inventory become stuck in the floor and are impossible to obtain, in this case the fuse, but has also happened with Med Spray, Pocket Knives and Car Keys
  6. Sometimes when joining a party whilst other players are in a game, it will fail to connect to the game and hang on the party screen, you'll join the party but not join the game in progress or any game at all after.
  7. When characters are dead or escaped, it would be great to allow them to edit and customise their counsellors or Jason's, it would make the death experience more restful. Something interactive to do would also be nice but can't think of any suggestions off the top of my head. Thanks.
  8. When using the quick play option on PS4 it's becoming common to be put into a 'Play Online' lobby by yourself as a host but no one else joins.
  9. I also don't have an email confirming anything either...It literally like my money was taken and that was it :/
  10. Hi there, Dont know if this is the right thread but I purchased a download code for the game and a savini code, but looking at my backerkit profile now there's no confirmation of me ever buying the savini Jason even thought I did. And I still haven't received the code.
  11. This also occurs in certain suicides such as the bear trap. The items become lodged into the floor meaning other counsellors are unable to pick them up.
  12. The intro, outro and Jarvis cutscenes are ending too early causing instant cut out of audio and visual content. Also the cutscenes are out of sync most times and the audio is still too loud. It also skips frames.
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