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  1. Why this does not get more attention i have no idea great stuff @Anonymous. Take a look at how its done @GunMedia_Ben @[IllFonic]Courier any more excuses you got for us ?
  2. Junebug88559


    Thanks for the time you put in Brig to find all this and allow us to use them
  3. Only thing that needs to change is to acquire Stalk before you get Sense other then that its fine
  4. Junebug88559

    Servers are trash today.

    Cant say i told you so but its ok keep the faith in gun there on the job guys don't worry lol!!! Also thanks i like jasons new trap on packanack map nice 50 foot hole in the middle of the woods 3 free kills lol!!!
  5. Sense your handing out warning points why don't u give the same points to the mods and admins of this forum for the shit insults about the way people type and spell saying i cant read that garbage insulting peoples ideas cuz they think they know whats best for the game and don't like it then team with other mods to shit on you and your posts also instead of criticizing the way someone types put more effort and time into the game u set out to make but still is half done  

  6. Junebug88559

    i got a question for yall ahah

    Proved my point over 400+ hrs and u still don't know what your talking about.[ Those don't happen frequently] dude it shouldn't happen ever on a finished product patch after lazy patch after lazy patch fix this to break this more then likely i play better then you do even with all the glitches its just dumb when i have to cancel my swing and tap twice in a direction just to dodge a grab now jasons just get salty cuz cant grab my ass blaming me for glitching it aint a glitch its a lg spike and trust me you weren't the first one to find out about this game before the beta man just cuz u a mod dont mean u know everything sorry to break it to you just keep your excuses book open for the next patch when rain just kills the FPS and more bugs come out that weren't around love the game hate the effort post production from the devs money hungry im done hear
  7. Junebug88559

    i got a question for yall ahah

    You can blow the devs all u want but the real people who backed this game and have played from day 1 like me know that this game has not lived up to the name can set hear and argue all day but we both know the truth Team killing, body blocking, trooling,hit box all wrong changing shit no one asked for broken perks,Nerf jason no to much change back Nerf the counselors opps to much nerf, lag spiking, items threw the ground, flying in the air, 20 ft axes, 80 ft grab range ,but hear is some dlc your game is fixed GTFOH!!!!!
  8. Junebug88559

    i got a question for yall ahah

    We'd appreciate you being able to fix the game Ben. It might get more people to play and buy your game.
  9. Junebug88559

    Jarvis map hype

    And u believe them still after all the fuck ups lol!!!! Time will tell
  10. Junebug88559

    Jarvis map hype

    Hope it don't slow down the FPS cuz it got worse sense last 2 patches but i wont hold my breath with gun and ill on the job Rain is in almost every f13 movie will be a great add to the game make it a lot more fun and make the flashlight worth something and Jman coming out of no where just hope it works without messing up something else in the game as of now 150+ FPS with 1070 at 1440p slowly drops to 40-50 fps with spikes to 30 fps so i don't have high hopes at this point
  11. To bad f13 did not have real devs could of been so much better don't get me wrong its not bad game but could be so much more if devs had a clue to much glitching and patch after pach just worse and instead of makeing it better hear are some summer dlcs instead
  12. Its funny how i brought this up in a post like a month ago that a motorcycle escape would be a great replacement for the 2 seat car but same set up to fix and even let Jason be able to close line your ass off the bike instead of a car hood smash more risk for death and everyone posted that was stupid and how dumb i was now everyone's for it amazing
  13. Junebug88559

    Help with Coward Jarvis!!!!

    I agree it sucks when they just head for the exit but choice is choice i always like to come back and run to the closest group i can find try to help them get out if so on to next group or if boat is trying to get fixed ill wait by the dock for Jason so the other 2 can escape i already fucked up and died my job now is to help others get out
  14. Everyone complained about team killing well there u go its gone now just deal with it or stay out off small rooms and away from people and its not new been happening sense the patch just gets worse by the day that is why i stay solo or only around friends