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  1. Today the physical version of the game has been announced and I am really angry. Why? This version will include an exclusive Jason skin and exclusive clothes for counselors and it is very unfair. They never said there was gonna be exclusive content for the physical version, moreover, a lot of people asked them if the digital and physical versions had the same content due to the fact that the digital version was cheaper and they said yes so the lied to us. If had known this I would have purchased the physical version, this is really unfair. How do you guys feel? Do you think this is fair?
  2. I have read it and I think it's a good idea but Roy could be in multiplayer mode as well with Jason's abilities, yeah, he isn't Jason, but in the movie we see he is almost like him, I think I would work as a simple Jason skin or something
  3. I have been thinking, and I had an idea to see Pamela in the game. Instead of adding her as a killer in the multiplayer mode, they could add her in Single Player mode. Adding Pamela as a killer in multiplayer mode would be highly difficult, it would need a lot of work and money as the maps would need to be completely changed so that they worked for Pamela, but, the could add Single Player missions for her, perhaps missions based on the first film, I think that wouldn't be so difficult. What do you think? Could Pamela be added as a playable character in Single Player Missions?
  4. Thanks for the suggestion and sorry, I am new in this plataform and I didn't know where to post this sorry
  5. Yeah, I admit that the game is amazing, I have a lot of fun playing it, but it's really horrible when it crashes and when they realeases updates for PS4 and Steam and the Xbox One players have to wait for the update which we need the most as Xbox one has more problems than PS4 and Steam. I know but what I don't understand is why other games release the updates for all three platafroms at the same time and without any problem.
  6. Hi guys, I am writing this post because I want to complain about this game as I am very angry and I need to say what I think a relax. First of all, I think it's a good game and I have a lot of fun when I play it but I want to complain about other topic, The problem I have with this game is that developers have falied us, I pre-ordered the game not knowing what to expect, I trusted the company, I trusted this game was gonna be awesome but then the problems started to appear. When Fall 2016 was near, a delay was announced. At that moment, I didn't get angry, well, they delayed the game, but at least they were gonna add Tommy Jarvis and the single player mode which made me happy but then other "issues" appeared. The beta was only released for PC and it had a lot of problems , complained a lot because they couldn't play it, they delayed the phisic version of the game (moreover, they haven't said anything about it yet) they didn't release in Early 2017 as May isn't Early and Even though, they haven't said a word about the Cross-plataform which was supposed to be in the game. Well, as you can see, they had a lot of problems, yeah, I understand they are a Indie game, they don't have the same resources as a big company but the problem is that they have commited too much mistakes and this is starting to get annoying. When the game was released it was impossible to play, and now the game runs a little better but it is still having a lot of problems and, do you know another annoying thing? When they release an update they always release it later for Xbox One and I am sick of that since we have more problems than the rest of plataforms. The developers have disappointed us too many times and this is getting more and more tiring, I have lost my confidence with the company but this will affect them in a future because if the want to develop another game and they need the people to pre-order in order to get funds to release the game, the won't be able to develop it as the people will have lost their confidence too and they won't pre-order because they will think about this game and all the problems it has. Now some people will probably come to defend them, but this is my opinion and this is how I feel and anyone will change that. I know you will say "they are a small company, they are a indie game". Ok, and what about Dead By Daylight? It's an Indie game, and yeah, it has its problems like any game, but they are small problems but I have played it and I can't complain at all, it's totally playable. In addition to this, it has a better system to be the killer and it works, I hate Friday the 13th syste, it's horrible to wait a lot of matches to be Jason (and then when I am Jason it crashes). Well this is all I had to say, I hope they solve all the problems someday.
  7. Hey everyone, first of all, I know you have been asked this a lot of times "Add Pamela to the game" You answer that is really difficult, and I understand, but just wonder, wouldn't it be cool to add Pamela to the game? I know that you can't add her right now, but you could try to add her when you have enough resources. I have some ideas to create this character if you do someday. Firstly, I know that you have to change all maps so as to make them work for Pamela. My ideas are about Pamela's abilities and perhaps for environment. Pamela is not as strong as Jason, she can't grab counselors by the neck, she can't teleport and she can't do things Jason do. However, in this game, we can she that counselors can easily detect Jason because when he is near them, the music start to sound so you know Jason is near. In Friday the 13th movie, we see that Pamela isn't detected by the counserlos, she is always there, watching without being seen, so, in game, counselors wouldn't be able to detect Pamela if they don't see her. Pamela would be able aproach to the counselors without being notice and she could walk quietly and stealthy. As she could not break doors, she could jump the windows as counselors do. Pamela could be fast enough to reach counselors and attack them. In addition to this, she could grab counselors by the neck but without "getting them in the air" as Jason does. Since Pamela could reach counselors easily, they could easily escape from her as Pamela isn't very strong, Another thing, the weapons around wouldn't be "mortal weapons" such as shotguns, or axes because that could kill Pamela easily, there could be other weapons that would be very useful to attack Pamela and escape from her (Stunning Pamela would be easier than stunning Jason). In addition to the weapons issue, there could be one machete, and ONLY ONE machete hidden in the camp. This would be a way for counselors to win (they would have to find the machete and cut Pamela's head with it). There could be only one generator in the camp, and Pamela would be able to turn all the camp's lights off using it, what would make more difficult to counselors to find it and turn it on again. Pamela could be able to "steal" car's and boat's parts and hide them as Pamela couldn't teleport and make the car stop as Jason does. Calling the police could be more difficult because Pamela could cut the line cable like in the movie and it would be really difficult to fix. Tommy Jarvis could not appear (perhaps Alice could appear instead of him). Pamela could have the ability to generate the Jason's voice in every place as she did in the movie. This could be use to increase counselors' fear and to make them more vulnerable. Moreover, Jason could help us to find counselors, telling Pamela where they are (If this is not good, Pamela could have sense ability anyway, or perhaps she could locate the counselors in the map). Pamela could have envaironment kills, but i see very difficult to make them, so I think that there is a better alternative. She couldswitch her weapons , I mean, she could start with is hunting knife, but she can also use more weapons such as axes or machetes with different kills (perhaps there could be an environment kill in Crystal Lake in the archery camp, using arrows and an bow). Well, this are all my ideas, I hope you consider the idea to add her someday. Your game is awesome!
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