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  1. Still looking for people, I will be on @ around 10:30 pm tonight, leave your PSN here if you are interested.
  2. Still looking for people, we almost killed him 5 or 6 times, still refining our methods, Join us and lets send Jason back to HELL where he belongs!
  3. We have a group of 13 so far, need more though, lets go guys! I know at least some of you here have to be interested in killing Jason! I have made a PSN group, so it will be easier to send each other game invites, so come on guys, Join us! Just leave youe PSN here and I'll add you.
  4. Sending friends requests to you both soon, It might take us a while to find everyone we need.... It seems that most people like to play the game the regular way, so it has been hard to find good players who actually want to kill him.
  5. Need friends who want to kill Jason... It's the most fun to do in the game to me personally & I am looking for likeminded people. Leave your PSN and I'll add you.
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