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  1. Yes! Exactly - see, it is in the movies. Should be in the game then as well.
  2. Good Afternoon I trust you are well. More and more in recent weeks I have come to realize that the trolling of Jason is becoming a larger issue once more, like with the pocket-knife debacle not so long ago. Almost every match as Jason over the weekend had counselors group up and actively pursuing me as Jason, stun-locking and taunting me. One thing I do feel has to change is the fact that counselors teabag Jason when he is down. If this were like the movies, you would want to be as far away from Jason as possible. I suggest adding a new environment kill to the game, where when Jason is stunned laying on the ground and a counselor comes to squat over him you should be able to hit 'E' and kill them in some horrific way to punish them for coming so close to you. Also, along the lines of being stunned. I suggest one of two changes: Either diminishing returns, or a rage builder. What I mean by diminishing returns is that if Jason gets stunned, it last for the full duration. If he gets stunned again with a certain amount of time after the first stun, it is halved. If he is stunned for a third time after that within a certain amount of time, it is a quarter of the duration. Or stunning Jason should be adding to his rage timer. Each time he is struck with a weapon and stunned, his rage should increase faster. When he hits enraged mode, he should be resistant/immune to stuns from this point on to make him more menacing. Would love to hear your feedback!
  3. Thank you for all the replies. Sorry if this may sound ignorant, but when you say check your wireless and LAN drivers etc, what exactly should we be looking for and fix preferably?
  4. Anyone who can help us on this please? @GunMedia @GunMedia_Ben
  5. Good evening Hope everyone is well. I gifted my best friend Friday the 13th: The Game so he can finally play with me (On Steam), but whenever he tries to launch the game it says 'connecting' and then 'Failure to connect to database'. All my Google searches just lead back to launch and fixes saying it was the servers. I am online and he can't connect, so can't be the servers now. Any help? We have checked his anti-virus and firewall and added the game and Steam to the exceptions. We have also made sure the Easy Anti-Cheat is installed, and after all that we have uninstalled the game and done a fresh install as well and he is still getting the same error. Any help would be appreciated!
  6. Just played a match as a counselor where the Jason on the match was Jason Part 4, and he literally killed everyone by using his basic mouse-click attack. I get that at this stage where it's the pocket-knife invasion that is the most successful strategy to kill counselors, but it is really sad that is the case since they spent a considerable amount of time, effort and money on motion capturing Kane Hodder of all people to get all those glorious kill animations - and no most people don't get to see them anymore because it's just not worth the risk.
  7. Literally just had -THE- most annoying match as Jason. People being able to hit you through closed doors while you try to break them down - stunning you. Counselor's chain stunning you one after the other in turn, as soon as the first stun wears off the next one hits and you are stunned again. After the weapons break and I stood there for an eternity, the pocket knife fest began - each one of the three had at least one or two.You finally grab someone and then another counselor whacks you from behind and you are stunned again. Hit them with your weapon? Nope, they can carry on - no stuns at all. Just takes a quick med-spray. And in between each stun they either teabag you are dance. Jason is not something to be feared anymore . . . he is seen as a huge pinata at this stage. I feel stunning Jason could benefit from diminishing returns - as in, the first stun lasts the full duration. The second one in X amount of time is half the duration, the third in X amount of time lasts half of that half, so on and so forth. So chain stunning Jason does not become a viable option, but rather a tactical decision you need to make.
  8. Ah yes, that makes sense. Would still be better than getting insta-stabbed and stunned. Would also be a nice animation to show that if they fail they check how they try to raise their hand but because it is trembling so bad from fear it just falls out of their hands and then Jason kills them.
  9. ^ This. So much this! I like the idea of a med-spray taking considerably longer to use. Since opening up a door takes a long time as Jason, only fair that some of the counselor actions take some time too. Also, it should make a relatively loud noise when being used, so if Jason is in the proximity the counselor will flare up for a second or two as though his sense was active and he would hear them using a med-spray. Also I love the idea of the pocket-knife having the same circle as the repair one. Where they have to get skill checks right to escape instead of just instantly getting away. If they press all 3 or 5 skill checks correctly, good for them - they deserve to live another minute. If not - you dead.
  10. Mmmmm yes, I forgot about the throwing knives. Apologies for that - but even with them, they do not pack as much of a punch with the abundance of med-sprays around as well. But you are correct they are around and available for use. Just think a gruesome kill of lodging your axe in the back of someone's skull as they run towards the police would be pretty awesome to see, or of throwing your spear and impaling them. As for being without a weapon for X amount of time, if a counselor comes to close to you and tries to hurt you and you do manage to grab them, you should still be able to perform your non-weapon kills like smashing their head in or breaking their back etc.
  11. I agree that Jason does feel a lot 'weaker' than he used to, just by playing as a counselor lately I have noticed that I survive almost every match and barely even see him these days. When playing as Jason lately nothing annoys me more than people jogging ahead of you, stopping until you get close and then jogging again - forever kiting and staying just-just out of grab's reach. Jason from the movies would never allow this. I feel Jason needs one additional kill/ability. Yes, Jason has a machete and he is a melee killer - but that has not stopped him from taking people out at range in the movies. From shooting someone with an arrow to throwing an axe across a yard and into the back of someone's head and everything in between, he is capable of this too. The idea with this new skill would be to punish those that run straight ahead of you in wide-open spaces . . . 'trolling'. When someone does this, you should be able to pause, take a second or two for the power to wind up and then throw your weapon (Axe/Machete/Spear etc) into them - killing them. Then you have to walk back up to them to get your weapon back. While the skill winds up, the counselors have but a second or two to dodge out of the way to get behind a tree or a boulder or a wall or something. Counselors should not feel entitled to be able to kite you and tease you instead of fearing for their lives and running away from you. I feel that this new ranged skill would encourage players to rather stick to dense areas with lots of hiding spaces and obstacles to stand between Jason and them - as it should be. Another new environment kill that would be quite nice (don't know if it exists, but I haven't seen any evidence of it) is if a counselor runs through the Archery range, you get to press the environment kill button to pick up a bow/crossbow and to kill them with an arrow while they run away. Yes, Jason is very punishing in close quarters and buildings (save for the endless supply of pocket knives these days), but he should also feel menacing outdoors - when you are freely taking a happy jog out in the open with a serial killer behind you and no worry in the world. You should be fleeing, looking for a tree to get between you and him so you can try and lose him as soon as possible. Also, reduce the amount of pocket knives down to 4 per map, so it becomes a strategic choice to either save it for Jason or to disarm a trap with it. Each match I easily get 2 or 3 and they are basically get out of jail free cards at this point, and everyone has them. Would love to hear everyone else's thoughts on having a new skill for Jason where he gets to punish people who run out in the open or keep to a straight line to kite him instead of hiding and running for their lives.
  12. I am also from South Africa and I am experiencing the exact same thing on Steam for the passed 2 - 3 weeks. Haven't been able to play a match at all in that time. I just tried again, queued 3 times and each time it took about 3 minutes of searching for a dedicated server before I am placed into my own lobby which no-one would join. Spent over an hour trying, and nothing. Really want to play a match again but don't want to waste an hour every time trying just to get no results.
  13. Good afternoon fellow slashers and survivors I trust you are all loving the game so far as I am! What has been the most memorable scene that you have experienced so far? I have two, both happened yesterday. In the first match I spawned right next to Packanack Lodge. As I walked in and barricaded the doors I hear Jason's music start to play. Before I could reach the second door he enters the building. I grab a baseball bat and knock him once, which allows me to run out. Moments later he is right behind me again and I manage to strike him again - knocking him over this time. I run back into the lodge and grab a flare gun. As he enters I shoot him with the flare gun and then jump out of the window and run away. I managed to get away as he did not follow me. For the rest of the match I did not encounter him again so I was able to repair the phone and call the cops. I waited out the five minutes and made my escape safe and sound. Encountering him so early on and surviving was quite the thrill! The second match I spawned close to three cabins clustered together down by the docks. In the first one I found a propeller which I quickly took down to the boat. In the third cabin I found fuel and returned to the boat. I managed to start the boat but just at that moment Jason leaped out from the water. Luckily I had a pocket-knife and managed to get away. As I was running I noticed another player coming our direction on the mini-map. Jason was closing in on me and the player ran right passed me. Instead of helping me beat Jason so we can both escape on the boat he waited for Jason to grab me and then jumped in the boat. As I was busy getting killed he raced off and managed to escape. I was not so fortunate. Although I was very upset when this happened - it is quite funny in retrospect and makes me chuckle. What are yours?
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