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  1. Anything is better than laggy 5fps garbage.
  2. yes ! we magicly no all ov da arnsers!
  3. Instead of moping about it, use that opportunity to practice. Get a game plan together and figure out a way to penetrate their defenses. E.G. Morph a short distance from them > activate stalk > and then shift behind them. But yeah, if you've got people waiting at the cops with pocket knifes and weapons, your best bet is to spam slash them and hope for the best.
  4. Savini Jason's weapon is trash at melee (continuously gets stuck in invisible walls and is super slow). The only downside to a somewhat perfect Jason.
  5. ye! they sould make all da couselers weak an can not do anyfing.
  6. i to want to know howe to get an dom ravini baddy/ i go round wiv my dom ravini jackson an kill an lot of playes !
  7. Do you like Tiffany?

    i like tif anne her has an love body> her is an byu tif ful lady! her to got nice bobs'
  8. This would actually be kind of terrifying. Having a Jason AI relentlessly chase you around.
  9. an aj not vewy good is my no person yuse she} she need an dispurit buf i av tew go now my mum she get ing mad at me #$@##R T$$##$ T#$GTG$DF $%(*&^ DFG$$T$##$$##$ #$%$%#T#$ T##%$#$@ %$YYT%$ T% T%
  10. an jason an good swimer wen he magik a pear in da lake/ i be dyed wen an dryving da boag.
  11. This game always runs like an old choo choo train. Chug chug chug! *screeching halt* "Connection to host lost".
  12. Didn't you just post a comment awhile back saying that you quit every match until you get Jason...? So you're technically just as guilty.
  13. Rather slash kill than deal with endless pocket knives. I've already got all my grab kill badges, so doesn't bother me one iota.