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  1. Yeah, it does. If you're in a lobby and leave the moment you realize you're not Jason, you're worse than useless -- you were a wasted space that could have been filled by a productive counselor. Leaving screws both the other counselors who are down a man from the start, and the Jason who's playing against a weaker, more boring opposition.
  2. Correction: he does it because you don't play the game, yet keep posting as if you have some clue about how the game works/should be improved. His frustration is eminently reasonable.
  3. He was talking about dory, not you. Now go play the game...oh, wait.
  4. @ShiftySamurai This implies salt is currently being tracked. Yes or no? You've also yet to answer the most important question: will leaving as a spectator incur salt?
  5. Ehhh...kinda yes, mostly not. Unless a lobby has seriously annoyed me, I'm going to at least try for some variety. And my experience with other Jasons in PC quick play (all of my games are there) is largely the same. Almost nobody does the competitively smart thing, which is insta-choking everyone each and every grab unless you need the speed of headpunch/throat-slit.
  6. Sweater + Vanessa. No male counselor has her balance of pros/cons.
  7. The problem as I see it is how it confuses people re: whether they can demask during the sweater stun. They should fix it so you can't, but for now that's the best way.
  8. F13 lets me select full screen 3440x1440 as the game resolution. I'm down for a day or so to rebend the rad-->pump tubing, but will see if there's a way to confirm it's actually running above 1080p once I'm done.
  9. I'm pretty much locked at 100fps with Epic everything and 150% resolution scale, full screen gsynch on a 3440x1440 monitor (F13 seems to display 1440 just fine). What amuses me is the heat generated to do that, which as I've noted before is more than putting maxed-out Furmark on infinite loop. I'm running a single loop with a 1080 Ti at 2050 mhz, and an i7-6850k at 4.3 ghz, under full waterblocks cooled by a 360x180mm radiator. Even running my AP182 rad fans at full tilt, in F13 my GPU temps sit at 49-51 degrees C with 21 degrees C ambient, and the CPU sits at about the same. Nothing else makes that much heat. Maxed out Witcher 3 with hair works off? Max GPU temp is 35-37. Fallout 4 ultra everything with all the graphics mods I wanted? Max GPU temps 38-40. Maxed, full screen Furmark stress test after an hour? 44-45 C!?
  10. Read this, Tommy accordingly. https://www.reddit.com/r/F13thegame/comments/82bn72/demasking_made_supereasy_featuring_the_cosby/
  11. By that logic, given how many forum members' private preference would be to not have to see anything you post, they should ban you outright from the public forums. What most prefer as private preference is not what's publicly mandatory, though, as even your simple ass is well aware.
  12. The only reason to equate what's optimal with what should be mandatory, is having a room temperature IQ. So I'm confused why you would suggest that...oh, right. Nevermind!
  13. It's always been a game based primarily off communication, genius -- whether by mics, emotes, telepathy, light clicks, or funky hip movements.
  14. Here's the twist: F13 isn't a game...it's actually the world's most demanding GPU torture test, surpassing Furmark at max settings by a mile and making stuff like Firestrike or Timespy look like screen savers.
  15. Sigh...this again. Look up the guides on break free - strength and composure actually both affect it, which is why Adam will mash out faster than Jenny. Stealth could use some love vs Sense, though. But what you're describing is a serious buff to the strengths of each counselor without either buffing Jason or nerfing their weaknesses. I see no balance-related reason for that right now.
  16. It can - unless you mindlessly dodge backwards like a drooling simpleton. That's one way of assuring nobody needs to take you seriously going forward.
  17. I'll say what I said back when everyone was talking about how there were zero downsides to removing friendly fire: it's enabled gangbanging Jason in ways never possible when counselors could hurt each other with shotgun blasts and weapon swings. The way to fix it is to enable FF within X distance of Jason, with X being just far enough to cover a group whaling on him with melee weapons. That covers the ridiculous 'I'll free Tommy by blasting him and Jason with deadly buckshot, leaving Tommy miraculously unharmed!' scenario, without the undue limitations of only enabling FF for counselors who have been grabbed. This will still allow limited trolling, but I'd rather have the occasional corner case go bad than constant BS like now. It's easily mitigated by making FF kills count as a betrayal (-1000XP to the offender) while still counting the death as a kill (+100XP) for Jason.
  18. You play enough to know better than that. Dodge allows you to avoid grab, but even if it didn't it would be immensely useful. Grab is worthless when there's more than one counselor nearby; all it does is make you an easy target for stuns/damage. Slashing rather than grabbing is deadly regardless of whether it's one or several counselors in front of you - all take damage. Dodging allows them to avoid being slashed to death by a Jason who knows grabbing at members of a group is fucking dumb. That's value, balanced by the fact it's harder (but not impossible) to dodge grabs. And the last patch's grab length was a t-rex armed joke for good reason. You can talk about forced perspective all you like, but this is a game with latency and a mechanical arm movement...prior patch was terrible, while the current length is basically perfect (and still significantly shorter than the original length).
  19. I'll experiment with the machete on Part 4, but I'm not sure the extra destruction speed will really matter given how adept I've become at taking down doors from the side with the cleaver, and I'm wary of a shorter reach. Still, I do have high hopes for much better hit detection when slashing in close quarters...that's probably worth a little reach.
  20. I've exclusively played quick play on PC since launch. I'm 60 Jason matches away from my 500 achievement, and nailed the 1313 counselor kills long before the offline bots were released. All told, I think I'm around 600 hours of F13, almost all of them in QP. Of course there are random trolls, the occasional Jason teamers, plenty of players who are noob/stupid/both, and some rage quitters on both sides of the competition. There are a few names you learn to avoid like the plague because they're "94"-th rank glitchers/hackers and damn proud of it. Mostly, though, it's just people playing the game somewhere between decently to amazingly well. Far and away the biggest problem with PC quick play is the game itself: bugs, glitches, terrible optimization that makes it a harder workout for my CPU/GPU than running Timespy Extreme, and utter shit hit detection.
  21. Sure, if you hate winning...99% of the time, that's what med spray is for. The smartest thing you can do with an extra PK is to give it to a sweater girl with at least half a clue as to what her job is.
  22. It definitely does it more often since the last patch, and it's goddamn annoying when you've gotten a good lobby to stick together for a few matches. Adding to the annoyance is the fact that most of the time you're thrown right back into a lobby with most of the same players.
  23. When Tommy keeps swinging at a kneeling Jason from behind, while screaming about how there's no "E" prompt.
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