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  1. Cheaters, or Paranoia?

    I've noticed an interesting trend lately: partially looted houses with numerous unopened drawers, all of which are empty. Not a map/radio, but empty, and not one or two but whole desks in a room that was otherwise thoroughly searched. As we can't close drawers with nothing in them, this suggests someone looted the house and knew exactly which drawers not to waste time on. Given the hack videos we've all seen that display where each item in the game is/what it is, it leads me to believe these hacks are being used more often than we might think.
  2. F13's obsession with avoiding any duplicate threads, rather than just trying not to have the front page cluttered with multiple threads on the same subject, is...unusual to say the least. Generally speaking, mods focus on locking necroed threads due to the entirely reasonable position that a new thread will avoid relying on old posts created before the current state of the game. But volunteer mods' marching orders are whatever they are, even if the people giving them probably shouldn't be doing anything more complex than asking after our preference regarding fries with that. However, if mods intend to continue locking productive discussions because the OP failed to locate whatever existing thread(s) the mod thinks they should have used...the least they can do is include a link to what they consider an acceptable thread for the discussion being locked. If that's too much trouble for them, why the hell are they telling the OP to do it?
  3. Nope, though my lack of concern has nothing to do with disagreeing it's imminent. That which sinks deserves to sink.
  4. Then you should have no problem pointing me to the legal authority that prohibits children from playing an ESRB M-rated game, right? But, at least as far as US law goes (and I don't mean to speak beyond its scope), there's no such authority. For further discussion of why that's the case, I suggest reading Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Ass'n, 564 U.S. 786 (2011). If what you mean to say is 'I feel strongly about who should be allowed to play M-rated games,' cool. But your personal feeling about what others ought to do is hardly an objective matter, and your false equivalency between M-rated games and the age of consent won't fly in any court other than the one between your ears.
  5. The fault would obviously be mine, for failing to teach them the Eleventh Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Get Caught.
  6. This pseudo-logic never fails to amuse me. That the ESRB "believes [F13 the Game] is generally suitable for those aged 17 years and older" does not have any inherent meaning as to what people should do. Certainly it's not determinative of what they're legally allowed to do.
  7. I'd rather they just fixed the numerous balance issues they've created since launch, rather than change this fundamental mechanic. The sooner Jarvis spawns, the more chances you have to kill him with your mask still on. Having him only spawn after four deaths means he's invulnerable until a time when Jason has already taken significant damage.
  8. The plus is the same reason removing FF was a Jason nerf: using shotguns in groups/when someone has been grabbed is currently risk-free for counselors. However, it wouldn't help much unless Jason got credit for betrayals within X distance of him.
  9. That's one of the many bugs, though, rather than balance. They claimed they fixed it before, and of course they didn't. It's like watching a 2 year-old poke at a computer with a dull stick, hoping they'll hit the one spot that would actually fix the issue they want to fix, instead of the hundred spots that will just fuck things up worse. Guess which spot the 2 year-old hits 99 times out of 100
  10. Then: great game, when it works right (rarely). Now: shitty game, when it works right (mostly, except for Jason kills and windows).
  11. 1. Jason's hit detection when slashing. 2. The number of counselor items. 3. Windows back to launch (seriously, how could anyone get something so right and then goatfuck it so completely?). 4. Grab width (major) and length (minor). 5. Medic changed to only fully heal yourself/another no matter how damaged...no more 2x per spray. 6. Remove inability to attack after block. 7. Remove auto-lock from combat stance...so annoying.
  12. After the October patch, all we really needed balance-wise was: (1) fix hit detection, (2) revert windows to launch, and (3) slightly lengthen and roughly double in width near Jason the grab "cone." Now, after December...I truly think it's broken beyond saving. The above fixes alone would buff Jason significantly, but nothing will make grabbing a thing again except severely nerfing PKs back to 4+Jarvis. If we're just slashing and repairing, this game is just a shitty version of DbD. Grab kills and jump scares were F13's best part. But they can't gut the ridiculous number of knives and sprays now, because every new player gained since December has no clue how to play without Crazy Ralph's Doomsday Emporium--they'd rage, then quit.
  13. Yesterday I had one Jason just fail to drop despite a proper sweater stun followed by several quick bat whacks (yes, I was close enough)...think it was because he was too close to a building corner, and another drop to his knees and then slide -- on his knees the whole time -- halfway across the map away from Tommy. Never seen that one before. In terms of venting, this is more about the players than the game, but it never fails to amuse me. This morning, I join a full QP lobby and spawn into Higgins Small. I run up to get the sweater right away, run smack into Jason, and then proceed to beat the shit out of him for a minute or two; three others show up and it turns into a gangbang. Less than five minutes into the match, Jason rage-quits without a single kill. Back in the lobby full of people between level 80 and 150, everyone agrees (1) that guy was a pussy for not staying and fighting, (2) Jason is desperately in need of a huge buff, and (3) there are way too many knives, sprays, and shotguns on the map. Next game, same map, and I'm Part IV. A gang of 5 repair the 4 seater and try the same thing with me right away. After a few teabags and "Eeeeeasy Jason!" taunts, they realize they've bitten off more than they can chew when two die in one swipe and a third dies by knife while trying to limp clear to heal. Two run off, and a new third loops in trying to get the car started hoping I chase the two running off. Jarvis spawns, there's noise about getting my mask off, and finally the bitching about my slashing begins in earnest. Jarvis and two more die in a scrum by the barn, leaving me with a Tiffany and a Vanessa to finish off. Last one dies with only 2:10 left on the clock, and the whining about how I suck for taking soooooo long and only went 8/8 because I slashed them to death reaches a salty crescendo. The cognitive dissonance must be intense
  14. Latest Purchases

    A HPG tarahumara and more open loop water cooling components than any of my uses could possibly justify. There's some kind of irony in that, for computer building, my most frequently-drawn on prior experience is years of old British V12 maintenance/modification.
  15. The Good: game concept. The Bad: game execution. The Fugly: forum moderation.