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  1. Shocking - almost like it's a 7v1 asymmetric multiplayer or something! Still, even a middling Chad or Vanessa can easily run out the clock on Part 3. Being the most viable of a bunch of impotent Jason builds does not an "OP" make.
  2. Why? It's not like the devs can only fix a few things in each patch, few to none of them correctly, and we only get a patch every couple mont....oh, shit.
  3. Even as it stands now, I prefer the distance-judging/swing/bait/block of melee encounters. If they ever clean up the terrible combat stance/blocking system, melee will be much more interesting than 'grab, knife, run'. But there's no denying the kills look cool and were a substantial part of the game's budget and coding.
  4. As long as slashing's hit detection remains incredibly terrible, there wouldn't be any argument: grabbing is 100% effective, particularly up close/indoors/when the counselor is standing still putting in a part or getting out of a trap. Slashing in each and every one of those circumstances is 50/50 at best and never hits at worst (looking at you, whichever moron(s) made it impossible to slash a counselor doing a part or a trap). I groan every time I have to deal with those and don't have a knife handy. What I want to do is use the giant goddamn MEAT CLEAVER I'm toting around for its intended purpose. What I have to do is resign myself to losing out on a perfectly great opportunity to kill a counselor (often obtained by careful use of Stalk-Sense-Shift) and getting a knife in my neck.
  5. Enough is enough

    If its principal value is as a training tool for multiplayer, doesn't that really say all that needs to be said about the importance of multiplayer?
  6. My ego is not the issue - as far as I'm concerned every suicide/disconnect makes my job as Jason easier (from a counselor perspective, of course, it sucks balls). The question is how should the game enable a player to attack their opponent: solely by being better at escaping/surviving, or should they also be able to inflict a 'hit' by disconnect/suicide? I suppose that could be approached from the normative perspective of 'what's the right thing to have the game do?' but I'm more looking at it from a utilitarian 'what's minimizing non-ideal gameplay?' angle. Disconnects and suicides are not happening because the XP loss actually hurts Jason; people otherwise powerless to prevent the inevitable are doing it as a simple fuck you. A 'fuck you' only works as such if the person considering doing it believes the action is actually denying Jason something. Knowing Jason - at minimum - doesn't lose anything if they quit would sharply reduce suicides and rage quits. Some people would be so motivated not to get killed by [insert player name here] that they'd still do it, but as DbD has shown us that's almost 100% fixable by making rage quits slightly more beneficial for the opponent. tl;dr - counselors should be able to deliver fuck you's to Jason with weapons, crackers, knives, sprays, escapes, and sweater kills...and that's it. Result would be fewer opt-outs.
  7. Incorrect. I don't give any fucks about achievements, and even if I did "Gotta Kill 'Em All' is already done; nor do I really care about the XP as XP. I think I have something like 138k CP, and I'll go from level 147 to 150 whenever it happens. What I do care about is ensuring, once the match starts, the only way a counselor gets to feel like they gave Jason the middle finger is by surviving/escaping. I'd never say you stop people from quitting, but there's no reason to give them the power to inflict any kind of a cost on Jason other than by skill.
  8. Hahahahaha...wait, were you serious? Sure, Part 3 is easily the best Jason to play right now, but he's still routinely turned into the counselors' personal chew toy.
  9. They're not listing these changes, because they don't know they're making them. They don't know they're making them, because they don't know what the hell they're doing. And so 'round and 'round it goes.
  10. So what? It's maybe a minute faster than the same thing occurring with everyone meeting Jason at the Packanack Small parking lot to get butchered. Farmers gonna farm. I've said it before, and the way this game is run I'll likely have to say it again: balancing game mechanics based on avoiding corner-case trolling/exploiting as priority #1 results in a shittier experience for most players. It's stupid.
  11. Mother said kill them all, not kill them all before they're able to kill each other/themselves. From Jason's perspective, it's a 20 minute match inside a sealed environment with defined exit options; suicides/betrayals/disconnects all screw with that basic concept. I'll agree with you the moment there are literally only two possible outcomes for each counselor in the lobby at match start: escape/survive, or die to Jason. But this game and these devs will never, ever produce that in a working format (e.g., slotting a bot into the counselor's place with the same stats/inventory the counselor had before dying/disconnecting). So long as we have suicides, betrayals, and quit/disconnects as exit options for those counselor slots, there's a basis for crediting Jason with XP for those deaths. Last night my first match involved watching a decent but noobish Part 7 kill off everyone but me and two other people, while I got the 4 seater running as Vanessa by roughly 6 minutes in. Jarvis spawned and found the other two, so I drove over to the group and said let's go! Response: 'nah, we're good, you can go.' I escape, and get to enjoy the next 14 minutes watching these three braindead morons troll this poor Jason. While it was nice he finally killed one of them before time ran out, it was boring as shit. And I told them that in the lobby. Response: 'fuck you, just leave - we play how we want!' Next match, I'm Part 4 on Jarvis and wouldn't you know it I find Tommy from last game at the first cabin I morph to. As I slit his throat I say, 'Tell your friends they're next.' Within a minute or so, both his pals pop up on my screen suicides...and I'm supposed to miss out on credit for causing those deaths? I mean, I'm Level 147 so it doesn't really matter...but still, on principle I say no
  12. Vacuum interactions

    I had the good fortune to do this to some unlucky SOB recently, but because I guessed he'd be dropping out the window I was ready...looked just like I'd grabbed him in midair before he even touched the ground
  13. What to Expect in 2018

    We can expect a group of Dunning-Kruger exemplars to continue driving an excellent concept/AAA IP gift into the ground.
  14. I mean, I did find an A-10 Warthog just sitting there in a campsite on Packanack Small...BRRRRRRT