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  1. Whatever it is, im excited about it and hopefully this is not full of bugs or something else thats gonna ruin it. Can't wait, just the soon(tm) is gonna tilt me
  2. The Last Blue dot "teaser" was ridiculous. They should learn from their mistakes and that Blue dot was hated from everyone
  3. Please Jesus no, Last Time was no fun. I Hoped you learned from it Q-Q
  4. Yea because they wanted to honor her after her death. And i think they didnt have her rights? So they had to get the allowance from her responsible family members. I'm happy it worked all out and im pretty sure her family will be proud aswell Especially since she legit looks like the hottest girl. In the movie she looked kinda older, but on the screen she looks really really pretty. No more Tiffany
  5. Depending on the rights they have they may or may not have the rights to the name from P3 aka Chuck. I'm pretty sure this whole license thing is really restrictive, but Mitch or Chuck, both sounds nice
  6. She looks amazing Great job at the people who designed her.
  7. maaaan cant wait to see the new map, feels bad to be a pc player for once :/ but also nice knowing consoles arent being treated like shit anymore
  8. Ok thats nice. Still have my orange Thick skin, guess that'll be a must now for me atleast.
  9. Ehhh. Well i guess the eating trap thing with the double med spray perk was too op. Even tho i dont kinda like this.
  10. Since Mitch is confirmed and Fox leaked, that makes 2 tho. But since a blonde girl was requested since the release i bet my pants the next pack of Counselors has one blonde chick in there.
  11. It was confirmed 2 counselors were coming. I guess it was a mistake on Sony's side.
  12. I knew Fox was gonna be the second one, shot in their knees cuz it wouldve been a great surprise, but amazing non the less they found the person for her rights.
  13. Is the Patch coming for PC still at the 13th? Or also sometime soon?
  14. The team confirmed on Twitter there is more counselors coming, the stoner is the first one coming and the other(s) coming later, they dont want to bring it out all at once. If were super lucky, we might see Fox
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