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  1. Teabagging? Nah that's funny. Exploiting and glitching that's not funny.
  2. Sorry but fuck these kids. They deserve to be banned. Sorry guys but I despise these assholes.
  3. I have played 5 matches tonight in which all have been with different people because NO ONE talked. The game really sucks ass when people choose to be silent and/or only play in Party chat. I'm done trying for today. Rant over. Post really has no purpose but for us who like to play the game as it's meant to be played to be able to vent a little....
  4. Yup it seems he's salty about not being able to glitch... just like the 12 year old kids get salty... glad he's all pissed and showing his immature true colors.
  5. Yup. Most twitch streamers just put their face there and play the same game you can be playing. I still don't get their "fan base"
  6. Just out of curiosity. I looked into the twitch feed and Friday is way down there even after Arma 3 (which is an old ass game) and I saw two people streaming with big numbers. Guess the days of glitching and shitting are over
  7. I honestly think that is too much trouble for people who really don't care about the game. They should just drop off and switch back to COD.
  8. I'm 32, I like video games and long walks on the beach.... lol Been gaming since I was 5. Love the Friday the 13th franchise. Love the game. Hate the exploiters and own the Savini skin (plz no hate). See you in game! PS4!
  9. The problem is that as it stands if the Jason is good he will get you once you are spotted. I think buffing Jason might deter people away a little bit as he is right on the spot with power.
  10. @Moe9999633 I didn't mean it as a personal attack to you. Just YouTube/twitch streamers are usually shitters in my book. They over exaggerate/act everything like Adam Sandler in all of his movies. Anyway. The point is that streamers are the main reason all of the Friday the 13th population know about these glitches.
  11. This is not funny. He's just being a fucktard. Last time some kids - infantile - dumbasses did this and I was playing Jason I just ended the game for everyone since I was host. Ohhh... what's that? No more farming XP while I'm host
  12. I just had a match that I was Jason and even tried to make it fun for everyone and scare the hell out of them and everything but all 4 remaining counselors hopped on the roof and I gave them a chance to stop glitching but they were just taunting me up there. I reported their asses and also ended the game for everyone. Luckily I was host . But seriously these children need to stop.
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