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  1. Hi! this is my 8th post here on the forums i recently noticed in only a few cases that some items have fallen into the floor and cannot be picked up, i will list underneath what i have seen and noticed get stuck/float into the ground. First aid spray (the top sticks out of the floor but you cannot pick it up) Propeller Car Keys Weapons - if someone dies the weapons can dissapear into the floor or in one case someone died in the water and the shotgun was floating on the water Other short things to mention are: Floating weapons and bear traps Weapons not appearing in place of one you picked up but somewhere else for example i pick up a wrench on a desk and the machete i swapped it for will be on the ground and not the desk where the wrench was People getting stuck in the Jason grab animation and floating around (they float around in the choke animation) Thank you to the development team and community if anyone has experienced any of these issues then please add to my post here
  2. Hi! this is my 7th post here on the forums Another point i want to make is about Tommy Jarvis, when someone who has been picked to be him but drops out of the game/leaves he just drops dead instead of being migrated to another player, it isn't fair working hard to call him and have you'r only second chance blown away by someone leaving the game. To add to this it would be great to have host migrate when the previous host leaves the game as this is commonplace in my experience especially when you are playing as Jason and take the host out right off the start then they usually rage quit and everyone loses XP and CP. Huge thank you to the community here and the development team
  3. Hi! this is my 6th post here on the forums and today i have a bit of a strange one XD, while playing i have noticed bodies stand up or shoot off flying into the air or in some cases completely disappear into the ground along with items such as medicine spray, car keys, propeller etc, this is especially annoying when you need them to escape but can't.
  4. Hi! this is my 5th post here on the forums, yesterday evening i played a couple quick fire sessions with some pretty intense situations but it came around for my 2nd game and previously i was attacked for no reason by a the same teammate, they followed me at the begging of the next match and while i was searching in the drawers for supplies i was shot in the back with a shotgun for no reason, after coming back as Tommy Jarvis they attempted again to kill me for no reason with a wrench and i had to fight back but then Jason ended up killing me because of it, the gamertag of this terrible player is SWIP_IZZLE for reference and the platform is playstation 4
  5. Thank you for the feedback i mean no disrespect or to start a war just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts and thank you for the information on the glitched animation too
  6. I have just over 100+ hours but had a bug that wiped all my cp and level, the patch fixed it for me so no problems since and the door he smashed in two hits was a small cabin door
  7. Thank you for the feedback everyone, i'm not trying to point at anyone here so i'm sorry if anyone is offended
  8. I didn't know how to put video footage from my PlayStation capture gallery onto here as a reference for the things he did so i apologize for only having my word to back my points up
  9. Hi! this is my 4th post on the forum and a one i am dead nervous about recently when playing i stumbled upon 2 matches against the tom Savini jason and i have a few problems with it. Before i get started i am not having a poke or prod at anyone for using him i just want to give some feedback so please don't butcher me for it. He can knock down full barricaded doors in 2 strikes and this is on ps4 for reference and can make me limp with 2 strikes even though i have a 41% damage resistance perk equipped. I think he is a pay to win character, if you backed and paid money then you can win easily by having this jason, being able to knock down doors in 2 strikes almost makes him have rage mode at the start of a match and the fact he deals so much damage makes any chance of stunning him or fighting him with a melee weapon almost impossible. I'm an experienced player with well over 100+ hours of playtime and i am around level 35, i know how to fight well but going up against him felt like the odds were always in his favor despite what we did. I dare to mention he has impossible grip too like all jasons but i was playing tommy and even the meter despite my taps couldn't fill an inch, i just want to make sure this jason is balanced and fair like the rest, there is no way for me to see his stats without having him which makes it even harder to know if he does have any weakness at all. Thank you to anyone who reads this and the amazing team behind this game P.s i didn't mean to offend or point fingers at anyone who has or uses him, i am simply giving feedback on my experience and the character itself.
  10. Thank you everyone i will take a look
  11. Hi! there everyone this is my first time on a forum so i thought i would post a little bit about me to give all you fellow slashers a heads up. I am an anime fan and hardcore gamer at heart and love playing with my friends and meeting new ones i first came across this game back at the leaked news and followed it up ever since as i am a avid movie fan and loved the infamous hockey mask killer. Bringing my best ideas and suggestions to the forum is my number one aim, i hope by posting i can help make this amazing game all that much better. I want to give a huge thank you to the men and women behind the creation of this game! we will never get a better Friday The 13th video game and this is only the start! i know it will strive much further with all of us here supporting them! Thank you for reading everyone! and stay safe out there!
  12. Hi! this is my 3rd post on the forum so i am thankful to everyone who takes the time to read them so that being said i will get right into it The car 95% of the time give or take the connection and ping seems to be jittery and so uncontrollable when driving it makes it almost impossible to escape unless you drive really slow, the turns make you slide into the barriers or object and the car itself jitters forwards or backwards depending if you are reversing or not making it completely useless when trying to escape. This also ties the boat in as that has the same problem, i do not know if this is related to host ping or connection or is a general problem but i thought it was worth posting up here in case anyone else has experienced the same thing. I played one game today out of 100+ hours and finally could put the peddle down when escaping as it did not mess up I hope this can be looked into and hopefully fixed if it is a bug, as always thank you to anyone who reads this post and a huge thanks to the amazing team behind this game!
  13. Hi! this is my second post on the forum so please go easy on me people I had a great idea for the game which would add a unique feel and remove the bore factor of the same old intro cinematic with the blue shirt man, i thought maybe give some of the Jason's some unique introduction cinematic. For example Jason part 7 could walk out from the water and onto the campfire where the characters are or Jason part 6 could open his coffin and stand up from it? i feel as though this could make the game that little bit more interesting. Thank you for anyone who reads this post and to the amazing talent behind the creation of this game
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