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  1. The name of the first final girl. Yes, I've seen the movies but not YESTERDAY. If you can remember the name of every final girl from every movie you've ever seen, your memory is much better than most people's. Most people who've signed up for this forum had to google that and then read through the sites Google brings up. It's not simple. It's redundant to ask the question in the first place since there's also a captcha. Why have both? And if they're THAT security concerned, why doesn't the forum use https so people's passwords don't get stolen?
  2. That's a rule? Why? I've never seen a rule like that before on any forum. I certainly never made an introductory post; that's not something any reasonable person would predict. Do people get banned for that? Of course, this is also the first forum that's made me do five minutes of Google research to answer a question just to sign up...
  3. What I said was extremely tame. Have you seen any other forum about any other topic on the entire internet? If you won't "tolerate" mild flaming then that would make you one of the harshest mods I've ever seen. Saying someone is a pushover isn't an insult. He's a pushover because of the excuses he's making for a broken game. And he's trying to force his opinion onto others. If he wasn't, I wouldn't be calling him out.
  4. Ungrateful? Exactly what is there to be grateful for? People have the right to be upset when they pay for something that doesn't work like it should. You're a pushover just like the other guy. I asked a question based off of your general attitude. I didn't accuse you of anything. R->C->P
  5. People care about custom titles on an internet forum (and an insecure one at that)? Now I've heard it all. Gun SHOULD be ashamed. And nothing anyone has said here is deserving of even a temporary ban, much less a permanent one. Are you high? Are you also one of the people demanding bans for people who kill other counselors or for other dumb reasons? Every single thing you've said in this thread has shown you to be an EXTREME pushover. You can't argue with that.
  6. Yet another post making excuses for Gun's gigantic amount of fuckups. "What if they didn't make the game?" Then they wouldn't be wasting everyone's time with all these screwups, that's what. And people would have $40 to $60 more to purchase another game that wasn't a glitchfest. They didn't make the game out of the goodness of their hearts. They made it for $$$$$. Nothing and no one is above criticism. Ever. Next you'll say, "Making games iz hard, guise. Let's see YOU make a better game." That's the kind of idiocy you're spewing. Imagine YOU never made this dumb post full of excuses. Then I wouldn't have wasted my time reading it. "Don't criticize something I like!" That's not how it works, buddy.
  7. Would you really want them to be spending a lot of time making a new Jason rather than spending time fixing their damn game?
  8. Consoles are P2P. People say PC is dedicated servers but I'm not entirely sure. When Steam is down for maintenance, people can't play. If they use dedicated servers, why would it matter if Steam is up?
  9. If you're in front of the car, don't shift/morph behind it. Shift/morph CLOSER in front of it. They'll think you're warping behind it and will gun it right into you. The key is to not be so predictable.
  10. I almost never camp the car as Jason. At most I set one trap and only check back on occasion or if I see it moving on my map. I've found that counselors rarely coordinate well enough to fix the car and it's fairly easy to catch them if they do. They're even worse at making good decisions while driving the car. If I do catch a cluster of counselors around the car, I hand out melee kills to all involved. No one gets free shots at me while I grab people. My apologies if that means you never get to use pocket knives on me. I'd actually call camping the car a bad strategy that only gets used by bad Jasons. There are other priorities for Jasons who have any idea what they're doing. If other players can't handle Jasons who camp the car, I'd call them bad counselors.
  11. If they ever put in a perk like that, then when I'm Jason I will melee all counselors to death. No more grabs from me.
  12. I also advise this for the people who demand that others play a certain way, like yourself. Segregating yourselves from the rest of us will minimize your need to whine about people daring to have fun. Everyone wins!
  13. You can just block players on PS4 if you absolutely cannot stand being in games with people who dare to play the game to win or have fun, like the player you mentioned. That's a pretty shitty attitude for you to have, however. Other people don't play to entertain YOU. You don't have that right. So keep blocking players like that until you can no longer get into games.
  14. "Play this game in a very specific way that I personally find entertaining!" Pretty tired of seeing things like this.
  15. That's some serious paranoia you've got going on there. This is a pretty dumb thing to think. It all comes down to poor QA work by Gun. That's it.
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