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  1. I have no idea what fleek means either. 1 more to add to my google search Lol. Thanks for saving me a search. Seems like a bad idea.
  2. PS4 - offline bots - Higgins haven small Blairs cove - Smashed the generator and lights in that section did not go out. Smashed all of the other generators on the map, and that section still had the lights on. The generator was on the cabin that had the Jarvis radio inside, if that helps.
  3. The whole emote argument seems to be divided by two different types of people who are looking for 2 different experiences from this game. There's the group that is simply looking for a fun video game to play. The more options for customization the better. Then there's the group of die hard F13 fans who are looking for an experience that loosely mimics the films they love. I backed this game expecting the latter, based on statements the Devs made during the kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately, they seem to have shifted their priorities in the past few months, to cater to video game fans and not F13 fans. It is what is. The devs can't rollback DLC that people paid for. There are enough casual fans that I expect to see more of these features coming in the future. I've given up on getting back the F13 experience this game offered in the early months. Even with mechanics, balance, and bugs being fixed it will never quite be the same game. Emotes aren't going anywhere. I have begrudgingly learned to live with them. Hopefully some balance changes can make using the emotes too risky, and we'll see them fade away, while at least still being available to those that feel they add something to the game.
  4. I couldn't agree more with this. I don't wanna try to clean up the mess someone else made as Jason. It could even turn into a new method of trolling. Stay in your shack for the first 5 minutes and then quit as all the objectives are being finished, and leave someone else to deal with it. No thanks.
  5. If Overwatch put in that Dva emote I would buy it. That would be great to use after launching my self-destruct and getting that triple kill. In F13, no thank you.
  6. If the Devs decide to make Jason a threat again, most of the emotes will simply go away. Those that try to continue trolling with them will likely end up dead that much quicker.
  7. I'm just up the road from you in West Bend Wisconsin
  8. Jason modifiers. The ability to choose the cool down time on Jason's abilities. Lower cool downs for chaotic fun, or longer cool downs for a stiffer challenge. Choice to start match with all abilities available, or choose the order your abilities unlock. Choice of strengths/weaknesses for Jason. We all have our individual favorite Jason models, as well as our favorite strengths for Jason. Since balance isn't an issue, let us choose what +/- stats can be equipped on our favorite Jason. (People will rejoice at being able to use Savini stats on their preferred Jason). Jason weapon choice. I know you guys have heard this one a million times (because it's a good idea). The ability to choose what weapon Jason equips, and the kills that go along with that weapon. This would be great in multiplayer as well. Bot modifiers. Bots wear whatever outfit you have selected for multiplayer. Choice of bots. If I want to get better at chasing Vanessa, let me play against 7 of them. Choice of bot playstyle. I know this one would be a huge undertaking, but I thought I'd include it anyway. Passive bots - evading Jason is their primary focus. Objective bots - teaming up in small groups to push objectives. Combative bots - bots that are looking to pick a fight. Game modifiers. Adjustable time limit. Let me set the match time to an hour if I decide I want to stalk and really toy with my prey. Choice of escape options for bots.
  9. https://geektyrant.com/news/jason-voorhees-confirmed-to-be-a-deadite-from-the-evil-dead If you take part 9 as canon, then yes Jason is a deadite, and Pamela used the Necromicon to bring him back. http://www.dreadcentral.com/news/261167/exclusive-jason-goes-hell-retrospective-documentary-announced/ Also there is a documentary being made just about JGTH.
  10. I found and killed a bot hiding in an outhouse tonight. First time I've ever seen one utilize that particular hiding spot.
  11. I actually had a bot hide in an outhouse tonight. I was tracking a Bugzy with sense, as he was out of view, when he suddenly vanished. I came up to the area where his red silhouette disappeared, and the only hiding spots were a couple of outhouses. Sure enough, got the kill in the first one I checked. I've played a ton against the bots and have never seen them hide in an outhouse before.
  12. They also seem to be under the impression that the water is a safe hiding place.
  13. I did. When I first picked it up it replaced my shotgun. I thought the shotgun was too close to the car and that was maybe the cause. So I dropped the battery a few paces away and picked up the shotgun and moved that a few paces away. Then went back to the battery and tried to install. Still no prompt. Dropped the battery and went on to other things. Came back to it again later and ran it to the other car. Same result.
  14. PS4 Packanack Tommy Jarvis Someone dropped the battery right in front of a car which had a Jason trap in the same space. I was able to pick up the battery without triggering the trap. I stepped in the trap, healed, then attempted to install the battery. No prompt came up to install the battery. I ran the battery to the other car and had the same result after tanking the trap on that car as well. No prompt to install the battery.
  15. I know it goes without saying, but Harry Manfredini really is a genius!!
  16. I'd like to be able to place a trap in the exact location as the trap that was triggered by a counselor. Currently you cant place a trap over a used one. Which means if you killed the guy who stepped in the phone trap, and now you want to place a new trap at that objective, you have to place it around the first one. This usually results in the second trap being much easier to avoid.
  17. Mitch is the groundskeeper. It's a convenient job for him considering he's growing some plants of his own on the less traveled parts of the campground. Fox is there serving out a community service sentence for a misdemeanor charge. Just my thoughts.
  18. This does answer my question. Thank you for taking the time to explain it. I have no interest in this, but I can understand that it would be a nice nod towards streamers.
  19. I don't know much about Twitch. What would be the benefit of their logo showing up in game? Sorry if this is a really dumb question.
  20. 0. I've been having terrible luck. Between hosts quitting and connection time outs, I've only finished about 3 out of 10 matches. After 2 or 3 matches that I can't complete, I switch to bots, where I know my double xp is guaranteed. It's still fun and no douchebags. No tapes either, but they're not worth the hassle of fighting to even complete a match.
  21. Same thing happened to me. Shot him with the shotgun and used 2 of my 3 pocket knives on him and I got 0 xp for it. I double checked for "fight back" xp at the end of the match and it wasn't there. I'm wondering if Jason traps by car doors are working properly. I by-passed one that I expected to catch me, but the car door animation pulled me into the car right over it. Maybe I got lucky? PS4
  22. I heard someone say they think the difficulties for easy and hard are swapped. Bots seem to fight back more on easy than they do on hard. That could be wrong. Just what I heard. Regardless, the difference in difficulty level is very minor.
  23. PS4 Crystal Lake large. Jason part 8. Bots on easy (hard?). I watched a Deborah hide under a bed in a corner of the cabin. I pressed the prompt to kill her in her hiding spot and her character then appeared to float above the the bed about 3 feet. She floated above the bed in a laying posture (like she was still hiding). Could not grab or melee her. The bed appeared smashed as if nobody was hiding there. She was still alive. I left the area and killed her later after she came out of her hiding spot. Tommy Jarvis bot. Opening drawers until he is interacted with, or simply not moving out in the open. Basically afk. Grab, knife, melee. Nothing got him to move. Packanck large. Jason part 8. Bots (not sure what level) A.J. successfully installs battery but is stuck in the installation animation. The car hood is closed, and A.J. has said "I think I put that in right". Yet she is still in the repair animation. I was still able to grab and melee her. Jarvis map. Bots. No boat.
  24. Gonna have to disagree with you. I'm looking forward to playing against bots and not dealing with trolls, or silly dance emotes. Even if it means the gameplay is dumbed down. I'm sure others are as well.
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