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  1. This thread contains Jason and counselor character models.
  2. Have you read anything from a developer saying that is a feature coming in the next patch?....no....then it's not.
  3. I do this also. Except I always use the crying emote.
  4. Good luck with the new title guys!
  5. Sorry this is a bit off topic. I didn't want to start a new thread to ask a simple question. If I set a bear trap as a counselor, then escape/die, and Jason steps in it while im in the spectate lobby, do i still get the trap stat towards the badge progession?
  6. I actually like spawning at the phone house. Hide under a bed and Jason has no way of knowing you're there. As soon as he morphs away, tank his trap. He just used his morph, so he has no way of getting back to chase you. Then, search the nearby cabins for the fuse.
  7. Considering Jason's weakness against groups, I think this would just turn into a Jason troll party. Jason would end up as the hunted every time.
  8. Nay. I still like @AldermachXI's idea of leveling up perks through in game play. This would add a huge breath of fresh air to the game. A new tier for the current system adds nothing interesting to how perks are acquired. It's just dumb luck.
  9. I really don't have bad experiences with toxicity or children. The mute button is my best friend in a QP lobby.
  10. I absolutely got my money's worth. I actually wish I would have pledged 1 tier higher.
  11. This looks fantastic! Hopefully with the new engine update they can add back some of the movement animations we saw in the beta.
  12. This exactly illustrates my point. Its a video game and thus many people expect it to play out like a normal video game. However, as soon as they acquired the F13 license and made a game with Jason Voorhees as the killer, many fans expected the game to play out as close to the movies as possible. I'm not saying my perspective on the game is the right one. It's right for me. Yours is right for you and your perspective of the game. Bottom line is, it will likely never play exactly the way you want it to, nor will it play exactly the way I want. The question becomes, is it close enough for you to still enjoy playing it.
  13. I want the game to feel as much like one of the movies as possible (at least in my head). I feel like I should only escape 3 or 4 times out of 10. It makes those few escapes all the more thrilling. I like being killed in the game. Especially if I did something before I died that helped someone else escape or I put up a good chase. I think it's one of the biggest areas where this community is split. A lot of people want the game to feel like one of the movies. They're more interested in participating a F13 movie experience (at least as close as they can get considering it's a game). This is the category I put myself in. On the flip side there are a ton of people who are just looking for a fun video game experience. They're not trying to see themselves in a movie. They just want to have fun and have a fair shot at escaping. This is why I don't think the game will ever be balanced to make everyone happy. Both sides are going to have to compromise a bit and meet in the middle somewhere.
  14. I meant I'd like to see the scales tip more in Jason's direction based on where he is currently. I agree Jason should be OP.
  15. Gotcha. I think ultimately the answer to the original post is: it's not possible to balance the game to make everyone happy. The last patch I thought was terrible. I enjoyed the game most last summer after launch. I think this current patch is a good compromise. I'd prefer to see the scales tip ever so slightly more in Jason's direction. You seem to feel they should tip a bit more towards counselor. Everyone sees the game a bit differently and hence it'll never be able to achieve balance for everyone.
  16. Yes I do lone wolf all the time. I know my escape rate would be higher if I communicated or played in a group. I enjoy the chaos of QP and not knowing what im getting into with each lobby I join. Feels more like a real horror movie to me that way. If others are trying to work together I follow. If not I do as much as I can on my own. Sounds like you survive more often than not. Why do you want to see that made easier for you? Genuine question. Not being snarky.
  17. Again I respectfully disagree. I only play QP matches and I survive/escape about 50% of the time simply by doing the things you mention as teamwork.
  18. I respectfully disagree. We wouldnt have counselors set up with the specific strengths and weaknesses they have if it wasnt intended for them to work together.
  19. This is very true from my experience. I participated in killing Jason twice last week while in QP lobbies where nobody had a mic.
  20. He did use a few knives on us, but everyone just healed after. I agree that he probably should have utilized stalk shift more often. He seemed to be trying to wear us down, and run us out of stamina. He was playing Roy.
  21. I had a very unusual game the other night. QP lobby on Higgins Haven. I realize pretty quickly that everyone else in the lobby is all grouped up together. I go investigate to find Jason is surrounded, and every person he grabbed someone else would stun him. That went on for 20 minutes. He managed to kill 1 person just before the time expired. He tried slashing, grabbing, morphing away and then stalk shifting back in. Nothing worked. There was always someone healing slash victims and stunning him when he grabbed. Time expired with no objectives completed and Jason went 1/7. He was a level 98 player. I know level doesn't reflect skill. Just stating that he wasn't new to the game. I kinda felt bad for him/her.
  22. Yeah that's weird that it would be inconsistent. I wonder if which slot the perk is in makes a difference. I know a few months back perk slots were impacting how specific perks were working.
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