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  1. My concern doesn't stem from the lawsuit. It's more about them not wanting to include art that didn't make it in the game.
  2. Agreed. I'm worried the art book will be delayed because now they have to remove art based on content that won't make the game. I hope they include everything they have.
  3. If you find anything out about these items, please share. I've been wondering about these as well.
  4. I have a photo OP in a couple of weeks at Flashback Weekend in Chicago with Steve Dash, Ted White, Tom Morga, C.J. Graham, and Ken Kirzinger, all in costume. I wish Kane was in it as well, but I think he's shooting somewhere. Pretty excited about it. On topic. I'm not even sure I would want to attend the Gun panel even if I lived in the area. Too depressing.
  5. Could you possibly post a link to the posted photos. Or just point me in the right direction. I'd like to see them. Thanks in advance. Forget it. I'm an idiot. I found what you guys were referring to.
  6. I have always respected the way you handle yourself. Especially when everyone else was screaming. Thank you for all the testing and write ups you did on the playbook. It helped many of us more than you know.
  7. I'd love to see Uber get released as well...but this is a dead horse.
  8. Just had another counselor match with the interaction lock. Couldn't swing my weapon or do anything else. Good times!!
  9. I wonder if any of the future content, such as the Lazerus, will be in the art book. They said they wanted to include everything possible. Also makes me wonder if it will be delayed further to remove future content that can longer be released. I sure hope not!
  10. I agree with this. Hiding is a useful strategy. There have been times I've gone into hiding while waiting for others to lead Jason away so I can make a crucial repair. It can take more than 2 minutes.
  11. Favorite quote of the day. I hope you mute your mic while your eating those. ? I voted for host quitting because its closest to my biggest annoyance. Connection errors. I don't know if these are a result of the hosts internet, or if its something on the games end. These get me the most. Host quitting, and Jason quitting is something that a person is responsible for. Connection errors is a fault of poor service. To me, that's more frustrating. Screaming kids, DJs, racists and such don't bother me. I'm very generous with my ability to mute others. I immediately quit out of high ping lobbies and join a new one. If I notice a teamer or someone utilizing a glitch spot that Jason can't reach, I simply play out the match then search for a new lobby. I actually like lobbies where nobody is talking. It gives the game a little bit of extra tension, and prevents Jason from getting any extra info that could help him. I've become numb to the trolls at this point. But connection errors is the one thing I can't chalk up to someone just being a dick.
  12. What I wanted most was a part 6 and 7 map, as well as Tina as an alternate to Tommy. Grendel and Lazerus would have been cool maps to change up the gameplay a bit. Ultimately i really like the openness and setting of the current maps and wanted to see more like them. Even a part 9 map would have been welcome. There are tons of other things I would have loved to see, but Forest Green map, Shepard residence map, and hero Tina are what I wanted the most. Oh, and all the killpacks. The 3 we got are great! Was really looking forward to the rest of them.
  13. I had a similar experience last week. Not quite the same thing though. (PS4) I was back as Tommy and got slashed to the point of limping, yet was able to sprint at full speed in the limping animation. I made it halfway across Higgins like that before it seemed to just correct itself. Maybe lag? I really don't know.
  14. Yes I do play on PS4. Lol I don't do it to be sweet. I just do it to get on to the next round and not make the lobby (if there's anyone left in it) wait around watching me jump through windows for 5 minutes and eventually die anyway.
  15. When I'm the last person alive and would rather die and start a new round than try to kite Jason for 10 minutes, I stand right out in the open and spam the crying and vomiting emote until I get killed.
  16. I think the reason the soundtrack and art book can still go out is because the sales on those are final. They haven't been available since the kickstarter/backerkit ended. They were sold before the cutoff date that the case has put in place. This is just my guess.
  17. @tyrant666 I think your list is pretty spot on to what mine would be. Unfortunately my #1 failure of the game was their inability to get it running smoothly after a full year of trying. Bugs, glitches, and connection errors caused me more frustration in this game than anything else. After a full year, we're no closer to a smooth playing experience. The excuses we've been given for the past year just don't cut it for me anymore. Dedicated servers will help. Too little too late? Probably. Jason balance is the 2nd biggest issue for me. He's just never felt imposing enough. At launch he was feared. As time went on he's become less and less of a threat due to unnecessary changes.
  18. I think its a great killpack. If they would drop any new ones before the end of the month (I know they wont) I'd still buy them.
  19. I would think Gun is just as frustrated as the rest of us with Illfonics inability to fix the game without breaking something new in the process. Sure they stand up for them and say they're doing a great job...because that's what they have to say. Behind closed doors I bet Gun complains just as much as we do about the endless string of bugs and glitches. Therefore I personally can't see them being in a hurry to team up again any time soon.
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