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  1. To each their own. I'm having tons of fun with the game and am willing to cut them slack. You have every right to be frustrated with how things have been handled and not cut them any slack.
  2. That may be true. I'm more interested in looking forward than second guessing a process (making and releasing a video game) I know nothing about. Gun has admitted they have had some missteps throughout this process. I'm sure they have learned from them which will make things that much smoother going forward.
  3. My point was simply that Gun has a tiny fraction of the resources available to them than a company like Rockstar. Yes they made money on the game but you can't just throw some money at it and it's magically fixed. Actual people need to do the work to fix it. If there is more work to do than manpower available its gonna take time.
  4. They can learn and master every move Rockstar has but without the capital or manpower of a company like Rockstar there's nothing to be gained from it.
  5. Rockstar is a AAA game company that made over 1 billion dollars on grand theft auto 5 alone. Gun/Illfonic is an independent game developer. Comparing the two has absolutely no merit!
  6. my family and friends go to Days of the dead (horror convention) every year in Chicago and we've started a nice little autograph collection. we've also done flashback weekend and do Chicago Comic Con every year. we've met Steve Dash, CJ Graham, Kane Hodder, Robert Englund, Tony Todd, Bruce Campbell, John Carpenter, George Romero, Cassandra Peterson (Elvira), Katharine Isabelle, Lance Hendricks, Linda Blair, Heather Langenkamp, Tony Moran, Danny Trejo, Gunnar Hansen, Doug Bradley, Lisa Wilcox, Cherri Currie, Lita Ford, Derrek Mears, John Russo, Dana DeLorenzo, Sid Haig, Bill Mosley, P.J. Soles, Ted Raimi, and a few others. i also have an Elvira autograph tattooed on my arm. my favorite of course.
  7. I agree. Look at a game like Overwatch by a AAA company like Blizzard. They still have bugs and glitches that creep into their game as well. And they have a PTR (public test region) which has thousands of (PC only) regular players basically testing out all of their patches before they go live to the main servers. Bugs/glitches still find their way into the game.
  8. Despite my forum name I'm not a pretty girl in a kick ass video game. I'm a normal dude from the Midwest (U.S.) who loves everything Friday the 13th. I play on PS4 and my gamer tag is: Vonschlitzy I do play with a Mic and consider myself a team player. Thanks for having me!
  9. I think the bottom line is if Jason's grab gets nerfed we'll see 10 times more people melee kill only when playing as Jason. I'd prefer that not happen. Just my opinion. Sorry this thread has gotten so far off topic. I hope the game isn't dying. I'm not going anywhere any time soon.
  10. I've run into this exact same exploit. It's infuriating!! (as are all intentional exploits) Unfortunately I don't think you can punish someone for an oversight on the developer side. We as a community need to simply contunue to respectfully bring these issues to the devs attention so they can patch them out. Im sure they hate seeing this far more than we do. Also I think losing cp would be a far more impactful punishment for whatever actions the devs find punishable. As others have stated once you're beyond level 31 the xp has a lot less impactful rewards. However you always want to be gaining cp for the chance at those epic counselor perks. And it should go backwards. If you have 50cp and do something punishable for 100cp it should put you at -50. I'm not suggesting which actions should be punished this way (that's up to the devs) but if there's something they want eliminated from this game I think losing cp hurts more than xp.
  11. I think its situational. The other night myself and another individual were escaping in the 2 seater when another player jumped in front of the car. I stopped and gave them ample time to see that the car was full and to move out of my way and stop preventing us from escaping. They just stood there and swung their weapon at us repeatedly. So I ran them over and we escaped. -1000xp in that situation I think is harsh but honestly it's exactly how I'll handle it when it happens again. Last night myself and another individual both spawned at the archery range and the other player immediately picked up the shotgun and shot me. 10 seconds into the match I was dead for no reason. -1000xp in that situation is more than reasonable. Bear traps I think should be -50xp and the kill description should be "watch your step" Side note: I like friendly fire being in the game. My first example is a situation I could see happening in a horror movie and I like being able to play that out in a game like this. The second example was unfortunate for me but I wouldn't want ff removed because of a few bad seeds. I'm not for or against the new penalty. Hopefully it removes a few trolls while real players will need to consider their actions a bit more carefully. Accidents will always happen though.
  12. I like the idea of friendly fire as well. I like the idea of 3 stubborn people standing on the dock with a boat that's ready to go. We've all seen movies where someone sacrifices another individual to save his own skin. I like being able to play that out in a game. Popcorn time.
  13. I've had this same problem and have died so many times because of it. I finally realized from watching others that the problem was me and my approach. I totally understand your frustration and wanting to take the fight to Jason but in the end your opponent is Jason Voorhees who should have the advantage in every scenario. Some small adjustments to your play style (that others here have mentioned) will make all the difference. I'm honestly still adjusting to it myself. #controllerslivesmatter
  14. I had a match last night where I was team killed in the first 10 seconds. Myself and another player spawned in the archery range. The other player immediately grabbed the shotgun and killed me while I was trying to get to the closest cabin. No idea why. I then watched him and his buddy spend the entire match exploiting some glitch in the barn where you walk on top of the stall walls and into some inaccessible space in the barn. It was a full 20 minute match of course. ?
  15. I don't think any part of Jason needs to be nerfed. I don't think people fully understand that they're supposed to die more often than they escape. Just my thoughts.
  16. For me the choice to melee kill is situational. I will sometimes melee kill the first couple counselors I commit to chasing just to quickly thin their numbers. However sometimes I prefer early grab attempts so that they have to use their knife. That's one less knife that can be used to disarm one of my traps. Basically early on in the match I go with whatever I feel is going to get the job done the quickest. Once I feel confident that I have the upper hand in the match then I go for grab kills exclusively. But if I feel like the counselors have the upper hand on me then I'm going to do whatever it takes to eliminate you in the quickest possible way. Not saying any way of playing is right or wrong just sharing how I play.
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