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  1. Sounds like much of the game is still being played on the rooftops. I'll check back in 3-4 months to see if it's been fixed properly.
  2. I cant complete a game against bots. Every time I get into a match the game completely crashes after 2 or 3 minutes. PS4
  3. The best part of the new PS plus crowd is they haven't yet discovered the dance party/tbag meta. I'll take a lobby of naive players trying to learn the game over a bunch cocky shit talking trolls who just want to beat on Jason any day. It's been fun hearing new players on mic get freaked out instead of taunting whoever is playing Jason.
  4. @ShiftySamurai Can you give us any insight as to why the ability to check the map during an animation has been changed?
  5. If the match doesn't end when Jason quits, think of what the trolls will do. Sit in the shack until the cops are called and both cars started, and then quit, leaving another person to fill in the Jason roll. If I've been waiting 2 hours to be Jason and that's the time I get selected to be him, I'd be pissed as hell. The game ending when Jason quits is a bummer, but it still seems better than the alternative. The only way I can see someone new filling in for a Jason quitter is if it's in the first 30 seconds of the match. Even that little time can put you at a huge disadvantage as Jason. The game ending when Jason quits seems like the best solution in my opinion.
  6. I believe Jason should be stronger than he currently is. But this boat nonsense is not the way to do it. Killing Jason is a safer bet than escaping in the boat.
  7. Pass. I'll keep banging my head against the wall with F13.
  8. Nope. Sorry. It's just a pic I found on Google. I'd like to see more myself!
  9. It's a shame I've seen better cosplay Savini Jasons (granted no lights). I still would have done this photo op considering its Kane.
  10. I own the game on digital and have the PS4 steelbook with all the dlc. I already own a mask that looks nicer than this one and actually has straps. All I want out of this set is the poster, so it's just not worth it for me. If it was the huge poster Wes showed in his tweet and came rolled up, I would bite.
  11. Same book is selling on Ebay for $130 currently.
  12. I'm only guessing on this. Maybe the backers still get the art book/soundtrack because the $ for those items was collected long before the content deadline. Now that the deadline has passed they are not allowed to sell them anymore. I think it's a matter of the point in time that the purchase is/was made that makes the difference. Again this is only my speculation.
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