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  1. Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    A.J. has always been angelic 😉
  2. PS4 Quickplay (by choice).
  3. Good experiences in QP?

    I only play QP matches because I enjoy the randomness of them. It feels more like a horror movie when people aren't calmly laying out plans and strategies for escaping. Sometimes I carry the lobby and a bunch of people escape. Sometimes I get nothing productive done and the lobby carries me. Sometimes I just die. I like the uncertainty.
  4. Render Art?

    This thread contains Jason and counselor character models.
  5. Have you read anything from a developer saying that is a feature coming in the next patch?....no....then it's not.
  6. Carrying Matches

    I do this also. Except I always use the crying emote.
  7. Roy's Coveralls

    Well done gentlemen.
  8. Project Méliès

    Good luck with the new title guys!
  9. Sorry this is a bit off topic. I didn't want to start a new thread to ask a simple question. If I set a bear trap as a counselor, then escape/die, and Jason steps in it while im in the spectate lobby, do i still get the trap stat towards the badge progession?
  10. I actually like spawning at the phone house. Hide under a bed and Jason has no way of knowing you're there. As soon as he morphs away, tank his trap. He just used his morph, so he has no way of getting back to chase you. Then, search the nearby cabins for the fuse.
  11. Thirteen events

    Considering Jason's weakness against groups, I think this would just turn into a Jason troll party. Jason would end up as the hunted every time.
  12. Legendary Perks. Yay or Nay?

    Nay. I still like @AldermachXI's idea of leveling up perks through in game play. This would add a huge breath of fresh air to the game. A new tier for the current system adds nothing interesting to how perks are acquired. It's just dumb luck.
  13. I really don't have bad experiences with toxicity or children. The mute button is my best friend in a QP lobby.
  14. I absolutely got my money's worth. I actually wish I would have pledged 1 tier higher.
  15. This looks fantastic!!