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  1. One last time this thread will rise from the dead... This is the final chapter for the thread! One more time for Friday The 13th The Game! Who has 100% full completed this! There will be no further reincarnations after this... ☠️☠️☠️☠️
  2. After a year its time for this thread to rise again from the dead ⚰️☠️ Like jason lets see where some people are at now!
  3. This will be my last time bringing this thread up from the dead like a jason in the grave but this is not going to be another sequel after this 💀
  4. Yuh it is a bummer, that what makes the grind much more rewarding in going through the turmoil
  5. With this lawsuit going around, my main question if this lawsuit is null an voided will gun media and illfonic go back to this game to give updates and such even if its a long time to get this all sorted out. (Example 1 year)
  6. Must have given a crap since you are like commenting in the post and being involved with the post itself ?. Yeah i only wish....
  7. I am on XB1 and this is not an issue with me. You did back the game and have a license to the savini Jason?
  8. Your kidding right? Do you have the final chapter? If so then congratulations ? I wouldnt mind if you boosted or quick play it, a grind is a grind in anyway you look at it. However i was really lucky with the picks and with the last two updates has really broke the lucky streak i had. With the recent update 5.24.18 it totally destroyed back to back jasons! (GOOD JOB GUN MEDIA ?) HARD TALK RIGHT HERE: But if you envy about it, thats not right. I am proud of my achievements, and dont need a flaming bash from anyone that degrades me ! If you dont have it I AM ROOTING FOR YOU TO GET IT! ????
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