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  1. Eh I mean if someone was being super horrific I'll definitely pop out my phone and record them.
  2. They updated their TOS and have an email where you can report them now
  3. I think a lot of it depends on where you spawn. Like if you're by the phone there's a good chance Jason is probably going to end up to your part of the map first. The two floor cabins are usually a death sentence as well. If I start in one my first move is to get the hell out of there. Even if you're using a stealth character there's a chance you'll still be seen through a window, or your flashlight will be a giveaway or you'll be heard on mic.
  4. I'm level 44 and I haven't found one yet either. I'm determined though damn it.
  5. I don't mind if it goes to someone who escaped. Like others said if I get out sometimes I enjoy coming back as Tommy to help other people. Other times I'd rather just spectate or run to the bathroom or something during the remaining time. It would be nice, but not at all necessary, if you end the match via escape if upon you were prompted on if you would like a chance to come back as Tommy. Like if you die you're automatically considered but if you escape you have the chance to opt out.
  6. To be fair the same argument could be used with your gripes. If you don't like being kicked for being ~too good~ you could also set up a private match with people you know who won't pull the shit you don't like.
  7. The other day I had seven lobbies in a row where people were doing this. Seven. It's a problem.
  8. This would be fantastic. I would love to have an avoid on the person who just team killed me while yelling racist crap.
  9. I've seen flying counselors before and Jason getting hit off the map but this one was a first for me today. Saw this while spectating on PS4.
  10. I had a small group of British kids in a match over the weekend that sounded really young but out of all the matches I've played they've been the only non-American kids that I've encountered. I end up putting a lot of them on mute. I've also encountered a lot of racist stuff (particularly when playing Vanessa) and lots of Jason's going on about how they're going to rape me with whatever their weapon may be as well. In those cases I tend to leave as soon as the match is over and hopefully find a lobby with people who aren't awful.
  11. I hope so as well. We only had one accident over the weekend though so I'm not sure if it always happens or not.
  12. I got dinged for betrayal as a passenger in a car this weekend too. It was kind of like oh come on I wasn't even the one driving :X
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