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  1. I agree the incompetence has lost a huge ammount of players. I used to play almost every night with a group and people would be asking for space in the lobby. I had about 30+ players I used to play with regularly and now only about 3 play as often as I do. The rest gave up because of either getting bored or the game being so frustrating because it is a mess of a game. I used to be one of the 'jeez give them a chance!' People but the latest update has shown that the team are not capable. Sorry.
  2. Only mentioning the problems I have seen. • match ending with alive players • rubber banding at car • vibrating deaths • car escapes counting as suicides • Jason falling through map to death I have seen rainbow blood and giant weapons too but those are just funny...but I bet they get fixed first ?
  3. They must be. The game is practically unplayable right now. I understand some glitches but at the moment it's gotten so bad I only play at the moment to laugh at how bad it is.
  4. This happened to my friend recently. She was walking over rocks and she fell into the map and died lol
  5. I let people kill me now as Jason if I can't be bothered or the councellor players are a nice bunch. I main Savini as Jason and people get real excited when I say they can kill me. I have even tricked a few people into believing the ground opens up to take him back to hell or he turns to dust ?
  6. Sounds like a fun read. I would say Jenny is the level headed thinker of the group, the sort that would give good advice to her friends but sit back a while and evaluate before speaking up. I think she would be the person to defend Deb or Eric when Chad is mean to them. I don't see Tiffany as mean or even that slutty actually, she's probably a cheerleader who has just got a bit of a bad reputation but deep down she's quite a nice girl. Relationship wise Jenny and Kenny would be together and AJ and Adam with the rest being single. I think Eric would be crushing on Jenny and Deborah on Buggzy.
  7. Only time I tunnel is if it is a lobby of Vanessa, Chad or Tiffanys and one or two high repair players. If you get the repairers the others have to run around for 10 - 15 minutes and they are bound to make mistakes
  8. Why would I report something I had no idea was a bug? Nobody I play with has Savini to compare him to and if I was actually cheating do you think I would casually mention it on the official game forum?
  9. Asif people are defending someone being openly homophobic and telling the guy defending his friends to stop worrying. This fan base can be so toxic.
  10. In combat stance with two good hits I can destroy doors with Savini. Dunno what to tell you other than that. The dude was salty simple as that. I was a cheat for smashing all the windows too it was unfair apparently.
  11. I own a PC gaming console too just prefer console for F13 because my friends do not all have one. Not sure why certain people decided to take pot shots. Perhaps they were the asshole in the game I was in bragging about never dying then I killed him 4 minutes into the game while they screamed cheater
  12. Easier said than done to be fair, if Jason and 3 helpers run over to you good luck suiciding in time to stop them getting the satisfaction/points
  13. Not an exploit. As Jason we see the fuse box and have the ability to morph directly to it to place a trap we spawn with. If a councellor manages to get inside a house, find a trap and set it up at the fuse box before you then you have been too slow. As Jason if I collected knives and morphed to say the car and then to the fuse box later and find it trapped by a councillor then I think one of the councellors are smart and good for them.
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