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  1. Good Sportsmanship Club

    Your invitation has been sent! 
  2. Combat Stance

    @jetlee2777, I have merged your topic into an existing thread on combat stance. Please use the search function before creating new topics in the future.
  3. If they added Tina from part 7

    You are witnessed The Great Tina Merge. In an attempt to clean up the message boards I have merged similar discussions around the desired addition of Tina to the game. In many cases, I have left in the comments encouraging various original posters to use the search function to illustrate how many varying topics have been created. This was done in an attempt to encourage, not stifle, discussion around a very popular topic. Please enjoy the new unified thread.
  4. Animated signatures

    Dude! This is frickin' sick! Thank you @Kodiak!
  5. Pamela idea

    There are quite a number of discussions on players' desire to add Pamela to the game and ideas for implementation. Why not contribute to one of those? I have linked search results for you below. In the future, please use the search function before creating a new topic. http://forum.f13game.com/search/?q=Pamela&sortby=newest&search_in=titles
  6. Jason X and grendel map

    This really isn't an introduction. The development team has not announced this information, yet, nor even confirmed that those things are coming.
  7. Clothing Pack

    So, as stated by Ben, on the 78th page of the thread linked below, all future Savini topics will be closed. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/5479-savini-jason-statement-from-gun-media
  8. Friday the 13th: The Game - Grab Animation Update

    I like it! It looks more natural and violent! I look forward to the new intensity with the added sound stinger!
  9. Jason X already available?

    @Angelos455, the patch released the day after your communication with that user should eliminate his ability to deliver on his promise. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/17230-patch-notes-02192018/ I have removed the picture from your post as naming and shaming other players is not allowed on the forums. Instead, you can report that user directly to www.jasonkillsbugs.com which is used for both bug reports and suspected cheats/hacks.
  10. @Chunkyblaq, I'd like to take a moment to personally and publicly thank you, as a newbie, for following forum rules and using the search function to find an existing thread before posting a new topic, and to encourage you to make the circle complete by swinging over to the introduce yourself section to post the obligatory introduction.
  11. Hello Everyone

    Welcome, Herbie. It's nice to have you here.
  12. Not a gamer

    It has been fun to watch the variety of backgrounds that have been drawn to the game. Welcome! Hopefully the specs that Rex pointed you towards won't be too big of a jump for you. Also, definitely check out some of the resources Damon suggested. Finding a few players to guide you into the game, especially coming in as a non-gamer, can make your early experience a lot smoother. Of course lots of us are happy to answer questions and offer insight, and there are a few written guides around here, as well. We look forward to seeing you around here, and in the game!
  13. Good Sportsmanship Club

    Egg on my face from multiple angles. Sorry, @stoney.
  14. Good Sportsmanship Club

    Shall I assume I was unwittingly dragged into something?
  15. Good Sportsmanship Club

    I'm game. @stoney are you in?
  16. jistsomeguy

    Oh boy! A new baby brother or sister?! I don't relish the neck punch, but if my post-menopausal mother gets to hear the pitter-patter of little feet again (outside of all the grandchildren she already has), then I suppose it's worth it. I'll just have to figure out how to explain it to my Dad. I don't think he factored a new baby into their retirement plans. Welcome to the forums, jistsomeguy!
  17. Thatguyinktown's VERY IMPORTANT THREAD

    I love the distinction, "extraordinarily average"! Welcome to the forums! DamonD7 will be by in a bit to share some sources for collecting players for private lobbies, so I won't steal his thunder.
  18. Hi I am BernyMoon

    Welcome to the game and the forums, BernyMoon! I hope you'll enjoy your time with both.
  19. Honeybadger herw

    Hello Thehoneybadger! Welcome to the forums.
  20. Re add team killing

    There are already discussions on whether it not team killing should be reintroduced. Please use the search function before creating a new thread. http://forum.f13game.com/search/?q=Team killing&type=forums_topic&sortby=newest&search_in=titles
  21. Why was I just randomly banned from the F13 Discord?

    The F13 discord is fan-run, and is not directly affiliated with Gun Media or Illfonic. I'm afraid you're not likely to find the answers you're looking for here and should reach out to the leadership of that discord.
  22. In reading Kodiak's remark, which I have quoted below, four members of that discussion (two of whom I have addressed here, already) had devolved a things into a flame war, something this thread is teetering towards. At no point was a specific word choice cited as his instigating factor, but rather the discussion behavior of all four members. As a final warning, I will mirror Kodiak's remarks and remind each participant to disagree civilly.
  23. @stoney, I'm not sure tagging me was necessary, here. At this point it looks like you and @HuDawg have taken a difference of opinion or even a different angle on the topic, and turned it into an argument about an argument. The quote you tagged me on, while impolite, was not an attack or personal insult. In this instance, I think you can both simply steer things back in a more civil direction and continue to disagree respectfully.
  24. Top 10 Horror Icons

    @Veevleigh, that's certainly a unique take on the topic, and I find your insight interesting. In what context does your group appear? Obviously confusing various "silent" killers would be surprising at something like a horror or sci-fi convention, but I don't know, Ghostface getting confused with Jason or Michael Meters STILL surprises me outside of that context.