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  1. NthnButAGoodTime


    Well, not everyone. Up until last week @Truth thought blaxploitation was a made-up word. I guess technically all words are made up words. Someone had to make them up at some point. Back on topic, I have recently become fond of milk on ice, an idea that used to make me cringe. Now I find it gets the milk extra chilled.
  2. I took a moment to merge two existing threads on the same subject. Please enjoy your discussion.
  3. NthnButAGoodTime


    I imagine I'll react to it in a similar fashion to the way I react to a different fruit-cheese delight: pear halves with cottage cheese and a cherry. With those little treats, I acknowledge that they exist, and may select one if I find myself in a potluck line, but I'm not going to go out of my way to make sure my mouth gets them all the time.
  4. NthnButAGoodTime


    That's because I'm an amazing fricking cook! ...also humble... Incidentally, I only just discovered the culinary delight of cheese bananas today, while I was looking for another banana related gif. I don't keep American cheese slices in the house (again, I said I'm an amazing cook), but I may have to get some, just to try that nonsense.
  5. NthnButAGoodTime

    Update news

    There are already discussions around the arrival time for the update. Please contribute to one of those.
  6. NthnButAGoodTime


    I misunderstood the assignment. I thought I was supposed to submit interesting combinations.
  7. NthnButAGoodTime


    Take your basic concept of fried rice. Start with some rice. Substitute leftover smoked pork (in this story, you recently smoked a shoulder or butt) for whatever meat you were going to use. Keep the vegetables (that makes it healthy). Generously add soy sauce and apple cider vinegar to taste (a lot). Stir fry like your life depended on it. Pow! BBQ fried rice!
  8. NthnButAGoodTime

    The killing me is the wait.

    That's unfortunate. Try googling "Mister Rogers cheese banana gif" ...or viewing from a different device.
  9. NthnButAGoodTime

    The killing me is the wait.

    I'm sorry you don't like the gif I found while looking for a different gif.
  10. NthnButAGoodTime

    The killing me is the wait.

    Nevermind. I just discovered I'd rather use them for virtual cheese-bananas. Carry on.
  11. NthnButAGoodTime

    The killing me is the wait.

    Saving my bananas for virtual smoothies, but if I were willing to risk them for a bet, I'd put them on late afternoon Eastern Daylight Time. This is merely my own observation based on previous releases, and nothing even resembling an official time.
  12. NthnButAGoodTime

    Good Sportsmanship Club

    On PlayStation, the function itself is a little wonky, but in the console view, it gives you the ability to see members in active F13 games and join them. This function seems to be strengthened if the player is in your friends list. I do question the accuracy sometimes, though, as I can observe multiple community attendedlobbies in-game, but the community page doesn't seem to know about them. All that is to say, "It's a weak tool, but it's the tool we have doggone it!"
  13. NthnButAGoodTime

    Good Sportsmanship Club

    Big family weekend for me, but I may be able to get some time away.
  14. NthnButAGoodTime

    Good Sportsmanship Club

    Keep in mind the community function will let you jump in with a community member, even if they are in a public match by themselves with a lobby of randoms.
  15. NthnButAGoodTime


    We'll point everyone to Shifty's announcement thread for discussion. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/19157-single-player-challenge-and-more-release-date-trailer/