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  1. NthnButAGoodTime

    Jason is weak

    At this point we have individuals arguing about an argument and this thread is littered with that level of bickering. @Dynamic skills7@Somethin Cool this had long since left the realm of productive. I suggest not responding to each other. @Dynamic skills7 we are done with the insults. You can disagree with someone without insulting them.
  2. NthnButAGoodTime

    Jason is weak

    A couple of things: Double/Multiple Posting IS addressed in the rules. All members are asked to review the rules before participating. Abusive and insulting posts are also addressed. Please refrain from insulting other members.
  3. As stated above by several members, attempts to post gamer tags in the forums for the purpose of identifying the individual as a cheater is against forum rules. Inappropriate and escalating retaliation is an unfortunately frequent result of such attempts to "name and shame" and this forum will not be a source for it. If you wish to report a cheater and you have video evidence to corroborate the claim, you can post it at www.jasonkillsbugs.com
  4. NthnButAGoodTime

    Buying savini?

    The Savini Jason is not available through any legitimate means other than buying an unused code from someone who obtained it legally. While it's entirely possible that such a creature exists, it is extraordinarily unlikely. We're going to follow established precedent and close this thread. You are more than welcome to hunt for a legitimate code, but the hunt will have to occur somewhere other than these forums.
  5. Answers to the question for this discussion have been provided in the following locations: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/20227-questions-about-future-content http://forum.f13game.com/topic/21449-faq-content-legal-status-and-the-future-of-the-game In the future, please use the search function before creating a new discussion around an existing topic.
  6. NthnButAGoodTime

    Slugger Perk?

    Good call. I have made the move.
  7. It would appear that the posts in question were removed for being abusive and insulting without any attempt at a discussion. As we really don't need a new thread every time someone disagrees with a moderating decision, this one will be closed. @OutOfNames, as with the posts in question and at points in this discussion, you have been quick to insult others. Please review the rules if you are unsure of the expectations for discussion.
  8. NthnButAGoodTime

    Latest patch broke game on ps4

    No admin, just a moderator, and I don't think anyone is calling for a ban. The rules do, however, state that you you refrain from double (or triple) posting. Rather than creating an additional post after your previous, if you have thoughts you'd like to add before someone else adds a post, you can simply use the edit function in your last post. Additionally, the rules do address the insults and generalizations of other members that you are tossing around. Please take a moment to read over the rules and adjust your future posts accordingly. I have merged the triple posts that I saw.
  9. NthnButAGoodTime

    Savini Hack (20/11/2018)

    @Ellen, as others have stated, the proper place to report cheating is www.jasonkillsbugs.com
  10. NthnButAGoodTime

    This game is painfully awful

    We have entered the realm of insults and and abusive behavior from some members on here. I've had to clean up the conversation a bit. Let's cool down and agree to disagree.
  11. NthnButAGoodTime

    New update today?

    That information was available in a press release and on these very forums over 10 hours before you created your post. Please be sure to use the search function before creating a new discussion.
  12. I remember when I finally saw my Jason die. Same type of situation. I knew they had the pieces in place, I saw the trap was set, I tried to ruin their plans, and I failed. I think I recall it being a silent lobby, but I still made a point to congratulate them over the mic. Good on you, @Alien_Number_Six!
  13. NthnButAGoodTime

    What Song are you Listening to Right Now ?

    The Dan Band's cover of Making Love Out Of Nothing At All.
  14. NthnButAGoodTime

    Idea for a Horror Youtube channel name??

    Welcome to the forums, @Leo1254. Don't forget to post an intro. Here are a few name ideas you can have for free. You will find varying degrees of seriousness and silliness. Reanimated Tales Frightening Fiction Ripped From The Internet The Haunter YouTube Channel of the Damned The Point Of No Return Quiet Laughter From An Empty Room The Reason You Wet Your Pants The Foot in the Grave Tales of Your Doom Fearful Farfalle Eerie Macaroni Chilling Linguini CHILLED Linguini!!! Perilous Penne Spooky Spaghetti The last one is my favorite. (Edit: the last one is now my second favorite. I now prefer Chilled Linguini) Best of luck!