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  1. Well done! Everything looks great! I agree with the notes about some finishing touches with the cloth and the chain. that little bit of extra will take it from "crisp new fabric and bright new chains" to "stuff dragged up from the bottom of the lake". Less a costume note and more of a safety note, just from the image it looks like there's still an edge to the machete. Prior to a convention or some sort of public display, it will be a good idea to grind down the edge on the machete. Depending on the venue, you may not be allowed in the door with the edge on it, but might be able to get through if it's ground flat. Great job!
  2. @Strigoi, I have merged a double post of yours. A double post is when you post a second time after a previous post of yours without anyone else having posted in between. If you have more to say after your initial post, simply edit that post to include your additional thoughts.
  3. Phenomenal assembly! Everything looks fantastic! I can't wait to see the full body pic with your chains.
  4. You can report your issue at www.jasonkillsbugs.com Bans aren't vetted out here on the forums.
  5. Internet mob justice is a nasty thing. Allowing naming and shaming invites that kind of behavior. Regardless of your opinion of the perpetrator, this site will not be a party to unbridled and escalated attacks on an individual. Furthermore, if even one innocent person is targeted because someone posted supposed evidence out of context or with a false premise, then it is one too many. This has been addressed multiple times on these forums. As the OP's question was answered, and this is an ancient post that got necro'ed, we'll be locking this up. @modernsavage232, if you plan to continue participating in these forums, please take the time to read the rules, create an introduction post in the proper section, and refrain from attempting to name and shame fellow players here.
  6. Fair enough. I'll say something now. this entire thread was started on the basis of a deep misunderstanding of how legal matters work, where the lawsuit will or won't end up, and whether or not it's appropriate to start a petition against the developer of the game on his forum you are participating. While it was inappropriate for this topic to be derailed, the presence of this topic on this forum was also an appropriate. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.
  7. Since we're dreaming, I think it could've added an interesting gameplay element to have an alternate "hunter" character that was less built up than Tommy Jarvis. I'm thinking the trope of the less than effective middle-aged country cops that pop up throughout the series. Maybe give them a six-shooter, instead of a one-shot rifle, but otherwise their starts could be akin to La Chappa.
  8. I moved this discussion to a more appropriate location. Carry on.
  9. I have reviewed the thread and have removed the worst of the responses. I would remind established members that we can disagree with someone without insulting or piling on aggression. I would also encourage new members to read through other similar threads before creating a new conversations around around well worn territory. Not only to avoid duplicating old discussions, but also to understand were such a discussion could go.
  10. 🤔😋Like this one at the top of the introduction section that all new menbers are supposed to visit? http://forum.f13game.com/topic/553-gamer-tags-for-f13/
  11. This forum is not the place to generate the discussion you are looking for. Please reach out to the development team through the appropriate channels.
  12. Just because a cheat or exploit is posted with allegedly good intent does not mean it will not be used for bad intent. We do not allow cheats or exploits to be posted on the forums. Thank you for your understanding.
  13. My pet tortoise Richard (he never liked shortened nicknames) is getting too old to saddle up. On topic, if I gave up on things that bring me enjoyment whenever flaws were apparent, I wouldn't watch the movies the game is based on, or slasher movies in general; I also wouldn't wear my favorite pair of jeans, order food from most restaurants, or spend time with my kids. My gripe is that people continually look for and frequently participate in exploitation of the game's limitations. I don't let it ruin the game for me, though , I just play through it. That's just my opinion, I don't need it to be anyone else's opinion.
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