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  1. The next time I get multiple kills around a single objective, I might explore some sort of grotesque arrangement of the bodies.
  2. I have murdered friends as Jason and then took the time to painstakingly kick their bodies into the lake while letting them know what I'm doing over the microphone and explaining that no one will ever find them.
  3. Toyfare Magazine

    Yesterday, while rearranging some stuff, my wife came across an old stack of Toyfare magazines, and left it out for me to decide what to do with them. As soon as I came home and saw them, the memories started rushing back: obsessive articles on one action figure line or another, silly or risque word balloons over photos of iconic toys, BigShots in the price guide, Twisted Toyfare Theater (formerly Twisted Mego Theater), running gags on the letters page about Michael Zorek or one of the staff member's malamute. I freaking loved that rag! The tie-in to here is that the whole reason I started buying each issue was to find out news about the rumored Freddy and Jason figures that were supposedly coming from McFarlane Toys. If they were real, I HAD to have them! It being the late '90s, websites were still mostly a novelty, and not yet a source of any real information, this magazine was one of only a few possible sources of information on something as niche as collecting action figures. Combine that with the fact that each issue included a loose free poster, so they sealed then together in a plastic bag, and I had 'no choice' but to buy the issue to uncover any news. By the time an issue featuring those horror icons was finally printed, I had already bought months upon months worth of issues and was hooked. The editorial tone, the insight, the humor (as a direct precursor to Robot Chicken) kept me coming back long after I found what I came for. The magazine has been out of print for a while, scattering its staff to the winds. I wonder where many of them are, today. I know that the Robot Chicken production brought along a few Toyfare personnel, but I'm curious if others are still writing. Did that humor, that tongue-in-cheek nature, find its way into another print or online medium? Did anyone else regularly pick these up from their newsstands or know where any of the waters or editors landed?
  4. Your perfect horror evening ...

    I can't deliver Texas Chainsaw Massacre to you, but I can direct you towards the opportunity to experience the feeling of watching a movie on VHS. ShoutFactoryTV has a small vault of movies presented in a VHS-like format complete with tracking, scratches, and discoloration. You can at least experience Night of the Demons or Sleepaway Camp like you just brought it home from the local rental place. Outside of that, they have a fun selection of free horror movies, along with other genres. http://www.shoutfactorytv.com/film/vhs-vault
  5. Your perfect horror evening ...

    Immediately after screening it for them, I showed them a trailer for the restored print, and they were pumped about catching it again. I was surprised that I was able to manufacture excitement over a re-watch, so simply. I actually just tossed them a trivia question about TCM's body count with the winner getting an overriding vote on one of the movies selections for the weekend.
  6. Your perfect horror evening ...

    My kids are of the age where travel sports are part of the picture. My wife and I will often divide and conquer leaving me with some weekends where it's just my teenage sons and I at home, while she's out of town with my daughter. This leads to horror movie, action movie, outdoors, or video game weekends. On a horror movie weekend, all the blinds are shut until my wife and daughter return. The food varies but I will always make popcorn (something I have perfected for stovetop AND homemade in the microwave). I'll also have beer for me and sodas (pops, cokes, soft drinks) for them. Sometimes one of my friends or one of their friends are invited to the mix. I try to blend new and old. Some of the old stuff I insist we watch on VHS because I think the low resolution and feedback add to the suspense (you haven't truly seen The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, until you've barely seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre). I usually try to curate the watch list to a theme or an arc of some sort. Leading up to the release of this game, I used one of these weekends to immerse them in Friday the 13th. They are itching to see the modern remakes, but I have a hard rule that we can't watch those until they have caught up with the originals across the board. Coincidentally, I've got one of those weekends coming up. I'm actively working on settling out the watch list.
  7. What kind of beer do you drink?

    I can speak with authority that a good beer can sub for milk or water in a number of baking recipes, both sweet and savory.
  8. Sometimes I make digital pinball tables

    That's really cool, @ShiftySamurai! Nicely done. Are your tables something we could find around somewhere?
  9. SPOILERS: Post Virtual Cabin Secrets

    True, but what if resetting to a certain point is the next step?
  10. Your Friday the 13th LD, VHS, DVD, BLU-RAY Collection

  11. Jason from Hell

    Welcome to the forums. He is an exclusive to people who financially backed the game. He looks really awesome, right? I can assure you you're not missing out on any sort of tactical advantage, but he is not available for future distribution. You can read an official statement about him, here.
  12. Crazy Ralph's Doomsday Emporium

    No authority from me. As his mother and his legal advisor, I recognize his autonomy as an adult. You called him out, two members of the community explained your mistake. You can either drag the thread down with you let it go and move on. I can't make the choice for you. Your mother or attorney will have to advise you on that. I think we can bank on Shifty's (autocorrect nearly got me there) statement from earlier that something like this will be done. I like the idea of permanent stalk (or maybe strengthening stalk with earlier arrival and the removal of screams from the counselors unless Jason is within a very close distance). However, I strongly support @Mr. Blonde's idea around bringing back team damage without the full return of team killing from another thread. I agree that Jason is supposed to be the killer, but I think tension was richer (at least in the publics) when you felt like you couldn't completely trust everyone. Add in the ability to potentially knock an item loose and you remove a troll's ability to hoard key components. That doesn't remove the chance of hoarding while hiding, but there are counters for that, too.
  13. Crazy Ralph's Doomsday Emporium

    You ripped into a member of the forum who only happens to also be a volunteer moderator with a rather abusive post as if he was a representative of the company. None of what you accused him of was accurate to his behavior. Your post was a clear violation of the rules of the forum and whomever removed it (my money's on an administrator) was following protocol. You didn't expose anything other than ignorance of who you were attacking.