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  1. Alright. That'll be enough of the personal attacks from all parties.
  2. As has been stated above jasonkillsbugs.com is the appropriate place to report both bugs and evidence of cheating. Actions taken are at the sole discretion of the game developers. Please do not post cheat reports to the forums as they will be removed per forum rules.
  3. I got accused of teaming over PM the other night after a solid round as Jason. It caught me off-guard, because it came in with what I later realized was a sarcastic "gg" as I was slaughtering the last counselor. I tried to figure out who in the round they thought was my informant or even which murdered counselor my accuser was (I don't necessarily pay attention to usernames during the game, unless I'm playing with people I know). The best I can figure was that it was a Vanessa I had faked out in Stalk. Their evidence was that I had ignored a trap trip followed by a failed gas fill, but that's just someone accidentally letting me know where to find them in a minute. I suppose the compliment would be that I played in such a way that made it look like I knew where everyone was. Come to think of it...how would they even know to tell me I had ignored those triggers?
  4. @OH10Frog, naming and shaming other players is not permitted on the forums, but as stated above you may submit evidence to jasonkillsbugs.com I have removed the usernames of the players.
  5. I make pretty satisfying biscuits (Southern-American puck-shaped bread item), and even passed my technique along to @Cokeyskunk. He, in turn, helped me up my popcorn game, though through a convoluted series of events that can be summarized as "my memory is garbage", I actually attempted to feed his own tip back to him, weeks later. I have also cracked the code to a variety of breakfast potato dishes (though I haven't figured out how to prevent my house from smelling like a Waffle House afterwards). I smoke up a mean pork shoulder, but I don't consider my approach to be 'perfected', yet. There's more... I'll hold onto it for later. Sorry. @Fair Play awakened a sleeping giant. I've been waiting for a cooking discussion to start up around here.
  6. @BlazedInThe253, I tweaked your title to better reflect the discussion. You are welcome to change it, if you have a better wording, but the original title was too vague and would have led to a new list of usernames, rather than the discussion you were going for.
  7. You're not wrong. I used to be hesitant with shotguns, and always make sure I knew where the closest melee option was when I got into a new space, and would swap for an axe or a bat in a heartbeat. Now, back when friendly-fire was still possible and abused, I would hold onto a shotgun for insurance against it being used on me or another teammate, but still preferred melee. With the update devaluing early stuns, though, it has revitalized my interest in the non-stun properties of flares and firecrackers.
  8. I didn't find it with the comma, so I assumed the comma was a mistake. I sent you an invitation to the group.
  9. But, let's say I'm counselor and... Scenario 1: I beat you to a cabin, and set off firecrackers while you start working on the door. While you are hammering away at a lit up cabin, I slip out the back and either gun it for the next cabin over, or try and get as far out of your sense range as possible OR I slip under a bed or into a closet, which (depending on factors) may not light up the house for you and you think I've done the former and head off in your best guess as to my next direction. The distraction of a lit cabin could give me enough time to make it to safety or make you think I have and give me time to plan my next move. Scenario 2: (and this one recently happened to me) You've got me dead to rights. We're in one of the featured houses on any of the maps, and I don't have much chance of escaping. I toss out firecrackers, and start scrambling for a hiding spot in the house. I choose a hidden area, rather than a closet or a bed, and you can't track my movement, because the continuous sound bubbles throw off detection of where I've headed. We're down to the last two minutes of the round, and you destroy every closet and bed in a frantic search to keep me from surviving the night. All you know is that sense keeps telling you that I'm in the house, but won't tell you where, so you've got a multi-story guessing game on your hands. Distraction doesn't necessarily mean I've created a decoy, distraction may just mean that I have diverted your ability to track me long enough to give you the slip.
  10. Unless something has changed...they at least used to behave like a radio, in that respect.
  11. Firecrackers can also be used to give off a false positive for building occupancy, and I want to say they temporarily scramble Jason's sense and blip detection, so that you could conceivably move your player out of his love of sight and occupy a hiding spot in a building (and I don't necessarily mean a bed or closet). In other words, they can still be a distraction when Jason is actively chasing you and you're the last counselor on the map. I'm guilty of occasionally forgetting they can do more than just stun.
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