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  1. I moved this discussion to a more appropriate location. Carry on.
  2. I have reviewed the thread and have removed the worst of the responses. I would remind established members that we can disagree with someone without insulting or piling on aggression. I would also encourage new members to read through other similar threads before creating a new conversations around around well worn territory. Not only to avoid duplicating old discussions, but also to understand were such a discussion could go.
  3. 🤔😋Like this one at the top of the introduction section that all new menbers are supposed to visit? http://forum.f13game.com/topic/553-gamer-tags-for-f13/
  4. This forum is not the place to generate the discussion you are looking for. Please reach out to the development team through the appropriate channels.
  5. Just because a cheat or exploit is posted with allegedly good intent does not mean it will not be used for bad intent. We do not allow cheats or exploits to be posted on the forums. Thank you for your understanding.
  6. My pet tortoise Richard (he never liked shortened nicknames) is getting too old to saddle up. On topic, if I gave up on things that bring me enjoyment whenever flaws were apparent, I wouldn't watch the movies the game is based on, or slasher movies in general; I also wouldn't wear my favorite pair of jeans, order food from most restaurants, or spend time with my kids. My gripe is that people continually look for and frequently participate in exploitation of the game's limitations. I don't let it ruin the game for me, though , I just play through it. That's just my opinion, I don't need it to be anyone else's opinion.
  7. I have tidied things up a bit. We can all find a way to discuss and disagree without volleying insults back and forth and speculating around who rides what. I, for example, ride a land-raft fashioned from a team of squirrels lashed together with long-discarded Silly Bands™. I don't see anything funny about it, and would never insult someone else's ride. Let's all get back on topic, before I'm forced to drop back in and distribute more of my nonsense.
  8. Alright. That'll be enough of the personal attacks from all parties.
  9. As has been stated above jasonkillsbugs.com is the appropriate place to report both bugs and evidence of cheating. Actions taken are at the sole discretion of the game developers. Please do not post cheat reports to the forums as they will be removed per forum rules.
  10. I got accused of teaming over PM the other night after a solid round as Jason. It caught me off-guard, because it came in with what I later realized was a sarcastic "gg" as I was slaughtering the last counselor. I tried to figure out who in the round they thought was my informant or even which murdered counselor my accuser was (I don't necessarily pay attention to usernames during the game, unless I'm playing with people I know). The best I can figure was that it was a Vanessa I had faked out in Stalk. Their evidence was that I had ignored a trap trip followed by a failed gas fill, but that's just someone accidentally letting me know where to find them in a minute. I suppose the compliment would be that I played in such a way that made it look like I knew where everyone was. Come to think of it...how would they even know to tell me I had ignored those triggers?
  11. @OH10Frog, naming and shaming other players is not permitted on the forums, but as stated above you may submit evidence to jasonkillsbugs.com I have removed the usernames of the players.
  12. I make pretty satisfying biscuits (Southern-American puck-shaped bread item), and even passed my technique along to @Cokeyskunk. He, in turn, helped me up my popcorn game, though through a convoluted series of events that can be summarized as "my memory is garbage", I actually attempted to feed his own tip back to him, weeks later. I have also cracked the code to a variety of breakfast potato dishes (though I haven't figured out how to prevent my house from smelling like a Waffle House afterwards). I smoke up a mean pork shoulder, but I don't consider my approach to be 'perfected', yet. There's more... I'll hold onto it for later. Sorry. @Fair Play awakened a sleeping giant. I've been waiting for a cooking discussion to start up around here.
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