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  1. NthnButAGoodTime

    Old Horror Films Vs New Horror Films

    @Bropollocreed79, big travel softball fan, I see. Be a shame if your local boys lost to an all-female squad. We don't need the kind of story that would never make it into a movie today happening in the backwoods around here.
  2. NthnButAGoodTime

    Old Horror Films Vs New Horror Films

    If we're picking a title from my last post, I would prefer the title Mullets For Days. Everyone, including the killer could have mullets. Which would mean that Kane Hodder could still participate.
  3. NthnButAGoodTime

    Why Jason? Why did he endure?

    I still want to see the movie that the poster for Chopping Mall seemed to advertise. I think one of the other big factors for Friday the 13th was that it essentially delivered on what it advertised. Each individual movie may not have lived up to audience expectations, but we got a new beginning in A New Beginning, we got Jason living again in Jason Lives, and we saw Jason go to Hell in... one of the other ones. Audiences for a Friday the 13th movie didn't have to temper their expectations based on a misleading marketing campaign... ...with some exceptions.
  4. NthnButAGoodTime

    Old Horror Films Vs New Horror Films

    [gaaaaaaaaassssssssp] You take that back! Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers was a national treasure! It checks off ALL the boxes: Misleading promotional art (when did THAT person appear in the movie?) A slapstick approach to slashing in a complete tonal departure from its predecessor Shameless nods to other series as if they were peers on the same level Honestly? Pretty good gore. Edit: Mullets for days!!! This movie had it all! Edit:
  5. NthnButAGoodTime

    Why Jason? Why did he endure?

    Fair. I guess the follow-up question would be, did you have access to or knowledge of those movies? If so, what prevented you from watching them? To be clear the 'wronging' from the movies I cited were: tricked into canoodling with a cadaver, burned alive in a prank give wrong, and witnessing the brutal murder of a father and not wanting the town to hold celebrations on the anniversary of that date. I guess the later would be closest to Pamela and Jason's situation, and that one did at least get a remake.
  6. Bummer. I pulled the recommendation.
  7. NthnButAGoodTime


    The answer to your question can be found here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/5479-savini-jason-statement-from-gun-media/ In the future, please use the search function before creating a new topic. You'll often find answers to simple questions and save yourself the wait for an official answer. You won't find the development team responding to individual threads all that often. I'm going to lock this discussion up per the last message on the thread I've linked.
  8. NthnButAGoodTime

    Why Jason? Why did he endure?

    Do you remember what your roommate said that sold you on it?
  9. NthnButAGoodTime

    A New Way to Play

    That's much better than my idea. You've accounted for knowing that "'so-and-so' always plays as Part 4, so it has to be them". My idea involved Jason showing up to a counselor at random appointing them to be the killer, but that meant Jason was basically a spectator for the round. You lose the suspense of proximity chat, but eliminate the clear knowledge of who is saying what (beyond recognizing voices). I like it!
  10. NthnButAGoodTime

    Why Jason? Why did he endure?

    No no no no! That's not what I meant! I'm just discussing possibilities. I don't think the mask did all the work! I feel like there was more that contributed beyond the pieces we've mentioned, but I don't have the whole puzzle in my head. I was just hoping for a discussion. This wasn't meant to be a pop-quiz, just a conversation starter. Before your ever saw a Friday the 13th movie, why did you know what they were and who Jason was?
  11. NthnButAGoodTime

    Why Jason? Why did he endure?

    @Cokeyskunk, @JF13, I think the sympathetic killer could be part of it, but I don't think it's the whole picture. Terror Train, The Burning, and My Bloody Valentine follow the model of the killer having been wronged as the catalyst for the drive to kill, but they didn't really impact the culture. Plus, I would argue that the general population doesn't know Jason's backstory, but they who Jason is. Both of you had to have been drawn to the series, somehow, before you knew the backstory. @Redcat345, I agree the aesthetics and soundtrack contributed, but I just don't see that being how the franchise endured in the cultural conscience for so long. People who've never seen the red-painted door of a Crystal Lake cabin, or heard the echo of "ki-ki-ki ma-ma-ma" have still heard of Jason Voorhees. I wonder if the simplicity of the mask contributed, too. The face-hugging mask had been standard hockey goaltender equipment for a while, prior to Part 3's release, but was no longer the only option as the helmet-cage combo was offering more protection and visibility. Kids would've had easy access to that style of mask to complete a homemade Jason Halloween costume. That still can't be all of it, can it?
  12. NthnButAGoodTime

    I’m not leaving but...

    My posts here have been an attempt to reach a resolution. If you are not working towards a resolution, are you just arguing for the sake of it? I'm not interested in an argument. It's unproductive towards bridging the divide you're describing. You've stated your case. We've asked for clarification. We've addressed your clarification. You've mocked us for it. We have declined to return mockery for mockery. I'm not sure where to go from here.
  13. NthnButAGoodTime

    I’m not leaving but...

    Did you believe that sentence was productive to reaching a resolution when you typed it?
  14. NthnButAGoodTime

    I’m not leaving but...

    I'm not sure if you're not reading and just skimming or if you're intentionally changing what I said to suit your point, but I clearly said "public conversation", not PMs. @Kodiak asked you to clarify your point. You made it about JPops. I clarified the situation, now you're saying it's not about that. It's hard to address your concerns if you keep changing your statements about what your concerns are.
  15. NthnButAGoodTime

    I’m not leaving but...

    I'd like to correct a glaring misstatement that I'm hoping you've made in error. People saw a portion of a private message between JPops and another user that was posted by that user with the clear intent to create conflict in the community on his way out. JPops did not go off on a topic, nor was his comment an uninstigated swipe at an otherwise unassuming member. He was exasperated after being berated by that member in messages that were conveniently not included in the screenshot, and he lost his cool, (pretty mildly, I might add, compared the hatred that was piled upon him in the thread that screenshot appeared). If what has been made visible from that exchange had been a public conversation between two random members, I would have stepped into that thread and encourage both members to calm down. I would not have taken any disciplinary action. However, this exchange occurred in private. It was dragged into public view with the intent to cause harm to JPops and the community. Sharing the private message was a violation of rules in and of itself, but the decision was made to allow it to remain since the damage had already been done. Now we have members using that as a rallying cry to take on the moderation team as a whole, essentially giving that departing member what he wanted. Please quit fanning those flames, @2moar.