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  1. @Legion Leader, as there was already an ongoing conversation around this update, I have merged your topic over to increase its visibility and keep the forums clean.
  2. Jason Coming to DbD?

    Both of them had low composure stats. They couldn't see the doorknob for the darkened haze around their view. Plus, it was their first time seeing the rage mode door smash animation, so they were a bit mesmerized by that. I suspect I would be the same way the first time I ever got around to playing Dead By Daylight, as everything would be new to me. (How's that for a pivot back to topic?)
  3. I have a feeling that you have hit the nail on the head. There are a few of anti-friendly-fire players that I never seemed to sync up with on Playstation, even though we were friends. The chances that they were playing during a different time slot, and were therefore experiencing a different crowd, is extraordinarily likely.
  4. Jason Coming to DbD?

    This conversation has been moved to Other Games Discussion because it is a discussion about other games.
  5. I see what you did there. I still have the beard.
  6. To be fair, my opinion on the matter is still documented from before friendly-fire was patched out. So if you truly don't believe it, you can read from my old posts (I've curated a few below). I was around for the"cryfest" (your word) and I spoke to my experience back then. I never saw the game element as the problem, simply the abuse of it. I thought then, and still think now that a cool-off lobby for frequent team-killers would have been better than diluting the game. I can't speak to percentages, but I feel confident that my experiences did not include "Betrayed" showing up in 90% of the lobbies I was in(or anywhere even close to that). If that was your experience, they absolutely differed from each other. [In this post I pointed out the kind of behavior that would eventually lead to the addition of objective item icons on the map.] [In this one, I'm banging the same "horror" and "tension" drum that I've tapped on in the current thread.] Again, I don't live or die by friendly-fire returning, I just liked the idea in the OP.
  7. What's seen more often?

    I can promise that whatever I'm doing that has been appreciated has only been possible because of the work the entire volunteer moderator team is doing out of sight. The whole reason I was deputized was to share the load. We have also had some forum members step up and help fill in the gaps with new members skipping intros or blowing past search when making a new topic. We are also actively exploring ways to help streamline the conversation process for everyone. We'll see what comes of it.
  8. Rage Quit Percentage Revealed!

    It has come up a few times. Here is a thread from recent memory. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/14699-idea-for-people-who-rage-quit
  9. Rage Quit Percentage Revealed!

    PlayStation calls them communities. Panini Jason sounds delicious.
  10. suggestion for jason rage quiters

    Since we have a number of threads around suggestions for rage quitters, and the suggestion that started this topic has been stated to be unobtainable by the developers, I'll go ahead and Lock this thread.
  11. Rage Quit Percentage Revealed!

    @HTMLRulezdOOd1, we have a number of threads around frustration over rage quits. Rather than have yours lost in the mix, I have merged it into an existing one. In the future, before creating a new thread, consider using the search function to see if someone else is already talking about that.
  12. It appears we have a difference of opinion on the value of an old element. From my perspective, I rarely had someone attack me unexpectedly, and could defend myself when it did happen. This promoted my to keep my guard up when I was playing with strangers, which heightened the tension. While I can't speak to your experience, my statement was true for me. Whether to or not friendly fire returns is immaterial to me. I simply liked the idea presented in the OP.
  13. If they added Tina from part 7

    Are you sure you saw what you thought you saw?