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  1. Another way to look at it is that you have a 1/8 chance at being Jason, and a 7/8 chance of being a counselor, therefore an average user will spend more time as a counselor than any one Jason, leading to more DLC being created to enhance that experience. The reason doesn't have to be evil.
  2. This isn't official, but based on what I have been able to glean, Jason's ability to pull counselors to him from a distance beyond his arm's reach was due to a glitch. Once the glitch was addressed it revealed some inconsistencies in Jason's ability to make contact within his arm's reach for grab and swing. This represents a drastic change in experience while using Jason.
  3. Part 2 didn't use bear traps, but DID use a snare trap, which would be a cool addition to the game, but likely hard to implement.
  4. @CryptM, I'd like to respectfully point out that you used that phrase on a thread you created to complain about a change. My proposal for a solution is give the change a chance. It is part of an update that has been over two months in the making, it's not like complaining before it gets here is going to prevent it from arriving So consider letting it land and see how it plays. @bewareofbears, I'm certain there are instances of sarcasm or negativity from me in my post history. I do attempt to conduct myself civilly and positively, but occasionally give in to passion over moderation. There are, however, times where you have read sarcasm or ill-will into sincere or playful statements from me. Those points notwithstanding, we seem to be in another wave of toxicity on the boards, and I refuse to believe that this game is as irredeemable as the threads belie, but I am only one man. My goal is not a community that perpetually heaps unmeasured praise on the development team, but to avoid one where unmeasured scorn is the norm. My comment that has now derailed conversation was specifically pointing out that nobody seems to agree on why a change is bad, but that it is just bad. That reflex negativity is as useless as the reflex positivity I get accused of (or my hypocrisy, if we want to go that route).
  5. F13 AVATAR COLLECTION (v1.11)

    @Brigadius, this has been a very cool contribution to the community. It is fun to look at the online user list and watch it twitch and squirm on the page. Than you for taking the time to continually build this collection.
  6. We are getting to a point where there are complaints ringing from every corner, but there is no harmony. The two comments quoted in that post were both discontent, but believed the exact opposite result would occur from the change. There is no agreement on what is wrong, just that everything is wrong. That's unhealthy, and unhelpful. If the goal is for the development team to harvest the voice of the community to positively change the game, what value is constant discordant unrest? It is a communication nightmare, right now.
  7. I don't know that those reasons qualify it as a failure. I have a lot of fun on that map, both as counselor AND Jason. The cabins are remote, but that's just as much of an advantage to counselors as it is a hindrance, because it means Jason has to be dead sure about his choice of morph location. I don't see the phone spawn being an obstacle for anyone (Jason or counselor). 2-seater makes for a nice challenge, same for the narrow channel. Watching map activity can help inform when it's safe to start the boat, so you can make the trip during refreshes. I don't know. I can't really see the map as a failure.
  8. None of this is "flip switch to fix". If the community whined about something months ago, this is about the right time for it to arrive. This is an adjustment based on observation of play data, not some random whim.
  9. How is the Jarvis House map a failure?
  10. I don't know, man. I just think this community has a lot of complaints that all pull in different directions. If they move to satisfy one direction, there's outcry. If they move in another direction, there's outcry. It just sucks to watch.
  11. The problem wasn't your explanation, or even your opinion outside of the fact that immediately afterwards a different member expressed the exact opposite opinion and threatened (for like the tenth time in two days) to stop playing this game over changes he didn't like.
  12. And here we have on full display the absolute nightmare that is this community. On the one hand we have a user complaining that this makes things harder for the counselors. On the other hand we have a different user complaining that this makes things harder for Jason. So, do the developers listen to the sarcastic one, or do the developers listen to the one threatening to go play other games?
  13. Anyone Else have this happen?

    Usually, when I lose specific controller functions, I'm about to lose my connection to the host, but that doesn't sound like the case for you.
  14. Best insults

    You're from the UK, so you mean the sport with the round ball and only the goalies use their hands... is this a team-specific argument or just general sniping back-and-forth? I ask, because a good insult will take the situation into consideration. Generic insults are acceptable, but if you can tailor it to the insulted, it's like an expert pairing of complex cheese and fine wine. ...or hell, call him a "shit-nibbler" I'm just trying to make it interesting.
  15. I don't think you're going to get positive responses as a teacher if you continually rely on the phrase "git gud". As a teaching tool is efficiency is on par with "quit sucking".